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Rice and Whole Grains for Rice Cooker #492106

by KunmingCook

posted on December 19, 2012

My family eats a lot of white rice as a staple. For years I've wished to work a few whole grains in the mix, to increase the nutritional value, but didn't know how to manage the different cooking times in the rice cooker. I recently figured it out. Right now I'm using 1 part whole grains to 3 parts white rice, but once they get used to it, maybe I'll try increasing the proportion of whole grains. I've used millet, grits, brown rice, and lentils. I'm also planning to try red and purple rice, barley, whole oats, buckwheat groats, and quinoa. I don't know whether the process of soaking and cooking will yield good results for all of them. If anyone experiments and learns anything, let me know.