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Hershey's Classic Rich Cocoa Fudge. #193742

by EmmyDuckie

posted on November 04, 2006

This is simply my favorite fudge recipe ever. It used to be printed on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa boxes, but it's been replaced in recent years. So, I've had a ten-year-old cocoa label clipped into the front of my recipe book for what seems like forever. If you've been searching for it, too, here it is. A couple of notes from troubles people have had in reviews, the recipe is printed just as it is on the Hershey's box, but I have always had better luck using a big stock pot rather than a 4 qt saucepan. The size called for may work sometimes, but it certainly will not hurt the fudge to use a bigger pot. Also, be sure to check the weather outside before making fudge. You need a cool, dry day, on a rainy or humid day, it will not set up properly. If you're new at candy making, you may want to add a tablespoon of corn syrup to prevent overcrystalization of the sugar, just as a little insurance policy.