Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 8 mins

This is a real short cut for cooks in a hurry. Use the cooked sausage bits like you would any meatball. In soups, stews, spaghetti, casseroles or as an appetizer with a sauce. Cheating? Not really just using a good shortcut.


  1. Remove skin from sausages.
  2. Cut into 1-1 1/2" pieces.
  3. Add oil, if using, and fry sausage until brown and no longer pink.
  4. Drain on paper towel and use in your favorite recipe.
Most Helpful

Hey, this is a good idea! I need ideas like this! When you don't have meatballs or time; this is perfect. Thanks Bergy

Barefoot Beachcomber December 10, 2002

I have done this for years, especially with the Italian sausages. It's fabulous. It's easy to lay them on a papertowel to drain the fat off. The add them to any dish. Great idea. Thanks for posting it.

Jenny Draper August 26, 2004