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This is called delite because it uses fat-free yogurt--so you can indulge without guilt. The prep time includes two hours for draining the yogurt and two hours for freezing.

Recipe #131942

According to Diana Kochilis, author of "Mezes" (and confirmed by Evelyn/Athens), Greeks love watermelon and they love feta and they love the two combined. Here's a salad which does just that.

Recipe #138783

This dish is so easy and so good. It can be served warm or at room temperature. It can be made ahead, refrigerated, and then brought to room temperature before serving. It's a lovely appetizer or it can be served as a main dish. The grilling of the melon and the pepper can be omitted, but the carmelization that happens in the grilling really adds a dimension to the flavor.

Recipe #131944

According to Diane Kochilas, author of The Glorious Foods of Greece, from whom I adapted this recipe, you can find this dish, Makarounes Tis Kassou, in many of the Dodecanese Islands. She says it's one of the best and easiest dishes in Greek cooking--I don't know if that's true, but I know this is delicious--sweet onions, tart yogurt, lovely texture. The key is the right yogurt--use Greek yogurt if possible, sheep's milk yogurt is the best, or use plain yogurt that you sit in a sieve and drain until it becomes lovely and thick. The only thing missing from this dish is a bit of color and I have found that adding some fresh Greek oregano or some fresh thyme does wonders both in terms of taste and presentation.

Recipe #122928

According to Paula Wolfert, this is served in seafood restaurants along the harbor in this area outside of Athens.

Recipe #135056

This wonderful salad has all the flavors and scents of a Greek island. You can grill the tuna specifically for the salad, or, make extra when you barbecue and use the leftover grilled tuna the next day to make this. I recommend serving this over a bed of red leaf or butter lettuce. Cooking time does not include grilling the tuna.

Recipe #131943

This is Andrew Zimmer's recipe. He recommends roasting the eggplant on a gas grill--you can also do it on a gas stovetop or over charcoal that isn't too hot. This is enough for 4 to 6 generous salad servings or, as a topping for crostini, enough for a whole baguette, sliced relatively thin and lightly grilled.

Recipe #138716

Distinctive Halloumi cheese pairs with crisp red onions, tender zucchini, zesty lime juice and fruity olive oil in this grilled delight. Halloumi, a goat and sheep milk cheese, doesn't melt so you can throw it right on the grill. Delicious as an appetizer, add some Kalamata olives and pita bread for a light summer entrée. Courtesy of Whole Foods.

Recipe #169810

A sort of Moorish version of the classic Greek spinach pie

Recipe #116409

These are so pretty--Susie's ingredients and an avogolemeno sauce that I learned from someone here at Recipezaar. Sliced on the diagonal so that the stuffing shows, they look lovely on a bed of jasmine rice or steamed spinach.

Recipe #116380

A lovely Greek-style breakfast, lunch or brunch dish from the Rockledge Inn in Colorado. While it is very easy to prepare, it does need to be assembled the night before, refrigerated overnight and then allowed to sit at room temperature before baking for an hour, so prep time includes 8 hours in the fridge and half an hour sitting time.

Recipe #138726

A Meze from Diana Kochilis' book, "Mezes." This is a saganaki with a twist.

Recipe #138779

A wonderful way of creating four self-contained servings of moussaka. What makes it wonderful is the quality of the ricotta--the best way (and most economical)is to make your own.

Recipe #151837

Another Diane Kochilas recipe, called 'white' because it contains no tomatoes. The addition of the wine is mine and can be omitted--but I like the sauce that results. Add or subtract garlic to your taste.

Recipe #142141

This recipe, Pikantiko Kotopoulo me Piperes, is adapted from "The Glorious Foods of Greece." I make it with chicken breasts, skinless but on the bone. You can use a cut up chicken, thighs, or what ever you like and you can adjust the heat and the garlic to your taste. The butter (in Epirus it would be sheep's milk butter) and the spices give this a wonderful flavor and wait till you smell your kitchen when it's cooking. If you must, you can substitute olive oil for some or all of the butter, but a whole layer of flavor will be lost.

Recipe #142128

Using semolina as the base for cakes and sweets is an art in Greece. This "cake" is not baked, but cooked and chilled in a mold and decorated with candied orange segments and rind. It's beautiful and delicious. Try to use organic oranges. I've said there's 5 hour of passive cooking time--the time to cool and then chill the cake--but I haven't included time involved making the candied orange which obviously could be done while the cake chills or the night before.

Recipe #142123

Arni Gemisto Me Horta Ke Feta from "The Foods of the Greek Islands Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean" by Aglaia Kremezi, this Andros recipe is generally made with a whole baby lamb. The instructions are long but it is not hard to make and, in fact, you do the stuffing the night before (or in the morning) and then there is just the roasting to be done before dinner. Prep time includes 30 minjutes for cooling down the stuffing and three hours for chilling the stuffed lamb (the minimum).

Recipe #142009

A wonderful meze or side dish or even vegetarian main dish. Delicious with Recipe #59951. From "The Glorious Food of Greece."

Recipe #141973

A lovely dessert from "The Glorious Foods of Greece" by Diane Kochilas. A Lenten specialty (no butter) from Macedonia. I like to add bourbon-soaked raisins (recipe #120760) along with the nuts and cinnamon. These are great for parties.

Recipe #141972

A lovely salad from Olives in Washington, DC.

Recipe #141890

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