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Frequently Asked Questions

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Top General FAQs

Are there any rules here? What is the Terms of Use Agreement?

Our Terms of Use Agreement is the legal document that you agree to by using the site. It is linked to from every page of the site and can be found here: Terms of Use. Basically, it says you won't do anything illegal or harmful to and its members.

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Special Lingo

Here are the specialized phrases we have developed over the years:

bump = posting in a topic to get it to "bump" to the top of the list of topics in the forum, to bring it to everyone's attention again

CC = an abbreviation for the Community Cafe Forum

elves = the "elves" are the folks that help run and pop up to answer questions and help out

newbie = a new person on the site

sticky = Forum topics that moderators stick to the top of the forum for everyone to see

Recipezaar, RZ, Zaar = our site's old name and its nicknames/abbreviations

Zaar World Tour = a community-organized cooking event, which you can learn about in our forums

RSC (Ready Set Cook) = another community-run recipe contest where the previous winner selects a set of ingredients and participants create original recipes using at least 5 ingredients

Z-mail = our private messaging system

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Why don't you have ?

We are constantly improving and adding new features. We have received many great suggestions from our members over the years and always welcome new ideas.

Please share your ideas in our Contact Us link.

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Does cost anything?

No, everything is free — the recipes, creating personal cookbooks and menu, sending private messages, everything! You can sign up for your free account today.

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How do I subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) the e-mail newsletter?

You can update stuff like this from your Account Settings page, or just click here and select the "My Notifications" area to update your subscription. Don't forget to click "Save Changes"!

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What does do with my personal information?

At, we are very concerned about protecting your privacy. You can read more about what we store and why in our Privacy Policy.

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