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ZWT8 All Players Cookbook ~ Spain/Portugal

Cookbook cover: Boomette's Sangria - recipe by Boomette, photo by Mommy Diva.
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This recipe is from a restaurant called the Grubstake in San Francisco, California which serves a limited list of Portuguese dishes along with traditional diner cuisine.

Recipe #466013

Acordas are a type of Portuguese traditional soup which are designed to make use of leftovers of the country’s much cherished staple food, stale bread. The Moors, the medieval Arabs who occupied the Iberian Peninsula for nearly 800 years, made copious and imaginative use of stale bread, employing it to thicken, enrich and bulk out everything they could think of. The best kind of bread is a thick crusty bread, like a country bread or peasant bread. Try and not use crustless or thinly crusted types of bread as they don't hold up well in the soup and typically turn to mush.

Recipe #471989

Typical Portuguese dessert recipe from the restaurant A Tipoia in Lisbon, Portugal taken from a clipping in my grandmothers recipe box. According to the clipping, the restaurant is a Fados restaurant.

Recipe #287014

SPANISH TAPAS RECIPE: This recipe combines the best of the old world, the best of the new world and spices from the far east. Brined olives are available in every tapas bar.

Recipe #409084

This recipe comes from a 1960's newspaper clipping in my grandmother's recipe box. Supposedly the recipe from the restaurant at the Hotel Al Andalus, Torremolinos, Espana.

Recipe #341907

SPANISH TAPAS RECIPE: The original Albondiga recipe was Moorish in origin. Now offered throughout Spain, every tapas bar varies the recipe to suit the local tastes.

Recipe #409058

SPANISH TAPAS RECIPE: This tasca (tapas bar) recipe is similar to a Russian Salad served in Greece so you wonder how the Russians ended up in Spain. Probably dates from the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 when a lot of Russians were helping prop up Francisco Franco.

Recipe #349748

SPANISH TAPAS RECIPE: Tapas on skewers are called banderillas in the south and pinchos in the north. This recipe is from a restaurant in the town of Torremolinos, Espana.

Recipe #349772

This Spanish recipe is from a restaurant in Seattle, Washington.

Recipe #466025

SPANISH TAPAS RECIPE: Recipe from the Restaurante Carballeira in Barcelona, Spain. Dates from the '60's era and is from my grandmother's recipe box. Quick, easy and if you are doing it in front of guests, kind of impressive.

Recipe #286074

SPANISH TAPAS RECIPE: This recipe is from an old newspaper clipping which said the recipe is from a tasca (tapas bar) in Madrid, Espana and is featured in many tapas bar throughout Spain.

Recipe #349888

This ancient dish dates back to the Moorish occupation of Spain in the 8th century.It remained popular as a way to cool off during the summer and to use available ingredients such as fresh vegetables and stale bread

Recipe #466088

TAPAS RECIPE: This recipe highlights the Moorish influence on Spanish cooking.

Recipe #466292

SPANISH TAPAS RECIPE: Old clipping from my Grandmother's recipe box. Recipe from a restaurant called El Patio, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Recipe #286008

SPANISH TAPAS RECIPE: This recipe comes from the island of Mallorca.

Recipe #466085

From Cooking Light--this was just too interesting for me to pass up! Posted for safekeeping. I will likely reduce the oil a bit...

Recipe #414212

Two amazing flavors in one place--how can you go wrong? Found at posted by Liza; posting here for ZWT 8.

Recipe #483697

This recipe from substitutes yummy fresh mozzarella for the typical seafood. Posting for ZWT 7, South America, untried by me. Prep time includes both marinating times.

Recipe #457132

This is from, and I am posting for ZWT 8 Spain/Portugal. The combination of flavors here is just too intriguing for me to pass up!

Recipe #483696

This is from the 12 Best Foods Cookbook by Dana Jacobi. Sounds like a nice change-up from my usual guacamole!

Recipe #382098

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