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The Whole World Eats Casseroles

[Cover photo by Columbus Foodie.] Casseroles from all over the globe. (Though actually casseroles from eastern Asia are pretty hard to come by.)
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Packed with vegetables,this casserole is full of flavour. Recipe found in an Australian cooking magazine and adjusted for our tastes. Add more chilli powder if you like your food spicier!

Recipe #140887

7 Reviews |  By PanNan

A Greek side dish that goes very well with roasted chicken or other plain meats. Based on a recipe in Sofi's Aegean Kitchen by Sofi Lazarides Konstantinides.

Recipe #170346

7 Reviews |  By Amis

The combination of flavors in this is wonderful. Posted for Zaar World Tour 05

Recipe #137151

This recipe is from Jeff Smith's The Frugal Gourmet on our Immigrant Ancesters. Try it, it's great.

Recipe #40830

There's a story that says that this dish was served to Napoleon on the day he defeated the Austrians on the battlefield near the village of Marengo in northwest Italy, mid-June 1800. The original recipe contained chicken cooked in oil, tomatoes, a little water, and garlic. The chicken was served with local steamed crayfish and fried eggs as garnish. Back in France, the dish became popular with the addition of mushrooms, thyme, and white wine. If you'd like, you can add uncooked crayfish or shelled uncooked shrimp in the last 10 minutes with the mushrooms. You can also substitute chicken breasts or chicken parts, skinned or unskinned.

Recipe #20588

A hearty warm supper, one of many versions of cassoulet. Remove the skin of the chicken or not, depending on your preference (for this particular recipe I personally favor leaving the skin on, which is unusual for me). You can, of course, substitute other types of beans. Preparation time includes 1 hour for soaking beans. Alternative: instead of steps 1-4, you can simply soak the beans overnight. One time I made this I added a couple of carrots, sliced thick, because I had some on hand and happen to like carrots. Serving size depends on the appetites of those being served and on whether you also serve side dishes.

Recipe #100067

I was looking for a new way to use eggplant recently and found this Turkish meat and eggplant casserole. If I were using really fresh eggplant (like from the local farmer's market), I would skip step 1. I used less salt (in step 4) and substituted butter flavored nonstick spray for the butter. I also didn't bother to peel the tomatoes. (By the way, I think there should actually be an umlaut over the u in Guvec and a cedilla under the c but I don't know how to add them.)

Recipe #184467

An Iranian meat casserole. Cooking and preparation time does not include time to soak and cook peas and cook rice, which (done simultaneously) will take approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Recipe #184809

I am sure that the French used actual dried beans, soaked and cooked. However, this one is very quick to make if your evening is hectic.

Recipe #34857

2 Reviews |  By s'kat

Description:Notes from Mario Batali: "anyone who has seen Stanley Tucci's cinematic masterpiece, Big Night, will remember Primo's rendition of this classic, which takes its name from a large drum. My version differs from that one in many ways, but like it, it makes for a dramatic presentation. Surprisingly, it is not nearly as tricky to prepare as it looks. Except for the rigatoni, you can prepare the whole thing the day before; just blanch the pasta and assemble the dish in the afternoon before your guests arrive. It can then rest in the refrigerator for several hours before the final cooking. You will need a 4 quart metal mixing bowl for the final assembly. from s'kat: It was two years before I finally found an occasion I could whip this out for. I did all of my prep work in the weeks preceding the recipe, freezing the components as I went along. The day of the assembly, I only had to make the besciamella sauce, which took mere minutes. I also cheated, in that I! didn't make fresh pasta, I bought some from a local Italian deli. Although this didn't come out exactly perfectly, I'm posting it in the hopes that someone else who may want to make this can help me figure out the proper baking times. When I pulled it out, it wasn't warm enough in the middle. I kept it going for at least another 30 minutes, even turning up the temperature towards the end. Additionally, when I went to cut my first wedge and pull it out, the pasta collapsed when free of the dome, instead of sticking together. It still tasted incredible, and there were audible gasps when I hauled this sucker out to the dining room. It is my intention to make it at least once a year, from now on. Have fun!

Recipe #85372

This delicious casserole has become a tradition at my family's Thanksgiving. And everyone agrees we should make it more often, it's so good, and not hard to make. I've changed this recipe only slightly from the Chilean Squash in the Moosewood Cookbook. You can substitute mashed pumpkin or yams (unsweetened, of course!), but the butternut is best and worth the effort. A tip for easier clean up: I just mash the squash right in the casserole and mix everything there. I wipe off the upper sides wih a clean, damp dish towel and pop it in the oven. I've been tempted to add a cup or two of cooked rice or other grain to make it even more hardy, but I haven't tried that yet... Note: cook time does not include time for baking the squash; that can be done ahead and refrigerated.

Recipe #82191

I love the savory taste combo of kalamata olives and capers--can't get enough of it. If you aren't up for the heat, use mild Italian sausage or cut the fat with Turkey Italian sausage. If you want it a bit spicier--add a bit of crushed red chile flakes. I think the overall flavor is fairly mild and will probably add more capers and kalamata olives next time I make it.

Recipe #91360

A quick to make casserole with 2 meats and 2 cheeses.

Recipe #23116

Superb! Make the day before and pop it in the oven on Sunday (or a holiday) morning.

Recipe #20619

This is a Julia Child recipe with the instructions rewritten slightly for concision. The preparation time does not include marinating time of at least 6 hours. Julia suggests serving with steamed rice, butter noodles, or boiled potatoes, French bread & Beaujolais, Mountain Red or rose wine.

Recipe #112041

1 Reviews |  By Nono2

This recipe is from a French recipe book and is quite healthy (apart from the cream sauce and the cheese, but you can use a low fat version). The original recipe uses "oseille" herb for the sauce but it is not easy to find, so I use the lemon juice as a replacement. These tomatoes are to die for and will also delight vegetarians (just omit the eggs).

Recipe #104206

4 Reviews |  By Mirj

Even though this is a Passover recipe we also eat this during the year, it's a favorite. The measurements are very flexible, you really can't mess up this recipe!

Recipe #22569

13 Reviews |  By winkki

One-dish, low-fat, tasty and gourmet...does it get any better than that?! So elegant that your guests will never guess it was this easy! Originally from "The Lighter Side of Italy."

Recipe #88526

I got this recipe from Delicious Asian Seafood recipe booklet. I made this for dinner when my two picky younger sisters came visit me from Malaysia. They were 'wow-ed'!Between the four of us (my bf, my sisters and I), no leftovers at all!

Recipe #90432

Greek dish of sausages, eggplants and peppers. The 50 minutes cooking time is not really all "passive" time, because part of the time the sauce is simmering you are sauteing the meat and vegetables.

Recipe #109643

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