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Stocks, Marinades, Seasonings, Sauces & Rubs Oh My!

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For holiday turkeys. This keeps the breast meat moist and flavorful.

Recipe #39410

Great on the table to accompany breakfast pastries or dinner breads and muffins, or use it in the kitchen when preparing turkey, ham or other pork dishes. This wonderful butter adds richness and flavor to sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips and beets.

Recipe #195403

I adopted this wonderful recipe from Mean Chef. It is a perfectly flavored, wonderfully browned gravy.

Recipe #74273

This is a recipe from Alton Brown on the food network, the regular recipe stated 1 cup salt but I cut it down to 3/4 cup you could even reduce the salt down to 1/2 cup but go ahead and use the 1 cup if you wish, remember kosher salt ONLY or you will not be able to eat the chops, and only brine the pork for 2 hours, NO MORE than that! You can use less than 5 large thick-cut pork chops or you might be able to fit more pork chops than five, just make certain that the meat is completely covered with the brine though.

Recipe #191816

This dressing is easy to make. We serve it on everything from lettuce to baked potatoes. From one of my favorite cookbooks Texas Home Cooking.

Recipe #41602

Used to roast all my vegetables and meats for stock, and when I saw Bobby Flay making it; copied the recipe and am posting it here for safe keeping.

Recipe #191401

3 Reviews |  By lazyme

This simple sauce is great with ham. Measure and nuke and you're done.

Recipe #178153

I know people wax poetic over Nutella (I don't mind it myself) but, for me, this extraordinarily simple spread (Confit de miel et noisettes) on a piece of toast is heaven. It will keep indefinitely in an air-tight jar in the fridge but, trust me, it won't last that long.

Recipe #120220

This vanilla sauce goes great with bread pudding or ice cream, for the best taste use pure vanilla extract for this only!

Recipe #71264

this is a copy cat recipe -- dont remember where i got it from.

Recipe #190394

14 Reviews |  By Esuka

I got this recipe out of an authentic Japanese Cuisine book, I tried it because it was simple and seemed legit and it was WONDERFUL! My whole, non-cultural family loved it, even my brother who hardly eats anything (besides mac & cheese and McDonald's) said it was awesome!

Recipe #119661

12 Reviews |  By Gerry

This recipe is a family favorite. Beaten egg whites make this batter thinner, everything comes out light and fluffy. This recipe needs to be prepared an hour before using.

Recipe #89854

Wonderful Texas beef brisket rub. A Sufficient amount for a 5-6 pound brisket. I adopted this recipe in September, 2006. I have used it several times and it's wonderful.

Recipe #79233

This is a recipe I got off Recipe Goldmine. Delicious and easy rub for steaks! UPDATE: Due to the numerous comments, I've updated the salt measurement. Enjoy! :)

Recipe #52366

An twist on traditional pesto. Use as a spread, on pasta, or pizzas. Don't over process. Source: Michael Roberts, Trumps, Los Angeles, printed in the San Jose Mercury News 3/4/1987

Recipe #114578

Wondering what to do with those bits and pieces of assorted cheese you may have on hand? This velvety, elegant, versatile sauce can make short work of them and to good end! The cheeses listed below are just suggestions. This can be used as fondue, or on top of pasta, in a casserole or over steamed veggies, or try it on top of soup! Adapted from Moosewood Restaurant New Classics cookbook.

Recipe #93435

If you would like a sauce that is very soft and almost pourable at room temperature, double the amount of cream to 1 cup. Otherwise this caramel sauce will have to be warmed to be pourable. Note from UnknownChef86: This is a recipe I adopted in 2006.

Recipe #37555

I love recipes with stories, and this one is a doozie. Once upon a time Proust ate a madeleine and recalled his past in ‘A la recherché du temp perdu’, a gigantic novel that many have started and few have finished. Kenneth Nesslange reversed the technique: he recalled his past, most notably a spaghetti sauce made by the mother of his childhood sweetheart, and then created the sauce. Because he did not marry the sweetheart, the recipe did not come to him by inheritance, and it took years for him to achieve the desired flavor. He was aided by one memory in particular: the mother had said that she used molasses because “I don’t have to slave over the stove all day, but it will taste like it.” While molasses can help achieve the brownish red look of a long-cooked sauce, and add a hint of caramel flavor, the rich mélange of meats and herbs deserves some of the credit for the opulent flavor of this sauce. Thanks to Mr. Nesslange of Santee, CA (in Sunset) for another Top Ten favorite of mine. (If you have an herb garden, feel free to substitute more fresh herbs rather than dried.) Mama Mia, this is good sauce!

Recipe #152472

These amounts are only estimated as I really do not measure when making this salsa, start with amounts listed and adjust to taste. I most always use fresh cooked corn removed from the cob to make this, I find that it is much better than frozen or canned corn! Plan ahead the salsa needs to chill for a minimum of 4 hours before serving, don't even think about serving it right away, the flavor will intensify upon chilling! I use a whole small jalapeno pepper, as we like it very spicy, you might want to cut back on the jalapeno pepper slightly to suit taste. This is one of the best recipes for black bean and corn salsa, I make it all the time for my get togethers, everyone loves it and there is never any leftovers, it all goes! Servings is only estimated.

Recipe #176367

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