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Soups, Stoups, and Stews

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This is such a good ole' boy recipe it's unbelievable, but it is one of the best ham n' bean recipes ever!

Recipe #95587

Possibly the easiest tomato soup you'll every make! And it's no slouch in the taste department, either, with a sweet smokiness from the roasted tomatoes and paprika. Perfect served with a dollop of sour cream or a grilled cheese sandwich. This is a very forgiving recipe, so feel free to spice it to your preferences or substitute for the ingredients you have on hand! I do suggest you use Muir Glen Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes because they give the soup a great depth of flavor and a hint of smokiness, but any brand crushed tomatoes would do in a pinch (just don't use diced tomatoes, or the soup will be watery).

Recipe #291163

A delicious thick soup. Perfect for fall and winter.

Recipe #142140

Something I had a few times while growing up --at a neighbor's and at Avo's house. Where I grew up, half the neighbors were from the Azores, so it was good, good eating. It's not a recipe that needs exact measurements, but this is about how I do it :) Obviously don't make it if you don't like cilantro, but if you do...mmmmmmmmm :) For a vegetarian version, just use veggie broth. Whichever you use, make sure it's a good quality. The ingredients are so simple it needs to be a good quality broth.

Recipe #269516

I'm always challenged to come up with my family's favorite Mexican food. This is a tried and true recipe that is so easy to make that no one knows how simple but delicious Chile Verde can be. ***** Served with Recipe#282467 makes a complete meal ;)

Recipe #268423

From the Food Network, Rachael says "a stoup is thicker than a soup and thinner than a stew". I must make all my soups as stoups, since it isn't any thicker than other soups I have made. That aside, this is a very tasty soup -- one that I will make often. I cut up all my veggies ahead of time and made the recipe as posted except I didn't use the black olive tapenade because my store doesn't carry it and I stirred the parsley into the stoup while it was simmering. I also let it simmer on the stove for 20-30 minutes because I wasn't ready to serve dinner yet and it was fine. It is excellent and definitely a keeper!

Recipe #102857

This was given to me a hundred years ago (well, not quite) by an old boyfriend who got the recipe from his grandmother. My kids love this stuff. You can add more seasoning or hot sauce if you like! Throw in some cornbread and you have a one-dish meal.

Recipe #183158

17 Reviews |  By Geema

Do you want something different in a crock pot recipe...this is it. The fresh Mediterranean flavors are a treat and so is the couscous.

Recipe #83260

There is no braising recipe better than osso bucco with gremolata in my opinion. The wonderful flavor of the veal, the texture of the meat with the velvety thickness in a tomatoy sauce freshened and lightened with my all time favorite seasonings, garlic and lemon and tangerine zest lifting it to new heights of flavor. My recipe is a combination of the quintessential classic from time/life foods of the world and Bert Greene's gremolata in his Kitchen Bouquet cookbook Can you tell I love this? :D Just a few tips/suggestions here. 1. Don't cut the meat in half if you are single/two ppl because you need to have the effect from the full number of shanks to get the velvety jelly like consistency of the sauce. Its not jelly like when you eat it it warm but wait til you get the leftovers and you can see why the flavor is so rich and intense. Leftovers can be frozen but I'm betting that you eat it all till its gone :) Serving it to 6 ppl works but I actually prefer no more than 4. I want the leftovers. 2. Ask your butcher to cut the shanks to the thickness in the recipe, or at a minimum 1 inch. Or use extra if you can only get 1/2 inch ones. 3. Try the marrow. One of the real wonders of this dish is taking a small spoon or knife and spreading the marrow on a crostini, or just with the sauce. Its mild in flavor (i hate organ meats or weird internal things, but this is nothing like that) 4. Substitute lamb shanks but again use enough to get the consistency needed. 5. I love the flavors of the garlic, don't be afraid of the amount in the gremolata, its balanced by the lemon and tangerine as well as parsley. (which i leave out sometimes) 6. To strain or not? I love it both ways, i think the sauce is finer and the flavors burst better if strained. When i am alone i often simply leave it as is with the veggies.

Recipe #238146

This recipe was originally posted by Zenith, who is no longer active at Zaar. She was a wonderful chef, however, so when her recipes went up for adoption I grabbed as many as I could. This is one that had been in my cookbook for months and months, and I still haven't gotten around to trying it. She is greatly missed! Here's what she had to say about this recipe: "A quick and easy vegetarian meal, perfect when served over couscous."

Recipe #54602

This was SO good! It's from Worldwide Recipes, courtesy of "The Chef" and was a quick and delicious recipe for dinner. I love garbanzos AND lentils...but my little carnivore daughter and my DH liked this too :)

Recipe #246956

Very easy and delicious one-pot-meal. May substitute chicken with other meat e.g. pork/beef. Stirring is important, to achieve smooth congee. NOTE: Usually when cooking congee with electric rice cooker, i need to click it 'on' a few times after it switched off (automatically) because congee has to simmer for some time to be smooth.

Recipe #76014

Another variation of this lovely Greek stew. I used to make this on the stove-top and in the oven, I have now adapted it for my crock pot. Most time goes into cleaning the small onions and I do this the evening before. If you don't want to be bothered with that substitute a large chopped onion.

Recipe #113446

This recipe was printed in the "Arizona Republic" newspaper when Chasen's closed its doors. Chasens was a Hollywood hangout. Elizabeth Taylor liked this chili so much that when she was on a movie set out of the country, she would have them ship it to her on location.

Recipe #28919

7 Reviews |  By Lorac

No butter, milk or cream! The long simmering time gives this version it's intense flavor. I cut this recipe out of the Boston Globe in April 1989, about a year and a half after it was first added to the menu.

Recipe #85172

One of the great things about living in the Bay Area, are some of the best restaurants in the country are here. The Tadich Grill If I remember correctly, is one of the oldest restaurants in San Francisco. More than fifteen gallons of this classic chowder are made at Tadich Grill every day (a little more than most home cooks require at a time). The white chowder was introduced as a daily menu item sometime in the 1960s.

Recipe #149197

This watermelon gazpacho was a result of a lot of watermelon and several different recipes that I liked only parts of. It's the easiest version I've seen, and everyone who's had it loves it. It's wonderful on hot summer evenings with anything grilled.

Recipe #181341

I think this is from a Gilroy Garlic's a light, simple, wonderful starter that I serve in mugs before dinner. It's also our cure-all for winter colds. Since it is so simple, the quality of the chicken stock is crucial. I usually add way more garlic and cilantro than the recipe calls for, but heck, when EVERYONE is eating garlic, who cares?

Recipe #181451

I only know my Italian friends love this and so do we. It freezes extremely well and is easy to make up a huge batch for parties or future dinners. Anything this easy and healthy is something I cook a lot of! With salad and garlic bread, it's dinner in short work. Good additions are chopped onions, fresh Italian parsley, chopped zucchini, roasted red peppers--all sorts of things! But that's the fun of soups and stews, right?

Recipe #182252

I am posting this because I don't want to forget this!!! It used up the leftover pork roast and everyone liked it even better than the original meal...go figure. :) I made it again later with leftover pork tenderloin, too. It's great with corn tortillas or cornbread. Best of all it was quick and easy and my four year old spice-o-phobic liked it. The can sizes I guessed; they're just the standard size. This froze beautifully, too. And it is six GENEROUS servings.

Recipe #199107

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