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Top Community Forum FAQs

How does monitor what is posted in the forums? encourages our members to talk about their culinary loves and experiences in our many different forums. Everyone is welcome to share their opinions in polite and respectful conversation as long as they stick to the topics at hand. We do not allow pornography, hateful or harassing speech, personal attacks, political or religious promotion or attacks, unsolicited self promotion or spamming, and all members must follow our Forum Guidelines.

Except in extreme cases, we never delete or edit other users' contributions to our forums. We may move a thread which has become inappropriate, disrespectful, wildly off-topic, etc. to The Frying Pan or delete it altogether. This is up to the discretion of the moderators.

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Do you ever deactivate memberships or revoke forum privileges?

Unfortunately, we do have to do this on rare occasions. For serious violations of our Terms of Use, your account will be suspended immediately and, depending on the violation, we may turn over any pertinent information to the authorities.

For less serious violations, we employ a "three strikes and you are out" policy, but this is up to our discretion. Occasionally, we give "time outs" as well. If someone seems unable to act politely, we will temporarily remove their posting privileges.

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What do I do if someone is acting inappropriately in the Forums?

Let us know by clicking the "Notify us of inappropriate posts" link at the bottom of the particular thread. This is the best way to alert us. Often the worst thing you can do is "attempt to put them in their place."

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What is the Frying Pan Forum? Why was a post moved there?

This is the forum where forum hosts and moderators send problematic threads — spam, inappropriate posts, off-topic conversations or any content that otherwise violates our Terms of Use Agreement. Once a thread is moved to the Frying Pan, the thread is locked to new posts and eventually moved completely off the site by the moderators. Often forum hosts or moderators will add a note explaining why a thread was moved or issue a public warning.

Having a thread moved to the Frying Pan is not a punishment, but if your forum threads are moved there often, you will be warned and may lose your forum privileges.

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What do the "chef titles" mean under users' names?

They are simply cute names indicating how long you have been posting in the Forums. They are based solely on the number of posts you've made and go in this order:

  • Newbie Fry Cook
  • Regular Line Cook
  • Semi Experienced Sous Chef
  • Experienced Head Chef
  • Groupie

The more you post, the faster you move up!

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Special Lingo

Here are the specialized phrases we have developed over the years:

Here are the specialized phrases we have developed over the years:

bump = posting in a topic to get it to "bump" to the top of the list of topics in the forum, to bring it to everyone's attention again

CC = an abbreviation for the Community Cafe Forum

elves = the "elves" are the folks that help run and pop up to answer questions and help out

newbie = a new person on the site

sticky = Forum topics that moderators stick to the top of the forum for everyone to see

Recipezaar, RZ, Zaar = our site's old name and its nicknames/abbreviations

Zaar World Tour = a community-organized cooking event, which you can learn about in our forums

RSC (Ready Set Cook) = another community-run recipe contest where the previous winner selects a set of ingredients and participants create original recipes using at least 5 ingredients

Z-mail = our private messaging system

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What does mean?

Here's a list of common abbreviations used on our forums:

  • BBL = be back later
  • BF = boyfriend
  • BH = better half
  • BIL = brother-in-law
  • BRB = be right back
  • BTW = by the way
  • CC = Community Cafe (the Forum of the same name on
  • DD = dear daughter
  • DH = dear husband
  • DIL = daughter-in-law
  • DS = dear son
  • DSD = dear step-daughter
  • DSS = dear step-son
  • DW = dear wife
  • FIL = father-in-law
  • FWIW = for what it's worth
  • GF = girlfriend
  • HTH = hope this helps
  • IIRC = if I recall correctly
  • IMHO = in my humble opinion
  • IMNSHO = in my not-so humble opinion
  • IMO = in my opinion
  • ISO = in search of
  • JMO = just my opinion
  • LMAO = laughing my a** off
  • LMBO = laughing my butt off
  • LOL = laugh out loud
  • MERP = made, eaten, review and photographed (referring to a recipe)
  • MIL = mother-in-law
  • OAMC = once a month cooking (cooking lots of servings at one time in bulk then freezing for easy meals later)
  • OMG = oh my gosh
  • PAC = Pick a Chef (community forum event)
  • RAK = random acts of kindness
  • ROFL = rolling on floor laughing
  • SA = smart aleck
  • SAHM = stay-at-home mom
  • SIL = sister-in-law or son-in-law
  • SO = significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend)
  • TIA = thanks in advance
  • TY = thank you
  • YW = you're welcome
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Is it safe to post personal information in the Forums or my profile page?

Millions of people read and our Forums and not all participate. Although you may feel it is a small community, you never know who is watching and you will want to take steps to protect your personal information. Do not post an email address on your profile page or in a forum thread. All members have access to our private internal messaging system so contact fellow users through that. This protects your identity and keeps spammers from getting your email address and sending you unsolicited messages.

You should never post your home address in the Forums (or anywhere publicly). The best idea if you want to swap something with another member is to provide that user with a post office box.

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