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This is a basic smoothie recipe. It's what I use in the winter when fresh fruit is more expensive. Try adding some healthy extras like flax seeds, parsley, ginger, beets, etc.

Recipe #347782

This is adapted from a blog called Peas and Thank-you. This has everything your body needs: good carbohydrates, lean protein, a fruit and and a vegetable! It's a great after school snack for hungry little munchkins who want junk food. I make a huge glass of it to replace a meal or you can share it with someone! This is NOT terribly sweet. It's mostly just very chocolate-y and pretty heavy. I would add a good form of sugar to make it sweeter such as agave or maple syrup. You can't taste the spinach but if you don't drink it while it's really cold it can smell a little raw and leafy at room temperature. The measurements are VERY approximate as I despise measuring tools. I generally cram as much spinach as I can into my single serve blender. I added in my brand preferences into my ingredients list as well. I hope you love this! I also made the instructions in the order which you should the add ingredients to the blender, just in case you own a crappy one like I do.

Recipe #416245

These are wonderful. Creamy and sweet and super healthy! Feel free to add one whole mango to the concoction (but then I usually add 6 oz mango juice and 6 oz water because I don't like mine super sweet).

Recipe #308216

This scrumptious vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free smoothie really does taste like a delectable “maple pecan pie in a glass”. Those of you with nut allergies – my profound apologies. There is just no nutty equivalent! In the spirit of replicating my perfect bite of pecan pie I only used 2 tablespoons of maple syrup to keep the sugar content down. I found this was just enough to bring out the natural sweetness in the bananas and take the edge off the pecans. But feel free to sweeten the deal. The pecan milk adds that hint of a nutty pastry flavor, and the cinnamon and vanilla perfect the blend. This smoothie does every creamy bite of mum’s pecan pie justice, and hits the “B spot” on days you are not inclined to bake. This smoothie is absolutely scrumptious. It is like a refreshing Summer chilled dessert in a glass. This is rich! But, I don’t think I will be needing to eat humble pie. YUMMO!

Recipe #443235

I think the title says it all. Its best as a meal replacement shake. I enjoy working out in the morning before breakfast, and making this my breakfast. Soy protein is unbelievably healthy and effective.

Recipe #309845

I don't think I could be a raw foodist if their wasn't raw chocolate! This shake is a staple in our house. A guilt-less indulgence! It's so quick to whip up if you already have almond milk made ahead, waiting in the fridge.

Recipe #316488

The vibrant green hue will impress your friends and family that you're being OH so healthy, but close your eyes and taste a strawberry-banana milkshake! The easy way to get three of your daily fruits and veggies - both times I made this I felt great afterwards! These green drinks are expensive at smoothie places and the grocery store, so why not make your own at home - no juicer necessary. Originally I created this for the Ready Set Cook #11 contest but it was too ugly too enter.

Recipe #289081

From Dr. Fuhrman's new book, Eat for Health. This is a delicious and very healthy breakfast or lunch (or snack or whatever). You can't taste the spinach at all.

Recipe #305623

This is a tangy, refreshing and full-bodied fruit and veg smoothie.

Recipe #237123

My rendition of the Green and Gone Smoothie at Gone Raw - This raw, green smoothie is surprising delicious, and a great way to start the day.

Recipe #304991

Fruit smoothies have been so popular, but they also tend to be high in sugar. Why not switch to veggie smoothies? They provide so much nutrition and flavor without the sugar, naturally. I have been enjoying veggie smoothie variations for breakfast and it keeps me going until lunch time. A note on the flax meal: you can buy it milled at the store or use a separate coffee grinder to grind whole flax seeds fresh).

Recipe #389453

I found a recipe and ended up changing it quite a bit! I hope you like it! Of course, add as little or as much spice as you like. :D

Recipe #343570

This is a wonderfully healthy smoothie that includes 5 servings of fruits and veggies! P.S.You can totally not taste the spinach at all-you can only taste the fruit,PROMISE!!! :)

Recipe #341677

Not especially pretty, but very good for you! Eta: I filled some popsicle molds with the 2nd serving and my 5 yr old LOVES his "green" popsicles!

Recipe #313996

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