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Shellfish--Just For Me!

DH doesn't eat anything with even a trace of shellfish in it, which is fine--most of the time! These recipes are for when I just can't stand it anymore and HAVE to fix a little something just for me!
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21 Reviews |  By Debber

The kids told me this was definitely a "keeper" of a recipe. The hard-boiled egg really adds some depth to the flavor. Add your own flavorites to accommodate your family's tastebuds.

Recipe #208914

a real quick meal, for unexprected company, topped with parmesan cheese, and parsley.

Recipe #314697

Unlike most quesadillas, these are baked, not fried. These are also cut into thirds for appetizers, but if you'd like, leave them whole and have them for a meal! I love crab, and I love cheese. I also tend to like flour tortillas! So this is something that worked out well in my appetizer repertoire!

Recipe #337581

Serve this dip with tortilla chips or bits of toasted pita bread.

Recipe #62774

genuine new england seafood chowder with a taste of grandma's special love!

Recipe #28118

This is a killer recipe for you seafood lovers. I've never had a restaurant chowder as good as this. This can be a little pricy, but I HIGHLY recommend it. You will gets lots of "hmmmmmmmmms" around the table!

Recipe #91576

6 Reviews |  By Bev

This recipe can be prepared in 45 minutes or less. If you prefer your soup a little thicker, crush 6 saltines into fine crumbs and add them at the end of the procedure, when you add the crab. From Gourmet.

Recipe #46379

1 Reviews |  By Gwen35

This recipe comes from the Lunenberg Hospital Cookbook and is considered a collector's item in the Canadian Maritimes. I haven't tried it yet, but is sounds really good and looks relatively simple to make.

Recipe #245025

2 Reviews |  By 2Bleu

Most clam chowders have way too much potato and not enough clams for my taste. I (Bird) developed this recipe fix that. I use an immersion blender to cream the potatoes into the chowder, then add lots of clams. :)

Recipe #329462

15 Reviews |  By KelBel

This is an avocado half stuffed with the same ingredients that are in a california roll. My favorite part of the roll is the avocado, so this is my way of getting all the avocado taste I want.

Recipe #161198

13 Reviews |  By KelBel

This is an easier, lower fat version of my favorite Chinese appetizer.

Recipe #172383

1 Reviews |  By Manami

This is a combination of King crab and avocado, what could be bad - and to top it off it is fast and healthy! Made a mistake it wasn't Saveur Magazine it was - it is from the April 2010 edition. **The computer will not allow me to post the lump crab meat (substitute) for the King crab, just know you can use it instead.Update:kcpowers reviewed the recipe and she says to use just a little aount of lemon juice and to use 5 oz glasses. :)

Recipe #296835

Simple and elegant salad. You can substitute cooked shrimp for the crab.

Recipe #305436

From, originally from Sunset magazine. Peaches (fresh or good canned) make a fine substitute if good, ripe mangoes (or canned mangoes) can't be found. The shrimp I've found that were the right size were Canadian shrimp; the fish counter at my supermarket had them available frozen upon request.

Recipe #342007

From, originally from Cooking Light. Looks and sounds so good!

Recipe #342079

I adore moules, mussels, and this is the classic French recipe for them. Moules Marinières is also commonly known as Sailor's mussels or Mariner's mussels. The dish consists of delicately steamed fresh mussels in a white wine, garlic, parsley, butter, onion and cream sauce. Moules Marinières can be served as an appetising starter or even a light main meal. It is delicious served with fresh crusty bread or with frites (chips/fries). There is nothing more mouth-watering than a huge bowl of artistically presented mussels, yet the fun part is eating them. The best way is to use an empty mussel shell as the "spoon" in which to pick the remaining mussels from their shells and then eat them. It's a brilliant excuse to use your fingers to eat rather than the usual knife and for - very tactile! A traditional French recipe will use butter, however the butter may be substituted for a few tablespoons of olive oil for a healthier option - I sometimes use a mix of butter and olive oil I hope you find the step-by-step photos helpful, this recipe was used in the September 2008 Cooking School for the TOTM - hopefully, the photos will debunk the myth that mussels are hard to prepare and cook, NOT so! Bon Appétit!

Recipe #326393

I adore Moules Frites - for me it is quintessential French and Belgian Bistro food at its best - plus I love tactile eating! You can treat yourself to Moules Frites anywhere in France and Belgium, and for most of the year. I often make the "Moules" part at home - Moules Marinière - but now and then, for a treat I also do the "Frites" bit as well......chips or French fries! Serve these with lots of paper towels or napkins, and a glass of chilled white wine would be the perfect accompaniment! I bought special Moules Frites dishes, as shown in the photos, but a couple of bowls would be fine - and don't forget a large bowl for the shells. If you really want to be 100% authentic, it is de rigueur to serve the frites with mayonnaise my dear.....sinfully good! Vive la France! Historical Note: Did you know that French Fries are really Belgian? Deep-fried chipped potatoes ("fries" in American English; "chips" in British English) are a very popular food item – and one which the Belgians claim to have invented. They are called frieten in Dutch and frites in French, whatever the name, they are my guilty pleasure!

Recipe #271596

Made for Good Things Are Cooking Here!! (A non-cooking game) In the Australian/New Zealand Cooking Forum - Chef #547750 wrote "I had a pizza with a base like this in France once. They like them with a very thin, crispy pastry base rather than a yeast bread base."

Recipe #299081

Pasta salads can have a variety of textures and tastes. The flavours of Thailand are showcased in this tangy dressing. Crisp vegetables and tender linguine pasta fill the pasta bowl to enhance any potluck or picnic. From Emily Richardson at Food and Drink

Recipe #258948

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