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This also works well using half each ground beef and spicy bulk pork sausage meat, make certain to brown the meat well to increase the flavor, this soup tastes even better the following day so you may want to make it up to a few days ahead and refrigerate just warm on top of the stove before serving, it also freezes very well, the taco seasoning is only optional I also like to add in a minced jalapeno pepper when browning the meat-- see my recipe#80434

Recipe #396118

Since everyone has their own favorite recipe for wonton soup I am only posting the dumpling recipe but don't just use these for wonton soup these can be cooked in any flavored broth that you wish, or the cooked dumplings may be served on the side with gravy from a stew just make certain that you cook them first in boiling water --- I usually get about 35-40 dumplings, use as many as desired and freeze the rest to use another time, just drop from the frozen state into simmering broth --- I make mine in "nurse's hat" shapes you may make them into whatever shape you like, I also like to add in some cayenne pepper for heat ---these are just as good if not better than any Asian restaurant, they are very easy to make, very addicting and you will be making them all the time!

Recipe #358563

This is 100% better than any canned tomato soup! --- If you find that the soup is too thick for your liking you may thin out with more tomato juice during cooking if desired, I strongly suggest to use V-8 tomato juice for the best flavor, this soup will only improve in flavor the longer it is cooked and it tastes even better the next day, it also freezes well -------- LOW-FAT OPTION reduce the butter amount or use a healthy alternative such as Smart Balance Butter Blend and use fat-free milk or fat-free half and half

Recipe #350894

This is wonderful on a cold day --- I use my recipe #118258 for this that I keep in the freezer, canned low-sodium will do just fine but homemade broth is always the best and do not add any extra salt to the broth as the matzo balls already have plenty of salt in them already you may always add in some salt if needed at the end of cooking --- these matzo balls will almost double in size when simmering in the broth so do not reduce the amount of broth you may however increase if desired --- matzo meal may be found in the Jewish section of any major supermarket or sold in Jewish food stores.

Recipe #308567

This is a long time family favorite, I make this quite often in the fall and winter season, if desired you could add some cooked crumbled bacon, this recipe can easily be doubled.

Recipe #71245

This soup tastes even better the next day, adjust the chili flakes to suit heat level or you may omit, for best flavor make certain to lightly brown the ground beef --- this soup freezes excellent without the addition of cooked pasta.

Recipe #326634

I have two potatoes listed you may add in more if desired, also you may omit the cayenne pepper.

Recipe #324205

Tofu may be replaced for the chicken if desired, make this as spicy as you like by adjusting the chili flakes, 1/4 teaspoon for mild heat, 1/2 teaspoon for medium heat, 1 teaspoon for very spicy :)

Recipe #323742

Make this as spicy as desired by adjusting the jalapenos and Tabasco sauce, you can also add in crushed red chili flakes, I sometimes add in canned corn kernels

Recipe #321883

I have left the chili flakes as optional you may omit of adjust to suit heat level, also all chicken broth or all water may be used, also the milk is optional and to be added in at the end of cooking --- using fat-free milk makes this soup extremely low-fat.

Recipe #319368

Once the meatballs are shaped this soup takes very little time to put together and to cook, it makes a wonderful soup to serve at a dinner party --- the success of this soup will strongly depend on your quality of chicken broth so use the very best, the meatballs may be prepared covered and refrigerated up to a day in advance and I strongly recommend doing so to blend the flavors --- the complete recipe may be doubled.

Recipe #317729

This is a delicious rich soup that will need a longer cooking time then most soups and tastes even better the next day it's really a meal in itself, I serve it with garlic bread on the side --- to save some time prepare the meatballs up to a day ahead, the meatball mixture may be doubled if desired, if you don't use all the meatballs then freeze for another time and just drop them into the soup frozen -- 1/4 to 1/3 cup dry red wine may be added to the soup :)

Recipe #317796

To insure a rich dark stock the pork bones must be oven-roasted before boiling --- this stock freezes well and makes the best homemade gravy! --- make this when you have some time as it needs a long very slow cooking time --- to save time you may roast the bones up to 2 days ahead and refrigerate until ready to use for the stock, or you may the roast bones and keep in your freezer until ready to make the stock --- do not use pork hocks or pork chops only pork ribs will work the best --- yield is only estimated it will depend on how much water you use to make the stock and some water will evaporate while simmering, prep time does not include roasting the bones firstly.

Recipe #313900

Except for the addition of the whipping cream which is only optional there is very little fat content in this soup --- you may also make this using frozen peas and chicken broth may be used in place of vegetable broth, this makes a wonderful soup with beautiful colour, if you are a garlic lover then increase to 2 tablespoons :)

Recipe #311986

This can either be called a soup or stew, it is very thick and best served as a main meal with crusty bread, it makes a wonderful quick hearty meal on a cool day --- if you prefer a thinner consistancy then reduce the flour a few tablespoons, if you are watching your fat intake pass this one by as there is 3/4 cup butter required for this, if you reduce the flour then reduce the butter to the same amount, adjust the red pepper flakes and curry to suit taste, we like extreme spice so I use about 3 teaspoons chili flakes --- prep time does not include cooking the rice or chicken :)

Recipe #301021

You may omit the garlic if desired, I like to add it in.

Recipe #295327

A wonderful hearty minestrone and even better the next day, I also like to add in fresh baby spinach at the end of cooking and simmer for a few minutes, this soup freezes very well --- the longer this soup simmers the richer it will be so don't be afraid to cook for a longer time, feel free to adjust all amounts to taste --- add in some cooked small shells at the end of cooking if desired.

Recipe #287961

A delicious hearty soup best served as a main meal with crusty bread, this is even better the next day! -- for a lighter beef flavor use 3 cups beef broth and 2 cups water, I have listed the chili flakes as optional so you may omit if desired or adjust to suit heat level, my family likes extreme heat so I use a scant tablespoonful :)

Recipe #284615

I also add in a few tablespoons dry ranch salad dressing mix also- feel free to adjust all ingredients to suit taste

Recipe #284059

Easy and so good, cooked turkey may be used instead of the chicken, adjust the cayenne to suit heat level :)

Recipe #282454

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