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Created for Zaar World Tour 3
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Traditional Australian snack for when unexpected guests drop by. To be truly authentic the cheese must be the very cheapest brand available and the crackers a little stale. Use a good and strong fresh onion though so your guests don't know the difference.

Recipe #203702

2 Reviews |  By Peter J

Not a bad quick meal and feel free to substitute tomatoes for capsicum, and pretty much any other salad veggies you want. Maybe a few olives instead of the capers and the list goes on.

Recipe #207121

A really tasty way to cook corn on the barbecue.

Recipe #167444

Adaptation of a BBC recipe I found. Morton Bay bugs are probably only available in Australia but small lobster tails would also be suitable (or one large lobster tail).

Recipe #201008

1 Reviews |  By Peter J

A little bit like Oysters Kilpatrick with salami instead of bacon. Use your favorite variety of salami.

Recipe #168559

An original recipe I came up with that is a tasty light dish. Nice served over a bed of rice or cous cous.

Recipe #167932

3 Reviews |  By Peter J

Nice quick recipe for your next BBQ. Preparation time does not include one hour marinating time. The liquid marinade will give more of a steamed rather than baked texture. If you like spicy food don't be scared with the chili flakes, it will make the final step all the much better.

Recipe #176569

Adaptation of a recipe I saw on a cooking show a few years ago. I've listed exactly what I used on this occasion but of course a lot of variations are possible and different styles of cheese may be used.

Recipe #165801

Recipe inspired by Recipe#146841 that I changed to make cooking on a BBQ or grill a quick and easy option. Note the preparation time includes cooling time for the butter, and you can pop back in the fridge after wrapping the corn so it is quite quick and easy to prepare.

Recipe #202194

Yes as a beer advertisement says we do eat our national emblem in Australia. Cook over a BBQ with beer in hand while the kids are inside watching repeats of 'Skippy The Bush Kangaroo' on TV. I think it would also work with other low-fat game meats that don't have a really strong flavour.

Recipe #170743

Kookaburra posted this recipe to the Aus/NZ forum after her sister-in-law Linda cooked it and she asked for the recipe. I really enjoyed it as well and Kooka gave me permission to post, I agree with her post it's a wonderful recipe you can enjoy the next day (although a little crumbly) or you can make 3 months in advance. I cooked around a week ago it has developed some extra flavour and texture, so doing a week in advance is probably worthwhile. Preparation time does not include overnight soaking time. In fact I soaked mine a few days occasionally adding more sherry and brandy for a moister and 'groggier' taste.

Recipe #199105

5 Reviews |  By Peter J

I started off by searching 'zaar for a different mint potato recipe but to no avail, so thought I'd better post the simple and tasy way that I cook them. I eat with the skins on but they can of course be removed (it's probably easier to remove the skin after cooking and it stops them falling apart while boiling).

Recipe #166972

4 Reviews |  By Peter J

Beer batter is an Australian favourite so I thought I'd spice up the traditional recipe a little and cook some battered pineapple pieces. Don't use your last beer when cooking this!! You could also used tinned pineapple pieces but personally I thought some larger chunks would be better.

Recipe #161489

5 Reviews |  By Peter J

Something a little different for your next BBQ. I think the same recipe would also be good with minced lamb.

Recipe #169311

6 Reviews |  By Peter J

A fairly traditional Australian prawn cocktail recipe with the addition of some tomato and corn to garnish. It always tastes best if you use prawns just freshly cooked but then cooled in the fridge a while.

Recipe #167931

Quick and tasty way to do asparagus on the BBQ.

Recipe #201010

This is a technique I came up with quite accidentally and it's not so much the ingredients listed below that matter but the technique that gives a quick way to cook mushrooms on a barbecue or in a pan that have that nice moist texture throughout just like they were slowly cooked in an oven. I'm sure all the lovely stuffed garlic mushroom recipes on 'zaar will work well this way!

Recipe #158050

Another quick and tasty way to do vegetables on the BBQ. No need to measure ingredients but don't go overboard on the herbs.

Recipe #201058

1 Reviews |  By Peter J

A tasty and simple way to grill oysters.

Recipe #171084

1 Reviews |  By Peter J

I came up with this recipe after reading a forum request and concensus was that it was delicious. Adjust the amount of curry powder to taste, two tablespoons is relatively strong. You can also prepare a few hours in advance, pop it all in the fridge and bake later, which is what I did.

Recipe #172298

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