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Sit Still and Let the Nice Photographer Take Your Picture!

These are my recipes that don't have a picture taken of them----YET!
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These vegan meatballs are isolated soy free. They are full of flavor! They make a great companion to your favorite spaghetti dish or try them in a meatball sub. Three large meatballs only have 8 grams of fat, not bad when you consider they can be eaten with pasta and tomato sauce. From My Vegan Cookbook.

Recipe #498243

Creamy, thick and flavorful but very low in fat, only 1.5 grams per serving to be exact. This vegan tartar sauce will amaze your taste buds. Try it with the faux fish recipe. :)

Recipe #498239

These vegan fish patties are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and tasty. Only 4 grams of fat per patty! Eat them on a bun with creamy tartar sauce.One reviewer said" Instead of the egg replacer, I used ground flax seed. I ground up a tablespoon of flaxseed right before it was time to add it. Then I immediately added 2-3 tablespoons of hot boiled water. I stirred until it was a egg like consistancy them added it the my faux fish mixture. It held together very well." Or use Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer following directions on the back of the package. Enjoy!

Recipe #498232

With all the high fructose sugar in most bought barbecue sauces, it's best to make your own. Use this barbecue sauce in barbecue sandwichs or slice some tofu and slather it on and bake it in the oven. MVC coming from My Vegan Cookbook's blog.

Recipe #498222

Hearts of palm create an amazingly shredded pork like texture. This recipe is majorly quick and delicious! And can you believe fat free!? It's also soy free if you opt not to use the soy sauce. From My Vegan Cookbook blog. She's got great recipes!

Recipe #498221

Made with gluten flour and chili beans(and more yummy ingredients)! The original title is Seitan Hot Dogs. Here's what the blog says,"These hot dogs are delicious, definitely a step above those you buy in the grocery store and isolated soy free. These may have twice the calories of the store bought ones but they are almost twice the size. You will need parchment paper for this recipe(although you might could sub wax paper). I use Bush's beans for a reason, the flavor is perfect. I tried using other brands of canned beans and they just didn't taste the same." From My Vegan Cookbook.

Recipe #498219

A vegan sausage link inspired by Field Roast's Apple & Sage vegan sausage. A hint of clove was added to give them a unique flavor. Putting here for safekeeping. From My Vegan cookbook.

Recipe #498217

I haven't eaten ham in many years. I've been trying out seitan recipes and this looks so good. Here's what the blog says. "The texture is perfection. It's just the right amount of chewy without being tough. It's tender without being too soft and so moist. And most importantly it's bursting with ham-like flavor." From My Vegan Cookbook, and found on Pinterest. I haven't made this yet but looking forward to making it. Putting here for safekeeping.

Recipe #498216

This stuff is deeee-lish served over rice! Allyson Kramer posted this on her blog and says this is even better than the meat version. I haven't tried this yet, so guessing the serving size is 4. Enjoy!

Recipe #497811

Oh yeah! It's been said that vegans will make bacon out of anything. The smoky, savory and greasy quality of bacon—the aspects that make it so endearing to foodies and meat eaters—can be easily replicated using completely vegan ingredients. I imagine you could use baby bellas for this or even button mushrooms. Besides eating them as is, these would be perfect sprinkled on top of a vegan clam chowder or split pea soup, served alongside a tofu scramble or french toast, tossed in roasted brussel sprouts or used in a sandwich. Adopted from olives for dinner.

Recipe #497803

Serve this up with your favorite fresh made biscuits and it will have you thinking of the South! From erinwyso and the blog Olives for Dinner. Enjoy ya'll(Hey, I grew up in the south!)

Recipe #497802

I love the vegetarian riblets I get from the grocery store, but I always want more! And these are vegan. So delicous you will not care if they are meat or not! Here is a recipe that looks so delicious I have placed it here to try asap! UPDATE: I made these leaving out the chipotle powder and they are delicious! A meat eater friend said he couldn't tell the difference from meat, and another picky friend asked me to make her more! Enjoy! From, by Raven Chelanee.

Recipe #497552

From Food Network Kitchens, this is a healthy mix of veggies spiced up with ponzu, a citrusy soy sauce with a kick! I have just discovered ponzu and love the oomph it gives. You can really use any vegetables you want and this will still be great, but don't leave out the garlic! Enjoy!

Recipe #496887

Many people have sensitivities to legumes. Even if you are among them, you can still enjoy this yummy dip! For this recipe, you have to start a few days ahead and sprout your seeds. This is not much work at all, just a little planning. From adventures in gluten free.

Recipe #496815

Simple and good for ya! Use this recipe to make hummus, also great in salads and any recipe you would use beans for. Cooking time is sprouting time. Some benefits of sprouting: Nutrients increase their concentration: proteins by about 20%, nucleic acids by 30%, and many vitamins by as much as 500%(!) High enzyme activity stimulates the body’s own enzymes into greater activity, giving you more energy Sprouted seeds are easier to digest since complex carbohydrates break down into simple sugars, and proteins break down into amino acids; both are easier for the body to process and promote our ability to absorb minerals in the food Seeds use energy to grow a sprout; therefore, sprouted seeds have fewer calories than in their whole form Sprouts have a number of anti-cancer properties. The other benefit is that it’s one more way you can incorporate raw foods into your diet. Eating raw gives me more energy, is cleansing (the improved digestion is no joke!). I adapted this from Sprint2the table.

Recipe #496814

Try sprouting chickpeas, then making hummus! Lots more nutrition and it tastes good too! Instructions for sprouting are included. Prep time does not include the sprouting. So plan to sprout 2-4 days before making recipe. Recipe for hummus from Meghan Pearson,Culinary Nutrition Expert and posted on Huffpost Living, Canada.

Recipe #496813

Here's a fun breakfast you can make. Pancakes, poured into muffin cups, baked and filled with strawberry sauce or your favorite topping. Adapted from Real Mom Kitchen. Other toppings may include your favorite jam, cream cheese and honey, nutella, maple syrup, whipped cream, fresh fruit, etc.

Recipe #496780

Classic soft and chewy oatmeal cookies with a hint of coffee and cream. The cream component is white chocolate chips. Who knew?! From Bake Your Day. The original recipe called for all white chocolate chips, I have taken the liberty to use half white and half dark chocolate. If you have a food scale, measure the sugars for accuracy.

Recipe #496772

With potatoes, carrots, celery, shredded cheese and a spicy buffalo sauce! Who needs the meat? From Bake Your Day. Yum! Cut the potatoes and carrots about the same size so they cook evenly. Feel free to use other vegetables.

Recipe #496771

A simple at home recipe for restaurant style queso dip, with spinach for extra flavor and nutrition. Saw this on pinterest, from the blog bakeyourday. Yum, good stuff!

Recipe #496749

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