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Stolen, Acquired, Snatched, Taken, Pilfered...

Recipes the majority of which have been nefariously obtained. Don't ask, don't tell. Photo courtesy GaylaJ
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A Middle Eastern-flavored iced beverage from a local source. Shhh!! You have my blessing to play with the ingredient amounts as you please.

Recipe #386942

This "gourmet" combination of various grains is sold in bulk at our local Winco, but it dawned on me later after having purchased the mix of course, that I could buy the grains individually and make a homemade version. Which in turn meant I could reduce the cost. Light bulb moment! Please help me decide if I should classify this as a stolen recipe...? ;) If you have difficulty locating the red rice (I found a bag at our local Asian market), substitute Wehani, short grain brown rice or similar unhulled rice. Great for gift giving: place 2 cups of the mix in a canning jar or similar container, print out or hand write the cooking instructions, attach bow or raffia and the instructions to the container.

Recipe #380734

As easy as this recipe is, I'm almost embarrassed to post it. Regardless, be sure to use fresh, quality, preferably organic ingredients. Also, being yet another stolen recipe, let's presume it's from a restaurant called, oh, Chortling Asteroid and just leave it at that. (I'm laughing all the way to the dinner table!) Note: add 1/2 cup (approximately) cooked chicken, tofu or tempeh for complete meal in one bowl. Believe me when I say this is really, really good on a cold, grey, dreary winter day in Oregon.

Recipe #326960

From a local artisan bakery/deli in town. Use quality ingredients, please!

Recipe #323931

Don't ask me where I stole this recipe. ;) {{<<H0T>>!}}

Recipe #322685

From a local Middle Eastern/Mediterranean take-out restaurant in town. I added a few of my own twists. Be sure the dried cherries you use for this recipe are tart to balance the flavor correctly. No eggplants were harmed in the making of this salad. Use unbleached white sugar or agave nectar for a vegan version.

Recipe #294275

Now this is my kinda steal! ;) From a local deli. I ordered this sandwich with a cup of five bean soup and pear slices! Oh yeah, this was good!

Recipe #273045

Stolen. Turkey can be substituted for the chicken if you wish. Also, you can use a panini machine to grill the composed sandwich.

Recipe #258059

Local recipe. Local [stolen] recipe... Original sandwich is served on sourdough bread although multi-grain is good, too! Use either your own roasted turkey or rotisserie roasted turkey from the grocery store, but NOT packaged deli meat. The cashews are stirred into the cream cheese mixture in the original recipe but I added them separately.

Recipe #253911

I ripped off Mott's idea and made it my own. Thanks for the inspiration Mott's Company.

Recipe #136086

Another copycat recipe from a local restaurant. Fact: we stole the recipe. The name of this Cuban-inspired burrito was changed to protect the innocent.

Recipe #142126

I heard John's message and this is my interpretation of that message. My own copycat version of a product sold at Trader Joe's. This copycat business could become addicting!

Recipe #156394

This is my version of crostini served at my favorite Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant in town. What I noticed about the restaurant's version of crostini was the absence of an overly aggressive garlic flavor. So, I assumed they used roasted garlic as I've indicated in the recipe. It is strongly recommended for best results as well that you use the finest quality French baguette in this recipe-either homemade or bought from an established artisan bakery. Canned beans are certainly acceptable to substitute, although you'll need to be careful as canned beans have added sodium. Adapted from Smooth and creamy!

Recipe #209201

I first tasted this potato salad at the Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant in Washington DC. This is my copycat version of the restaurant's recipe I found online. Very easy to prepare and dairy free. Best served chilled. The jalapeno is optional in the sense that when serving the salad at family get togethers, I will omit the jalapeno for the children's sake.

Recipe #123119

A copycat recipe of a Trader Joe's pre-made salad I have tried to duplicate. All ingredient amounts are estimated. Best results when salad is allowed to marinate. Feel free, as I have to play around with the ingredients. For a vegan version, substitute agave nectar for the honey.

Recipe #123371

Yet another Trader Joe's copycat recipe for one of their excellent pre-packaged salads. Perfectly acceptable to use canned tuna, but for a real treat try some fresh albacore! Please note that all of my ingredient amounts are estimated.

Recipe #123373

This recipe exemplifies the reason why Mexican food is my favorite cuisine. You can team it ( think of that trendy word "fusion" ) with anything and it tastes GOOD!! I don't want to be exposed for the recipe pilferer that I am, so the name of the menu item was changed to avoid any legal problems with either Warner Brothers or the restaurant from which I stole the recipe.

Recipe #141846

I have shamelessly ripped off restaurant menu items on a fairly consistent basis, tweaked them this way and that and made my own. This burrito recipe is one of many recipes I've blatantly stolen. I am no longer to be trusted. Even Denny's reserves the right to serve me.

Recipe #142467

Save this recipe, dear Zaar people for the day after Thanksgiving when you have a good amount of turkey leftover (either regular or smoked). Yes, another copycat recipe I stole. I was destined to lead a life of culinary crime I suppose.

Recipe #142718

I suppose I should start feeling guilty about all the recipes I've been stealing recently. I've also developed a smirk that doesn't seem to go away....

Recipe #143410

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