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Deep fried cornmeal sticks - a popular treat in Puerto Rico. From Serving size wasn't stated, so yield is a guess. PREP TIME INCLUDES REFRIGERATION AND COOL-OFF TIME

Recipe #504609

A yummy tropical drink from Trinidad/Tobago. Passionfruit in the Caribbean and Central America are yellow and are sweeter than the purple ones found in the U.S. The purple ones also yield more juice. You might need to add more sugar if using the purple ones.

Recipe #504601

A flavorsome concoction that will take you back to the USVI's every single time! From PREP TIME DOES NOT INCLUDE 4 HOURS REFRIGERATION TIME.

Recipe #504598

Note: COOKING TIME IS MACHINE TIME, does not include time in freezer. Having six mango trees within arms reach on our property, I'm a fanatic for mango recipes. The coconut rum give it that Caribbean feel! We've tried so many mango ice cream recipes, including some really good ones. But one thing I've found is that the mouthfeel of all the heavy cream was a bit gross. Here is a recipe that combines and tweaks some of my favorites, and uses a bit of sweetened condensed milk instead of cream for that "just right" amount of creamy mouthfeel. This is a rich and creamy ice cream, and I think you'll find it VERY pleasing! If you're alcohol-free, you can omit the rum but after a few days the ice cream may be hard.

Recipe #500578

"Arrrg, mateys! Tis treasure ye seek, then Caribbean treasure ye will find in me proud beauty of a pudd'n!" This is a pirate's take on bread pudding, created for the Raiders of the Lost Pantry cooking contest. I think this would taste equally good if candied orange peel were to be substituted for the candied ginger (or maybe both!). I purposely made it a small yield recipe so that I could play with it without wasting a large pan of bread pudding, but it probably doubles or triples well, as do most bread puddings. Be sure to save the syrup from the candied ginger, as it makes a most amazing addition to many things, including pancakes, cocktails, and ice cream. YUM! You can save time by using store bought candied ginger. Cook/Prep time doesn't include drying time for the candied ginger.

Recipe #501174

Mangos, papayas and coconuts abound here in Costa Rica both on the Pacific side and on the Caribbean side - you can find them growing all over your yard and on the side of the road. Paradise! Nothing is better for quenching a tropical thirst than a "batido". This healthy smoothie contains most of my favorite fruits! No matter whether you're dreaming of Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands - this wonderful concoction will have you humming "Kokomo" for days...

Recipe #488352

Living in the tropics has taught me that even the good ole' faithful recipes get tweaked now and then! Like the traditional Pineapple Upside Down Cake, this one is yummy in a totally different way! Starfruit can be found throughout the Caribbean and Central America. Be sure your starfruits are very ripe, to the point where you might have to trim back some of the softer brown spots.

Recipe #488871

Just dreamed up this tropical concoction while cleaning my fridge. As in most of the Caribbean and the equatorial tropics, an overabundance of mangoes and mandarina limes was the greatest factor. Mandarina's are a funky-looking lime that grows in Costa Rica. They taste like a very, very sour mandarin orange. I'm sure you could use regular green limes or key limes. UPDATE: just tried this with a little bit of dark rum and boy, does it taste good!!!

Recipe #480495

This recipe comes from the box my Tommy "drink of the month" glasses came in. Sooooooo good!

Recipe #486337

I live on a hilltop in Costa Rica and have an over-abundance of mangoes and bananas growing wild all over our property - so when I found this wonderful recipe for Cuban Ahi with Banana-Mango Chutney by Chef Manami, I couldn't resist. It turned out wonderfully and I am posting the chutney by itself so I can group it in a separate cookbook. I've made some tweaks based on personal preference - but the original recipe is awesome. You can use just ripe bananas if you don't have green - but I like the texture when using both. Thank you, Manami!!!

Recipe #479158

NOTE: Cooking time is refrigeration time. Serving size is a guess. This recipe was one of several passionfruit recipes in an expat magazine. I haven't tried them yet, but these little gelatin squares sound really good! Passionfruit is yellow here, and is sweeter than the purple variety found in the US. This may require that you add a bit more sugar, although a can of sweetened condensed mik sounds pretty sugary to me. Adjust sugar to your taste before adding the egg whites.

Recipe #488872

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