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Vegan Sushi

All Vegan! (And therefore Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Lactose-Free, Egg-free, and Cholesterol-free! CATEGORIES: Vegan + Japanese “Sushi” Vegan Recipe & Cover Photo by bearhouse5 Avocado & Vegetable Sushi (Gluten-Free & Vegan)
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I fell in love with avocado rolls from a near-by Japanese take away, but I wanted to be able to make them at home to be sure of the ingredients used so my whole family (with allergies) could enjoy them also. I was, at first, apprehensive as they looked a little complicated and many recipes I found were actually very complex. However, it only took me two rolls before I got the hang of them. They really aren't difficult at all !!! I'm not really sure if my method is 100% correct, but it works for me. This recipe makes a mix of avocado and vegetable rolls - how many of each is up to you. You'll need a bamboo mat to help with the rolling.

Recipe #152769

This is the recipe for Sushi rice that I have learned from my father, the Sushi chef at Minado sushi. It's not really a secret recipe, many restaurants prepare rice this way, but it produces really great rice. More of a technique than anything. This is a response to a request in the forum and I hope you guys like it!

Recipe #119373

I learned how to make sushi from These are my favorite fillings but the possibilites are endless.

Recipe #101162

4 Reviews |  By Ingy

Very quick and easy -- since I've lived in Japan I make this almost daily.

Recipe #178493

2 Reviews |  By Chickee

This is my recipe for sushi rice. Makes quite a bit- will make 5 nori sheets worth (which makes 10 nori rolls the same size as you get from the sushi shop!). Aussie cup size (250ml) used.

Recipe #175663

14 Reviews |  By Mirj

Sushi can be very addicting, and once you get the hang of it, surprisingly easy to make!

Recipe #14004

Sushi is easier to make than you think! And you don't have to use fresh fish either. It's a great lunch to take to work or an attractive-looking party snack.

Recipe #26888

These are fun to make and gets in that seaweed. I have also made these using barley if you want to try something different.

Recipe #139097

One of my favorite types of sushi. I normally make this into "fat rolls" or Futomaki. If you are not familiar with Wasabi start with a little as you can always add more if needed. Serving size will vary depending on the thickness of your sushi. Cooking time does not include time for cooking rice

Recipe #178696

Notice: this recipe doesn't work as written. i am in the process of updating amounts & techniques. i will post once i know all the changes. thank you.

Recipe #102630

A fantastic combination discovered by accident one day. This can also be put inside rice balls.

Recipe #186809

I learned this recipe in a sushi making workshop. Tastes delicious.

Recipe #171501

I love sushi so much, sometimes I crave it so badly! I find that if I make the rice from scratch when a craving by the time I have finished I have gone past hungry or can't be bothered anymore. I discovered this method by accident and it makes a good sushi I also think it makes the rice easier to handle when rolling. Note: The amounts for the dressing are for enough to coat 4 cups of cooked rice. Reduce amounts if you are using less, otherwise your rice will be too sloppy to do anything with.

Recipe #190284

this is Basic Japanese Food - and very good for you -

Recipe #193986

3 Reviews |  By Mirj

I adore sushi, but my BH refuses to even look at it, let alone eat it. I thought he was squeamish about the fish, but after I made some vegetarian sushi he still wouldn't go near it (yay, more for me). It turns out that the seaweed also gives him the heebie jeebies. Here's a recipe that even the sushi sissies will go for.

Recipe #50823

It is a simple to make sushi rice, that i've worked over months, trying to perfect it.

Recipe #164096

I like this recipe because it is pretty easy and I have gotten good results everytime I use it. It is adapted from a couple of different recipes. (This makes almost 2 cups of seasoning, I put what I have left in a jar or bottle and refrigerate)

Recipe #55243

7 Reviews |  By Roosie

Sushi from the store can be quite expensive...sushi's quite good for you, very easy to make and extremely tasty! Here's a recipe for sushi rice so that you can get rolling!

Recipe #51594

I love pickled ginger and this really does taste (and look) like the ginger that you get in the sushi restaurant. I adapted a recipe from a Fish and 'Shellfish cookbook.

Recipe #57314

Cool! Both soba and sushi at once! posted in request to a topic in forum asking about adding soba. I tried this recipe, but I skipped the peppers, and used only wakame, shiitake mushrooms. my mom thought that there wasn't enough soy sauce. recipe from

Recipe #111073

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