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Teatime/Coffee Hour

Recipes for high tea (supper) and low tea (snack), as well as for coffee.
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4 Reviews |  By katew

Adapted from a 2007 edition of Super Food Ideas - can make individual small cakes but I usually just make one larger cake as I am always short on time.

Recipe #323710

An heirloom recipe passed down from my Mother...I make them every Christmas no matter what!

Recipe #195179

The main differences between English muffins and crumpets are that English muffins have a thicker batter, rise higher, are cooked both sides, and are typically split before toasting. The flavor is similar, though not identical. If you don't have English muffin/crumpet rings, you can make them from tuna cans or similar-sized cans, well-washed and dried. The recipe comes from King Arthur Flour. Times are estimated; prep time includes rising and cook time is estimated for 4 batches of English muffins (will take less time for crumpets or for fewer cooking batches).

Recipe #345930

Taken on this site And a friend of mine did it 2 years ago. It's really good. She used frozen raspberries instead of jam. And she used the juice from the defrosted raspberries.

Recipe #276910

An absolute must for ANY children's party or even dare I say, adult parties too......weddings, girls night's in, showers, pajama parties & sleep overs, retro buffets, etc. My Mum showed me how to make these--the recipe is an original Be-Ro standard Victoria Sponge mix--very easy to multiply or reduce. I have given a modest amount here for 12-18 butterfly or fairy cakes, depending on what size paper case you use. Expect these to FLY off the plate--sorry, I could not resist the pun!

Recipe #183505

These are the forerunner of modern baked cheesecakes, and this recipe originates from one of the first documented versions of this recipe. Curd cheese was very popular as an ingredient for desserts many hundreds of years ago, and these delightful little tarts have a Royal lineage; the story is that whilst Henry VIII was strolling in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace, he came across a group of ladies in waiting (to his queen, Catherine of Aragon), one of whom was Anne Boleyn - whom subsequently became his second wife; they offered him some of these tarts and he enjoyed them so much, that he named them after the Maids of Honour. I always make these for afternoon tea - they are delightfully light and fragranced with delicate orange flower water or rose water. Use any dried fruits that you have available - I find a mixture of seedless raisins and chopped candied peel works very well.

Recipe #216860

This is my adopted recipe. I haven't made this yet.

Recipe #8393

Both Cornwall and Devon are famed for this delicacy. Traditionally this is made by pouring plain, old-fashioned, un-tampered-with milk into shallow pans and leaving, undisturbed, for 24 hours allowing the cream to rise. Since milk of that variety is as scarce as chickens' teeth in the USA, double cream can be used instead.

Recipe #24594

Recipe #667

This is good for a quick and easy snack...the only problem is that the ingredients aren't necessarily ones that you'd have in the house by chance!

Recipe #240465

1 Reviews |  By Derf

These scones are a special treat, make full size with smoked salmon in between or make half sized scones and top each half with sour cream mix and smoked salmon to make a great appetizer. (these scones are also delicious served alone, hot, with butter or even cold.)

Recipe #106743

Source: Family Fun Magazine "Light and lemony, these biscuit-like cakes will make a refreshing addition to any Easter brunch menu. Plus, they're a fun and easy pastry for kids to help prepare, particularly when it comes time to pat and slice the dough and drizzle on the glaze."

Recipe #293218

3 Reviews |  By An_Net

TO DIE FOR!! Nice and quick for that morning tea with the girls!! * Hint: Use wet fingertips when pressing coconut mixture into patty pan. * Shortcut: To make chocolate filling, place cream and chocolate into a heatproof microwave-safe bowl. Heat, uncovered, for 1 to 11/2 minutes on HIGH (100%) power, stirring every 30 seconds, or until melted and smooth. Time does not include cooling time in fridge.

Recipe #265616

This mild flavoured tea drink is supposed to be great for calming the nerves & aids in digestion. Found in an old English hot beverages book.

Recipe #247571

This is more of a technique than a recipe. I adapted this from the Food Network. this would be great using mint or herb teas!

Recipe #188113

42 Reviews |  By Rita~

In Morocco, tea is served very sweet. Decrease the amount of sugar to your liking. Tea is served in glasses.

Recipe #83186

A very nice bread!

Recipe #134853

Another elegant traditional English sandwich served with Cucumber Sandwiches and Egg and Cress Sandwiches for an English high tea or supper. Or these days, on numerous occasions! The watercress butter that is part of this recipe can be made in advance and frozen. I found this recipe on an English website and have posted it for the 2005 Zaar World Tour.

Recipe #139696

From Domino Magazine, June 2006. Because you are working with very few ingredients, you want to begin with the very best, freshest ingredients. Most especially, eschew limpy supermarket radishes! The cucumber is my addition and is optional. Perfect brunch item! Has a nice "bite"!

Recipe #223233

A delightful discovery I made in my Company's Coming 'Lunches' cookbook. The original recipe includes a lemon sauce, but we prefer brown sugar sauce with a generous dollop of whipped cream rather. Or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Mmm, and the smell... **Update Aug '09: Forget brown sugar sauce! Make a double recipe as a sheet cake (bake for only 20 minutes @ 325) with a double recipe of Recipe#127144! I don't know why I haven't updated this sooner -- I've been making it this way for at least the last 2 years already!!

Recipe #184279

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