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Nutrition Facts

Calculated for 1 serving of each recipe
Menu designed for 2 servings
The following items are not included below.

100 gram yogurt

1 muffin






2 kiwi


2 cup popcorn


1 tbsp cottage cheese and cucumbers



See individual recipes for excluded ingredients
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 6494
Calories from Fat 1038 (15%)
Total Fat 115.4g 177%
Saturated Fat 37.5g 187%
Monounsaturated Fat 37.7g
Polyunsaturated Fat 22.6g
Trans Fat 0.7g
Cholesterol 1781mg 593%
Sodium 11980mg 499%
Potassium 18847mg 538%
Total Carbohydrate 870.2g 290%
Dietary Fiber 128.0g 512%
Sugars 200.8g
Protein 527.4g 1054%

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On May 28, 2009

I am a vey small person...only 5'4" and I weighed around 177lbs. I thought I'd die fat. One day I just plain gave up and I said to myself "I accept that I am fat and probably will always be fat. In my family we are ALL overweight. When he passed on my Dad weighted over 300 and my sister is well there now. We also have a family history of heart disease and diabetes. We already have quite a few strikes against us. As I said, I accepted that I "was always going to be fat". I let it go at that. All of a sudden I started seeing the lbs. drop off. I stopped and took the time to assess what had changed in my life and I realized that it was two things. #1...I started to drink car loads of orange juice and I started pushing away from the dinner table when I was full. I recognized the mental hold food had on my life too. I recall times when I would sit at the table focusing on some food on the table and feeling fear that someone else was going to get it before me! I'd go to the store and buy all sorts of snacks and bring them home and hide them so no one would find them and eat them before me. What a terrible way to live! I forced myself to stop doing that. From that point on I knew that I had to get honest, with myself before anyone else and I did. The 2d thing that aided me,surprisingly enough was MUSIC/DANCE. This was before I became crippled with scoliosis and arthritis. I started dancing in private in my apartment. I danced morning, noon, and night. Now I am no professional dancer. I am just someone who loves music and dance. The weight flew off me. I now weigh around 115lbs and have stuck at that weight or less (I got down to 95 lbs before I leveled out. I have stuck to that weight for 10 years!!!!! Yes, 10 years!!! I know you can do it too. Just give yourself a break and love yourself! That is the best you can do for yourself. Love yourself, do not get angry with yourself, remember you are human and are liable to make mistakes and have moments of weakness. Stop envying those young girls that look almost anorexic. They have youth on their side and although we may not we do have experience and wisdom on our side! DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF MORE THAN ONCE OR TWICE A MONTH. If you weigh more often than that it can be discouraging especially when you don't see the pounds come off as you'd like. Drink plenty of fluids. EAT WHAT YOU WANT!!! Just don't be a "piggy"! It'll always be there. just remember that. No one said you can't ever eat your favorite foods again! I frequently sit down and chow down on a bag, a BIG BAG of Skittles, I love 'em! Now, mind you, it isn't like it was when I was a teenager and could go to Mickey D's and get four burgers, two fries and a large chocolate shake, polish them off and go for more! But, I can still enjoy life and what it has to offer without any fears today and I hope that you'll be able to experience the same for you too. Good Luck! You CAN DO IT!! Just remember to keep a winner's attitude and you can't loose anything except weight (and all your old clothes!).

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