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Recipe #5350

2 Reviews |  By EuroGrl

This is a great snack. Kids love it!!

Recipe #426661

This will help take care of those fruit flies that gather around the stuff you have to take out to the compost pile or those bananas you haven't gotten around to baking with yet. The photo I posted (the one with the cherry & grape tomatoes) shows several fruit flies on the paper already (and a couple are in the vinegar, though you can't see them)--not even three minutes after making the trap! Some kinds of cider vinegar work better than others--typically, I find the darker the vinegar, the better it works. I know some people have said they prefer to use plastic wrap over the top, but I find that the paper cone (though it takes some fiddling to get it to fit just right) works best.

Recipe #187531

I have this most days at school because it is the only yoghurt they provide, but I also have it everyday at home because I love it so much. I like to have it when I have a sore throat as well because it is the best medicine!!!

Recipe #187433

Why break your nails to open the hard ones? Not anymore!! A blunt knife is needed but would not add to the ingredients list. (Like a butter knife) I got the idea from

Recipe #431072

I love this natural toner. Water was added as an ingredient as Food will not accept 1 ingredient recipes. Use the water to make wudu or wash the face first :)

Recipe #448912

After using DeSouter's recipe#106056 I decided to combine two great old time home remedies. I was glad this worked well for me. Hope it works for you and yours too!

Recipe #336646

A common spice mix used in many Iranian dishes. If you don't have rose petals, you may omit them. From My Persian Kitchen.

Recipe #430830

I often watch the show, "You Are What You Eat" with Gillian McKeith on BBC America. She was explaining this recipe on one of her shows and I decided I had to try it. I don't know if I got the exact measurements right, but I think I'm quite close. This is delicious and fast and easy. I think it makes an excellent quick breakfast if you have no time to eat, or makes a great snack too. ETA: I caught a rerun of the episode on which this particular recipe was featured and realized my error in naming the recpe "Banana Mocha Smoothie". The correct name for this recipe is "Banana Latte". Sorry for any confusion and no wonder, because mocha usually means chocolate is added, but it wasn't a part of the original recipe. The name "Banana Latte" makes more sense. I'm happy to note on one of the reviews that adding chocolate syrup to make this into a banana mocha works so well, though. :)

Recipe #354090

Works wonderfully masha Allah. Adapted from recipe#82410. Works well on the glass of cabinets too!

Recipe #436542

I LOVE this face mask! It is only 2 ingredients, but makes makes my pores look nonexistent, helps get rid of pimples (I almost never break out now), moisturizes and makes your face VERY smooth. Enjoy!

Recipe #453525

Quick and easy Ayran preparation, refreshing drink from the Middle East

Recipe #339985

Although I included this with my recipe for crab cakes, its many other uses get overlooked. The true garlic lover will use this with any kind of fish cakes or loaves, burgers, sandwiches, meatloaf, wings, veggies, etc., etc.

Recipe #108234

Sugar is very effective for exfoliating away dead skin cells;adding olive oil and honey makes it gentler and more moisturizing,while the rosewater makes it smell amazing! I've found these proportions to be perfect for me,but you can up the sugar to make it more effective.I never buy commercial exfoliants ;this is cheap,easy to make and leaves your skin soft and glowing!

Recipe #441787

This is a great, simple drink to detox impurities from your body. It cleanses your body from the inside out. Extremely easy to drink too. Have one first thing in the morning, and one before bed. You will see the difference within a week. Try keeping this up for 1 week every month. If you can drink this everyday, it would be WONDERFUL.

Recipe #61610

Healthy plus yummy! Modified from a recipe found on

Recipe #500341

136 Reviews |  By Bev

Here it is folks! First time ever in print! My Mom's famous hot chocolate sauce for ice cream sundaes. These are ingredients you more than likely always have on hand. Try this once and you will never buy store bought sauce again!

Recipe #19678

This recipe comes from the 2007 cookbook, More Smoothies for Life. The concentration of mango in this drink holds a lot of carotenoids that will helf in giving a healthy, youthful skin.

Recipe #391620

The only thing I am able to drink because of diet restrictions is water so I made up this great water "coctail" to get me through the day. It's amazing!

Recipe #354569

Rooibos Tea has many amazing health benefits. It boosts the immune system and has 50 times the antioxidant properties of green tea.

Recipe #357218

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