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Salzburger Nockerln, or "Salzburg Dumplings," is a sweet soufflé or omelet that resembles three or more golden church domes in a baking dish. It is an easy recipe that is great breakfast or brunch idea as well as a dessert. I make vanilla sugar by putting a vanilla bean in a container with sugar, it sits in my pantry.... you could either buy vanilla sugar already made or just add real vanilla extract to the sugar. This is especially good with Vanilla Sauce, warm Chocolate Sauce, or cold Strawberry Sauce.

Recipe #169812

This is a fun and tasty snack you can make when camping or around an outdoor fire from Andreas Viestad of New Scandinavian Cooking. The dough is rolled up on a stick and baked over an open fire. Make sure not to bake the bread directly in or over the fire, as that will char the bread without baking it. Great recipe for kids!

Recipe #169959

Norwegian version of the famous Salade Nicoise, made with brisling sardines instead of anchovies & tuna from Andres Viestad's episode "A Balancing Act." Remember, the smaller the sardine - the better quality

Recipe #169961

Nayarit is a state on the Pacific Coast of Mexico where seafood is abundant and the flavors are ample. These stuffed chilies are a popular local appetizer. The sweet mango and the spiciness of the poblano chiles pair really well in this recipe. This dish is served cold. If you like some heat these are wonderful, if you like them hotter add jalapenos.... I love the heat!!!

Recipe #170000

Healthy salad from Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit. You can use a coffee grinder and grind pistachios to make the pistachio flour. Pairs nicely with a dry Sauvignon Blanc

Recipe #170107

I just love coffee and this is a great martini for that coffee fix! If you do not have espresso you can use a dark coffee, such as a Turkish blend or double brew French roast. Served at my old bar in Asheville, NC!

Recipe #219686

Soufflés make a perfectly luxurious meal paired with a tangy salad and glass of white wine. Despite all the anxiety about making Soufflés, very little can go wrong. The worst thing you can do is overcook it which will cause it to fall as soon as it comes out of the oven and will make it dry, or overbeat the egg whites, which will result in a Soufflé that wont rise as dramatically but will still rise and taste great. The one thing you MUST do, is use good cheese. This is a great recipe; it’s simple, to-the-point and really flavorful. It may seem long and quite detailed – but that's nice, because it answers questions before they come up. The recipe was adapted from James Peterson's Glorious French Food.

Recipe #229690

Great recipe adapted from Jean-Georges Vongerichten with a kitchen light show and delicious outcome! Serve with noodles, spaetzle, rice or boiled potatoes and a complex Riesling with some body.

Recipe #229692

Tangerine Souffle..... it just sound wonderful as it drips off the lips... say it aloud! Tangerine Souffle. Lucky for us, souffles are very easy to make and pretty food proof. The ingredients are few and the dessert is impressive!!!! I would add some Grand Marnier! 6 one-cup ramekins could be used for this recipe as well.

Recipe #229835

This is the original Truffletini from Godiva. It uses Cîroc Vodka which is a vodka made from grapes grown in the Gaillac region of France, picked late in the season at the time of the first snap frost and cold fermented.

Recipe #219632

A layered shooter that is great for St. Patrick's Day. Although I wrote the measurements as 1/2 ounce it is better to just eye this one into three even layers. I have not made this one yet.... but I am pretty sure the order is Baileys on the bottom, Midori in the middle and Jager on top. Please let me know if I am wrong.

Recipe #215899

This is a extraordinary romantic breakfast, brunch or dessert recipe using Limoncello. To make your own liqueur, I have posted this recipe: Limoncello (Lemoncello, Limoncella) Recipe #167289. Buon appetito!

Recipe #191138

This is a fabulous biscotti recipe using Limoncello (store-bought or Recipe #167289). The pine nuts are a perfect balance with the Limoncello. It pairs nicely with cold Limoncello and is also wonderful with a cup of coffee. Whole wheat flour gives the biscotti a heartier flavor. Great for a gift basket!

Recipe #191141

Excellent with grilled seafood and shellfish, especially grilled lobster! Can be used immediately or stored for later use. You can use store bought Limoncello or use my recipe to make homemade Limoncello (Recipe #167289). Very pretty in a bottle and makes and excellent gift!

Recipe #191147

Great vinaigrette with the perfect combination of sweet, tart and fiery; makes this recipe a real winner. Use the vinaigrette on salad, seafood or even berries! You can use store bought Limoncello or use my recipe to make homemade Limoncello (Recipe #167289). Great gift idea!

Recipe #191212

These cookies are a Halloween twist on the famous New York City classic: the black-and-white cookie. Covered with a soft, sweet icing, these cookies resemble miniature cakes in texture and taste. Perfect for your ghouls and goblins!

Recipe #192483

A cute bread bowl shaped like a car that can be filled with your favorite dip. Great for parties! Menu #632

Recipe #197951

This is a take off of Pimm's Cup. Here we substitute dry Manzanilla Sherry for the traditional gin-based Pimm's No. 1 for a less potent effect and even better tasting drink.

Recipe #230432

Fesenjan, also known as khoresht-e fesenjan, is typically made for special occasions in Iran. It is traditionally made with duck or pheasant in the north of the country along the Caspian sea. It is a thick, rich, sweet-sour dish that improves in flavor the next day. Pomegranate syrup, sometimes called pomegranate molasses, is available in most Middle Eastern and health food stores (make sure it does not say "sour" ) If using fresh pomegranate juice, use 1 1/2 to 2 cups and reduce the stock or water. Adding a 1/2 tsp ground cardamom or 1/2 tsp cinnamon when sautéing the onions will add a richer flavor. Add more sugar if the sauce is too tart, or lime or lemon juice if it is too sweet. A peeled and cubed eggplant is sometimes added. Sauté the eggplant along with the onions. You may need to add a little more liquid as it simmers.

Recipe #233487

Beid hamine is an ancient Egyptian dish. The slow cooking yields eggs that are creamy and smooth. The onion skins impart a delicate brown color to the whites. The coffee grounds are optional, but they help add the desired brown color. Along with Ful Maddamas, Beid Hamine makes a typical Egyptian breakfast. Don't forgo the oil, it is added to minimize evaporation of the water during the long simmer.

Recipe #233505

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