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Skewered—touché! (meat)

[Cover photo by canarygirl.] Meat grilled on skewers. The Skewered—touché! series also includes cookbooks for skewered fruit, vegetables, tofu and cheese , poultry and seafood .
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5 Reviews |  By Mo-B

This is from the Weight Watchers New Complete cookbook. Another one of my favorites. These are just like the teriyaki beef strips you get in Chinese restaurants. Oh so yummy and good for you too! Great with rice.

Recipe #169074

7 Reviews |  By dale!

Anyone who has been to Bangkok will have come across various meatballs being cooked out in the markets. Here is a version to do at home.

Recipe #67482

This is posted in reply to a request for kiwifruit recipes. Kiwifruit is excellent for tenderising meat and together with NZ lamb - Good kai, Mum! Perfect for the BBQ.

Recipe #55451

My most vivid memories of Moscow come from walking down the Arbot and (at certain times) seeing the kiosks set up in the pedestrian walkways. The most delicious smells emanating from each kiosk would make you start drooling! Some kiosks would be making Pampushki (the Ukrainian Doughnuts), others would be making Chebureki (the Crimean Lamb Pie), and others would be making Shashlik (the beef or lamb shish kebab). The following recipe comes from Georgia and is their version of Shashlik. Unlike the Armenians or Turks, Georgians make their Shashlik with beef. The Georgian chef uses sparkling water rather than wine or vinegar to marinate the meat in. They report that using wine or vinegar actually toughens the meat rather than tenderizing it. I prefer the pomegranate juice, if I can get it.

Recipe #227354

1 Reviews |  By ellie_

While looking for iron-rich ideas I came across this recipe in the local newspaper and thought it would be good served with a tossed salad.

Recipe #125090

1 Reviews |  By BecR

Ordinary yellow mustard gives a distinctive flavor to the marinade for these beef kebabs. The heavenly smell that fills your kitchen while you make the marinade lets you know it's going to be good. Serve with assorted grilled vegetables (like cherry tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper, and corn on the cob), and baked potatoes. Beverly is the food editor of the local paper- her father used to grill these. Recommended for Father's Day menu.

Recipe #117581

7 Reviews |  By ~Nimz~

These are a great change from your steak, pork, chicken kabobs. Prep time does not include the one hour refrigeration.

Recipe #132221

exotic, delicious meal, great for summer

Recipe #73573

8 Reviews |  By twissis

Finally, the recipe I was searching for when I "stumbled over" the other 2 I just posted. The website source for this recipe is Altho not kid-friendly w/whisky in the marinade, it is a sml amt & it appears the marinade could be halved & used to fix adult & kid portions. This recipe caught my eye because I thot it would also work well w/lamb meat. Altho unusual to combine lamb w/oranges, it sounded good to me. Think about it ... lamb, oranges, whole mushrooms & onion (all marinated using this recipe & cooked on the grill). How could that ever be bad? NOT! (Time specified does not include time to marinate) NOTE: While the whisky is shown as an optional ingredient, the recipe author made quite a point to say she NEVER leaves it out.

Recipe #169344

This is a recipe I adapted from Kingsford Grilling. The marinade has lots of zip. Prep time includes marinating time.

Recipe #38654

A bit of work, but a fun dish to serve to company and is always praised for its taste! For best flavour, marinade overnight. You can also baste with your favourite barbecue sauce during grill time.

Recipe #59122

My family *loves* these kabobs, plan ahead the beef needs to marinate 8 hours or overnight is even better, if you are using wooden skewers make certain to soak them in cold water for a minimum of 30 minutes before using them for grilling or they will burn, this recipe serves 3-4 people (two skewers each) but I would suggest to double the recipe if you are serving more than 4 people --- cooking time is only estimated and prep time includes marinating time. The French dressing can be replaced with Russian dressing if desired, you will love these! :)

Recipe #122199

Great twist on beef kabobs. The Asian flavor makes these special!

Recipe #131383

Fantastic made on the outdoor grill! This recipe can easily be doubled, best if marinated overnight for 24 hours, you could use canned pineapple chunks but fresh is better, I have even used cherry tomatoes for this also, and even made these on a indoor grill too... You will love these!

Recipe #122829

1 Reviews |  By winkki

From the cooking demonstration table at our local grocery store...soooooo good! If using wooden skewers, remember to soak them in water at least 30 minutes before using so they don't burn on the grill. Prep time includes marinade time.

Recipe #91998

Prep time includes marinating time!

Recipe #58818

2 Reviews |  By PanNan

This recipe is from the Houston Chronicle. The smell of the bay leaves, while grilling, is wonderful. Throw some on the fire, too, for great aroma-therapy! The time indicated does not include time to prepare the grill.

Recipe #67685

Interesting and flavorful combination of flavors

Recipe #120078

Serve with pita bread or with rice and salad for a complete meal. Note that cook/prep time does not reflect overnight marinating.

Recipe #109563

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