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I love sushi, it's as simple as that. I will make my own, order it for lunch, eat it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. And don't forget dessert! Light on the soy sauce, heavy on the wasabi.
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This is from the David's Natural Market website. Easy vegan toss together dish. It's also macrobiotic.

Recipe #269056

Many people love sushi, but are intimidated to make it themselves, however, it is REALLY EASY to make, and a LOT of FUN too! You won't believe how creative you can get while making your sushi. The sky is the limit really! Add any veggies and fish you like, and be creative. Please note that this is basically a TUTORIAL on "How To Roll Sushi" and "How To Arrange Your Ingredients". Some of my favorite sauces are Recipe #256550, Recipe #206003, and a recipe I just posted for Recipe #261095. ALSO, please check out the recipe I just posted for Recipe #261412. With this tutorial and the recipes for Recipe #261412, you have all you need to create a Sushi Lover's Dream! Enjoy!

Recipe #261193

To make each roll, check out the list of ingredients for each type of roll below. Keep in mind that you can make your rolls with just about anything you like. Be CREATIVE! Mix and Match, and most of all ENJOY! Cooking time does not include time to fry crab, shrimp, lobster or other seafood for Tempura Rolls, or to make sauces. Some of my favorite sauces are Recipe #256550, Recipe #206003, and Recipe #261095. Also, check out my tutorial Recipe #261193

Recipe #261412

1 Reviews |  By SEvans

I was looking fgor a Low Carb solution to my love of Sushi when BOOM there it was. THis is Michael Smith's Sushi tweek just a little. It is VERY VERY tasty provided you don't scrimp on the add in's.

Recipe #282261

1 Reviews |  By Sonya01

for those who do not like seaweed :) Something different for the lunch box. I am always looking for stuff to take to work as lunch is so expensive in the city.

Recipe #282859

1 Reviews |  By Saturn

Why not?

Recipe #134967

I learned this recipe in a sushi making workshop. Tastes delicious.

Recipe #171501

This is something my dad created when we ran out of seaweed sheets for making sushi. Perfect for those who don't like the taste of seaweed. Note that I added curried egg to the

Recipe #213218

2 Reviews |  By Chickee

This is my recipe for sushi rice. Makes quite a bit- will make 5 nori sheets worth (which makes 10 nori rolls the same size as you get from the sushi shop!). Aussie cup size (250ml) used.

Recipe #175663

This easy to make sushi is simply all the ingredients mixed together, and then rolled into maki rolls.

Recipe #175725

Pineapple matchsticks are rolled up in paper-thin slices of melon for a light, refreshing dessert that is prepared in the same fashion as sushi rolls. It's important that the fruit be perfectly ripe. Wrap cool slices of melon around pineapple matchsticks, squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the pieces, wrap tightly, and refrigerate until it is time to serve dessert.

Recipe #173551

This dishes colourful name comes from how I was feeling when I made it! I decided I needed to get in shape. I dug the bike out of the shed I decided to ride to work. Sixteen miles and one sore bum later I arrived home after a day at work. Despite having received a package from the Japan centre full of goodies I just couldn't be bothered and made a cheese sandwich. This posed a dilemma, what to put in my lunchbox the next day - usually it is the leftovers from the night before. After rummaging the (empty) fridge and cupboards this is what i came up with.

Recipe #178829

Husband won't eat Seaweed? Can't find nori anywhere? Want a quick snack or finger food? Spinach Sushi Rolls are very verstile! Use any veg. you like. Prep time includes refrigeration (for easy cutting). Adapted from a recipe book, 'Cocktails & Finger Food: A Survival Guide to Easy Entertaining'

Recipe #182516

An easy vegetarian sushi dish without all of the fuss. From Readers Digest Living. Works great as an appetizer or side dish and it's amazingly easy. I like to use the rice molds that they sell at Japanese markets for serving this salad. Soft lettuce works well if you wish to replace the spinach.

Recipe #185640

High protein sushi rolls which are not too high in fat. The yield and measurements are estimates as sometimes I make this into thin sushi, sometimes futomaki, sometimes sushi layers. This mixture can even be placed inside rice balls, just finely chop the spring onion.

Recipe #186808

A fantastic combination discovered by accident one day. This can also be put inside rice balls.

Recipe #186809

The best peanuts to use for this are the cheap oily ones. I haven't tried this with other nuts but I guess that would work just as well.

Recipe #186810

I love sushi so much, sometimes I crave it so badly! I find that if I make the rice from scratch when a craving by the time I have finished I have gone past hungry or can't be bothered anymore. I discovered this method by accident and it makes a good sushi I also think it makes the rice easier to handle when rolling. Note: The amounts for the dressing are for enough to coat 4 cups of cooked rice. Reduce amounts if you are using less, otherwise your rice will be too sloppy to do anything with.

Recipe #190284

this is apparently the next big thing in the sweet world. it tastes good too. These make wonderful gifts or the perfect ending to a sushi themed party. It makes 3 rolls

Recipe #188590

One of my favorite types of sushi. I normally make this into "fat rolls" or Futomaki. If you are not familiar with Wasabi start with a little as you can always add more if needed. Serving size will vary depending on the thickness of your sushi. Cooking time does not include time for cooking rice

Recipe #178696

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