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I'll make you a personal guarantee: If this is not the best pizza you ever ate, you come to my house and I'll show you how to make it correctly because you must have messed something up! (heh... heh... heh.... *.* ). Really, no kidding, this IS very good pizza and incredibly easy to turn out. I make it two times a week when enough people are around to justify my efforts. I also use this pizza all the time as a covered dish/appetizer, (I usually make up 2 or 3 because it goes fast!), doing everything but the final baking (which I do on-site) ahead of time. Just cover the unbaked pizza with aluminum foil and everyone will be glad to give you the use of their ovens when you arrive. And did I mention that this is REALLY cheap to make? One final thing -- this is a great recipe in which you can involve the kids and, before you know it, they'll be handling the entire process on their own! Enjoy, my brothers and sisters!

Recipe #271074

6 Reviews |  By ~Nimz~

My sourdough starter has been severely neglected over the past several weeks, so I decided to use it to try to come up with a pizza crust for our Sunday Pizza. I adopted Po's pizza crust recipe #43740 and adapted it to use my sourdough. I am very pleased with the results. Hope you will give it a try if you are a sourdough lover like I am. The cook time includes the time it takes to rise and prebake the pizza crust.

Recipe #178900

My DH loves those frozen Tony's Pizza Rolls....I'll eat them too, but....what exactly is in them?? We probably don't want to even know! These are MUCH better and at least we know what we're eating!! Buy extra sauce for dipping if you'd like, but they really don't need it. Also, add/omit any ingredients you like or don't like. Make them to your own taste of course. This is what we like in them.

Recipe #115026

Use a purchased refrigerated pizza dough or use your own favorite recipe. The success of these pizza sticks with fully depend on the quality of your pizza dough, may I say that if you are using your homemade pizza dough prepare your dough using vegetable oil in place of olive oil. If you use a large amount of pizza dough then double all ingredients. Yield will depend on how large you cut the dough sticks and the size of prepared dough you use.

Recipe #167598

I'm posting this by request, because I hate paying high prices for pizza, too! No cheese, no sauce, barely any toppings...and SHEESH! the price! Maybe if we go back to making our own, some of these..(am I allowed to say crappy??) pizza places will either go out of business or make them better!

Recipe #102554

This is my new favourite pizza! I will often make a double batch of the chicken/BBQ sauce mixture and freeze it. I usually caramelize the onions by frying them until soft with 1 Tbsp of butter and 1 Tbsp of brown sugar. This makes the pizza very sweet but I like it that way;)

Recipe #98044

No pizza sauce for this, a prebaked purchased Boboli pizza crust works well --- this is a great way to use up leftover roast beef or steak, all amounts may be adjusted to taste

Recipe #71173

American Pie—Peter Reinhart. The dough to use for making New-Haven-style pizza and/or pizzas in the style of Lombardi’s, Totonno’s, or Grimaldi’s. Makes a “thin, crisp crust with airy pockets in the crown”. Slightly sticky and may be tricky to work with. Requires high-gluten flour.

Recipe #249138

Creating a pizza for the Quisine Queens (Zaar World Tour #2) was not as tough a challenge as some might expect. Diverse interests and backgrounds reulted in a tasty pizza! Chef Kate - spring onions, Susie D - shrimp, Lauralie41 - prepared crust and sauce katia - kalamata olives, evelyn/athens - feta, twissis - mushrooms, tigerduck - arugula and chili oil, stormylee - mozzarella, chefwally - red pepper flakes and fresh basil

Recipe #176323

Creamy garlic-alfredo sauce topped with spinach, grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, and sundried tomatoes, this scrumptious pizza was specially developed in honor of team KitchenExpeditions® and Zaar World Tour II. The recipe yields a 13" pizza or 8 generous slices and can be made vegetarian by simply omitting the grilled chicken. Enjoy!

Recipe #175879

I usually make home made pizza but one day I wanted to combine my cheese steaks with my pizza and hence the recipe--perfected the first time. This is just wonderful!

Recipe #210361

This goes together in no time flat, and tastes wonderful. We have it with a green salad and white wine.

Recipe #164950

The crisp wrappers and flavorful pizza filling make these taste so good.

Recipe #162368

10 Reviews |  By PanNan

A nicely seasoned meat topping for pizza. This recipe makes enough for several pizzas. The recipe originally came from Cooking Light magazine.

Recipe #49027

35 Reviews |  By Mole

This is Wolfgang Puck's recipe, and we love it. If you don't have honey, just use sugar. We've found that this makes some of the best dough we've ever had.

Recipe #117941

A different type of cheese pizza - The perfect pizza for cheese lovers. My Whole Wheat Yeast Free Herbed Pizza Dough #111650 is a perfect match for this pizza and is the ONLY crust I use when making this pizza. Note: I have been making this pizza for so long I don't measure the cottage cheese - I think I use closer to 1 cup.

Recipe #111728

This a weight watchers recipe that my sister-in-law gave me and my husband and I LOVE it. It's especially fast if you use precooked chicken.

Recipe #239279

Over the past few years there's been several public searches for the best pizza in America and believe it or not, Phoenix Chef Chris Bianco is the hands down winner! There's only five ingredients needed to make a basic pizza dough! So what does he do differently? According to Chef Bianco, it's all in how it's handled. The following recipe is ideal for most pizzas, even great for grilled pizzas! Read the directions carefully before beginning. If you're ever in Phoenix, Bianco's Pizza is a must! UPDATE: The only way we bake pizza today is on the grill using this innovative pan . . . . An absolute must!!!!

Recipe #236785

From the California Pizza Kitchen Cookbook.

Recipe #233434

From Food and Cooking of Spain, Africa and the Middle East. In this pizza, the flavorings go inside the dough rather than on top, so the flavors can permeate right through. Posted for ZWT III, North Africa and the Middle East. Cook time includes rising time.

Recipe #233211

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