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If you feel like a real vegetarian treat, this recipe is worth the time and effort. It's definitely not low calorie or low fat, but for a special occasion or dinner party, I have made it many times with rave reviews. This is from one of Madhur Jaffrey's books (World of the East Vegetarian cooking), with a few alterations. She mentions that in India they would use a more traditional long green squash, however since that's more uncommon in North America, the recipe calls for zucchini instead. I like more of the 'meatballs' than the recipe gives, so in the past I have doubled that part. Prep time may not be exact, however it does include the 1/2 hour when the zucchini sits. You can partially prepare ahead of time, see note below. Hope you enjoy!!

Recipe #345571

A one dish curry meal, easy to prepare and adaptable to your tastes. Found it a few years ago in Veg Times, have made some changes as I found the original recipe a bit bland. Serve on its own with chutney, or with salad and/or roti on the side. I also like this room temperature served more as a salad. The consistency is that of tabouli. Could also roll up in a wrap. Very healthy and under 400 calories per serving!

Recipe #356484

My old roomie Rukshana sent this to me when she returned home to India, many moons ago. It's hard to say how many it serves, I've only ever made as a side dish. If you're new to dried mango powder, most asian food stores carry it, although I don't think it would be the end of the world if you left it out. I'm sure there are numerous variations to this dish, as is the case with most Indian recipes - this is very simple yet tasty. You might want to adjust the chilies, this is fairly hot. Enjoy!

Recipe #366604

I know that garam masala recipe often vary family to family and region to region. I couldn't say where this one is specifically from but it comes courtesy of the fabulous Madhur Jaffrey, her World of the East Vegetarian Cooking book. This is quite heavy in cardamom, so if that's not a flavour you enjoy, this might not be the mix for you. Note that when it says cardamom seeds, that doesn't mean the pods, it means the seeds inside.

Recipe #395197

Tasty vegan curry that is quick to prepare, providing you have the beans ready to go or are using tinned. The original version comes from I made this for dinner tonight and thought it was fabulous! All depending on how long you let it simmer and how mashed up (or not) your beans are, you may want to add more water or "milk". Haven't tried to sub the soy milk for almond or rice milk yet, but I can't see why it wouldn't work. I have a garam masala recipe posted if you're looking to whip one up, it only takes a few minutes. If you're starting with dried beans, be sure to soak overnight first (roughly a cup of dried beans would be enough). Boil them in plenty of fresh water for about 45 minutes....don't salt the dried beans or water, it makes them tough. Hope you find this as delicious as I did!

Recipe #395207

This is the result of combining the best of two great recipes for Palak Paneer (Spinach with Paneer). I wanted to "veganize" a tried and trusted recipe from Madhur Jaffrey's World of the East Vegetarian Cooking....and then I came across a really good looking vegan version on a blog: I felt like the latter version could be improved by using some of the techniques and spices from the other. I have to say, the end result was amazing! Making this dish is simple but there are lots of steps, and lots of dishes to wash up. Hope that doesn't scare you off! You could take care of quite a bit of it the day before. I think at the end of the day the effort is worth it and I hope you will too.

Recipe #396967

I called this just right because it was just the right recipe for the amount of time I wanted to spend on cooking it, and it has just the right amount of ingredients, mainly pantry staples so I wasn't scrounging around for substitutes. I found this on ... she has some fabulous recipes, very easy to follow. I made her parathas as well, best ever for me. Hope you enjoy!

Recipe #397640

Another recipe courtesy of the great Madhur Jaffrey. I'm often looking for new eggplant dishes, and can't believe I haven't tried this particular recipe until today, it's really very easy. From what I've read, traditionally in this dish the eggplant would be fried - in this version it is broiled which obviously cuts down on the calories quite substantially. I also used light coconut milk. I only had one eggplant on hand today and it turned out great, a nice side-dish or main for 2. I can imagine that by using two regular eggplants you would be able to serve at least 3, if not 4, as a main. Next time you run across good looking eggplants in the store, pick a few out and give this a try! (One last note, apparently the original version of this normally calls for 2 tsp of, that would be hot. 1/2 tsp, as called for here, was just about right for us, but of course, season away as you like!).

Recipe #397626

I am a complete novice when it comes to making Dosa. I searched around Zaar for a recipe that didn't use white rice or par-boiled rice. I ended up finding a version here -, which gave me an idea for the ingredients, but not much in the way of instruction. So I searched around some more and found some more straigh-forward instructions. I have yet to try this, but I like the sounds of it and plan to try it soon. Note there is soaking and fermenting time to consider, so you'll have to plan in advance. Dosas new to you too? It's basically a crepe made from rice and split/hulled black lentils (aka white lentils...I take it these lentils have black skins and are white inside). Dosas can be stuffed with vegetables or served with sauces/sambar for a light meal or snack. I believe these would be gluten-free, but I'm no expert so please look it up if that's important to you. I'm hoping to pair these with a variety of vegan fillings for an easy, portable, lunch. As for quantity, I believe this will make a dozen, possibly more.

Recipe #397651

I believe the word Balti actually means "bucket"....this famous style of curry is cooked in a balti pan, much like a wok. I think the reference to bucket means more that you can throw anything in! I fell in love with balti curries years ago living in Birmingham UK - a few blocks from balti central. What sushi bars are to Vancouver, balti houses are to Birmingham. I know this is a very anglo version of balti sauce, a very mild one at that, but it is quite healthy and light....and not lacking any flavour. It's also fairly quick to prepare compared to some recipes I've tried. You can boost up the heat factor as you wish. I included mainly ready ground spices, but of course you could use whole. If you use whole cardamom seeds or whole coriander I would suggest grinding the spices up after you roast them (otherwise you have a lot of woody bits to deal with). Use the sauce to make any kind of veggie curry and serve with naan or roti on the side. This makes 3 cups of sauce - enough for 4 servings. I like to save half the sauce for a different curry later on. (good for a fridge cleaner curry! :) It also improves overnight, as many sauces do. Hope you enjoy!

Recipe #409418

I adapted this from a recipe on I reduced the oil, and instead of peas, used leafy greens. You could change the greens as you wish. I'm trying to eat more leafy greens like swiss chard, hence the idea. I must admit though, as much as I want to, I really don't care for swiss chard on its own in this - it just plays too big a role. So I've only listed spinach, you can sub in as you choose (recommend up to 1 cup of the spinach could be subbed). The recipe was also altered by adding a few extra spices and some liquid to give it a little gravy. It makes enough for 2 as a side dish, or for 1 as a generous main. I served with roti and some tofu on the side, "Recipe #318406" today. Provided you have these spices on hand, it's a pretty quick recipe and open to subs.

Recipe #418011

This recipe was adapted from ExtraVeganZa, which is a book I am thoroughly loving! For starters I halved the recipe - so you could easily double up again to get about enough for 6-7. There are a few things I did not halve including the curry powder and lime juice, just something to be aware of if you do double it, use those seasonings to taste. If you're using a hotter curry powder like Madras, you may want to add less. I added spinach and used regular onions, the original recipe called for green onions. This made 4 moderate servings, just right if you're serving with rice and/or roti. This didn't take long to make, and tasted even better the next day.

Recipe #422465

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