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2 Reviews |  By Rita~

I came up with this simple spring salad when my garden gave me a bunch of arugula coming up from last years seeds. Then at Trader Joe's was French green beans right from France. And fresh strawberries................. I added spring scallions and my fabulous dill mustard dressing made with my Recipe #53926 giving this dressing a what is that flavor? But go ahead and use you favorite sugars........ This is so healthy and yummy you may feel guilty eating this.

Recipe #299013

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

If you want an intoxicating drink You can add the booze! Or leave it out! Minty Refreshing either way! A twist on the mint julep!

Recipe #59068

3 Reviews |  By Rita~

I used a recipe #66040 which flavors this Yummy good! Use care when seasoning for the cheese does add salt. If you don't use a compound butter do add a couple cloves of minced garlic when sauteing the onions. Check out the link for other butters you may want to use. url=

Recipe #293411

15 Reviews |  By Rita~

Edamame is more commonly known as a soybean, harvested at the peak of ripening right before it reaches the "hardening" time. Edamame means "Beans on Branches" . A good source of protein. Enjoy as a snack squeezed directly from the well seasoned pods into the mouth with the fingers. Hence finger licking good!

Recipe #296583

3 Reviews |  By Rita~

A kicked up sunrise! unique layered colouring makes this tequila cocktail an impressive favourite for all alcohol lovers! An old and traditional cocktail, but still works the magic at both sunrise and sunset. Relish our Tequila Sunrise Cocktail.

Recipe #297788

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is a Cajun bread spiced with tomato, spices, garlic, heat form hot peppers. I read and was told you can not mix fresh garlic into the bread dough because the garlic will kill the yeast. I have and never had a problem. Just look at the picture of my bread. Be sure to place the garlic in separate corners from the yeast.

Recipe #296202

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

This Greek-style marinade has strong flavors to complement the strong flavor of lamb. Buy a boneless leg that's been butterflied, or rolled and tied. Unroll it for the marinade to get in everywhere then re-rolling it for even cooking and tenderness. If you happen to buy it with the netting try to save the netting to replace it after marinating. You can grill this flat on the grill as well. This lamb sliced thin is great to make gyro's with!

Recipe #229788

3 Reviews |  By Rita~

I had leftover lamb from Recipe #229788 and Recipe #83189 and put together these tasty gyro's using leg of lamb sliced very thin, not ground pork and lamb.

Recipe #296521

1 Reviews |  By Rita~

Made with three ingredients to give that meatloaf, burger or fries a Tex Mex kick.

Recipe #296569

5 Reviews |  By Rita~

I made this for one of the RSC contest and never posted it. This is full of goodness from the Artichokes, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, shallots and herbs. This can be put together very quickly with jarred ingredients from the pantry and fridge.

Recipe #296586

Also known as the Ostrich fern is a Maine delicacy that appears in the early April and May. The botanical name for the ostrich fern is Matteuccia struthiopteris. Gather your fiddleheads in early spring, as soon as they appear within an inch or two of the ground. Carefully brush out and remove the brown scales. Be sure to cook fiddleheads thoroughly before eating (boil them for at least 10 minutes.

Recipe #220822

A low fat side dish of Maine.This sauce is really nice try it with any veggies.

Recipe #220825

22 Reviews |  By Rita~

A great way to disguise cauliflower! The kids and adults LOVE it! To roast garlic cut pointed end off bulb rub olive oil on wrap in foil and bake 375 for 1 hour.

Recipe #46925

102 Reviews |  By Rita~

Warning WARNING !! This Tex Mex salad is Very SPICY !!! Use your best judgment in how much Chipotle peppers you use. Taste as you add just don't dump them all in. Each pepper has it's own heat level. Yes us Girls love it too! ;)

Recipe #60560

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

A quick, easy, hearthy, comfort soup for those cold winter days. A great way to use left over smoked ham. This is rich and creamy. If you like a thinner soup omit the dried potaoes. Which is how I started the soup but found it needed something more.That is where the dried potatoes come in. Serve as a main dish or a cup.Top with shredded cheese.

Recipe #78838

9 Reviews |  By Rita~

These crisp, tasty potatoes are seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh garlic and smoky and spicy chipotle peppers. Can be served as a side or an Appetizer.

Recipe #110378

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

Found this at the Weber sight and tweeked. You've got corn, jalapenos, potatoes, bacon, onions in a creamy spicy soup! Warming Comfort Food!

Recipe #116160

11 Reviews |  By Rita~

Roasted baby potatoes topped with a lemony capers sauce topped with parmesan cheese.

Recipe #126840

11 Reviews |  By Rita~

Sweet potatoes made spicy with garlic.

Recipe #136014

16 Reviews |  By Rita~

This following Greek fries recipes works very well and is less labor intensive than the pan-fried version which is included. Grilled gives the fries an extra layer of flavor and crispness. These fries are golden to brown, crisp outside and flaky soft inside.

Recipe #142376

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