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What are you waiting for....?

These are all recipes I have created my self or that I think are worthy of some personal change that makes it my style. I hope you will find some that you can enjoy!
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Made a chocolate cake but had no frosting. Had only about thirty minutes to make one and get the cake to its final destination.....thus this recipe was born.

Recipe #336775

My friend gave me two cans of chicken gumbo soup to try. The main reason being that I will not even try okra! So I opened one can to taste....very salty to me and nothing to write home I did some searching on the internet and came up with this version.

Recipe #345358

This is an easy one-pot or slow cooker meal. Just had a variety of vegetables that were calling me to use them......this was the results. This recipe is a guideline for vegetables that compliment each can really do your own thing! Make it completely vegetarian by leaving out the meat.

Recipe #348075

Here's a senior moment that turned out great! Planned to make spaghetti and meatballs for my students. This was a quick meal for me as I already had homemade meatballs and sauce in the freezer. So I just grabbed them along with some frozen recipe#166346. Threw it all into the crockpot in am. That evening as I tasted sauce and meatball for seasonings,to my horror, I found that the meatballs were roasted brussel sprouts! After my first shock, I tasted again. It was really good! Served as I would have if it was meat, with all the spaghetti dinner fixings. We ALL gave it a "Thumbs Up!". So here it is.......I made a large amt. so judge what you need for yourself.

Recipe #354100

This is a combination that has so many uses...and I'm sure your creative mind will come up with lots of your own! This may seem like sooo much in your skillet, but it cooks down.

Recipe #166635

Here's a marvelous snack that will be loved by young and old! Say thanks to Jello for this treat!

Recipe #166652

This is such an quick and easy soup to make. I broke it down to make it simple to read, so don't be put off by length of directions. Time to make does not include making the rice or noodles.

Recipe #153353

Made this for the celebration of The Year Of The Dog...Chinese New Year 2005! It was part of a wonderful meal...and I have to admit that I changed it up a bit to "dress it up".

Recipe #153861

Made this for my celebration of the Year of the Dog, Chinese New Year! I based this recipe on the pork lo mein I use to eat when I still ate meat. This version is sooo much tastier and much more healthy too. You can replace the chicken broth with vegetable broth if you wish. You will get a different but equally as pleasing result.

Recipe #153974

These sound like soo much fun!! Sent to me via e-mail. Have not tried any as of yet...but I will! (4/21/06) UPDATE: Tried #3,...yummy!

Recipe #131935

I hope you will like the sweet tang of this chicken dish. It goes so well with couscous or quinoa.

Recipe #121138

This is a "must try" plate of spaghetti. Please note that I corrected this recipe to include the broth this time.

Recipe #121134

Was looking for a chicken marinade and came across one by our own Tish. It seemed great but not quite what I wanted. I re-invented the recipe to this one with thanks to Tish for the idea.(Cooking time is actually marinade time)

Recipe #131320

This was past on to me by a gentleman friend who is a fine cook.

Recipe #130447

There are lots of great borscht recipes at Zaar...but not my mothers' recipe. She BOUGHT IT! Oh, so simple and only 25 calories per cup, 0g fat, and only 6 carbs!

Recipe #127769

This is so simple, so refreshing, and best of fast!

Recipe #121115

Great to have on hand for quick dessert. Try serving with your favorite cookie crumbled on top! Cooking time is actually freezer time.

Recipe #121063

Here's a quick and easy way to use up those after-Easter painted eggs...OR...anytime! This is really nice for lunch served over toasted whole wheat bread. Tag along a fresh fruit salad and there's a whole meal!

Recipe #116744

Decided to make a unusual salad from this site but when I saw in contained two cups of mayo(yuck), I decided to come up with a different dressing. Remember, when you check this out, that the fat content reflects a large amount.

Recipe #125753

Just started making cold soup a few yrs ago when my dil made a wonderful cold apple soup. I was hooked! Have tried several combo's and had several flops, but this one is from a Woman's Day recipe that I tweaked some...its really tasty! Cooking time is actually chilling time

Recipe #114738

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