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This was excellent! I have been looking for a good lentil soup and have tried many different recipes. This is by far the best I have found. Instead of using ham boullion or ham soup base, I used low sodium chicken bouillion cubes. My picky husband even enjoyed this!

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crazy auntie October 07, 2010

The flavor was excellent. My changes ... very few. I never use water in soup so I used veggie broth, I did use a ham base which I get from www.HealthyHarvest.com. I rarely use a soup base, but I like their ham base when I don't have a ham bone for stock. It is not as salty as boullion. I added 1 cup carrots, onion and celery. I love veggies, but that didn't change any flavor, and NO liquid smoke for me. The soup was good as is. It didn't need it. but did add the hot sauce as you mentioned. I love a little heat. I'm eating mine tomorrow night, but made a double batch. One for the lady I cook for the rest is mine. I served here a big bowl with a little grated cheese and a big piece of toasted Italian bread and a small salad. What a nice comfort food meal any time of the year. Most of my lentil recipes had tomatoes, so this was a nice change. Really good. Keeper!

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SarasotaCook February 13, 2010

I have wanted to try this for ages and am so glad I finally did. My first time to use ham soup base and I am sold on it. Adds a nice depth to the flavor of the broth. Doesn't compare to any bouillon I have used. I used Petit Jean Ham, an Arkansas product, which has an awesome smoky flavor. The soup was soul-soothing and one I will make again. Thanks.

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ratherbeswimmin' June 27, 2009

DH gave this a big thumbs up. He loves lentil soup and thought this was outstanding. I added both of the optional ingredients and we really like the kick it gave along with the smoky taste. I prepared it on the stove top but it took about 45 minutes for them to get tender, but that could have been my stove. Thanks for posting a delicious dish.

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teresas January 29, 2008

Outstanding! Used 2 pork bouillon cubes and the ham drippings instead of the ham base, and about half as much oregano since I was using Mexican oregano. Served it over leftover calrose rice. Delicious!

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Love chili December 14, 2015

This was wonderful! My entire family enjoyed it. I omitted the liquid smoke and the hot sauce, but kept everything else the same. Very flavorful and satisfying.

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knittya November 23, 2013
1-Hour Smoky Ham and Lentil Soup