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Scandinavia ~ Seasoned Sailor and his Sassy Sirens

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Recipe from Elaine Lemm Submitted for ZWT 6

Recipe #427830

Posting for ZWT6 Scandinavia Region. This is from The original recipe calls for falukorv, a traditional Swedish sausage that is not exported to the U.S. Kielbasa may be as close as you can get.

Recipe #425529

Posting for ZWT6 Scandinavia Region. This is from A Swedish seafood dish with the bite of horseradish. Preparation Time is for the stand time in the refrigerator.

Recipe #425532

Posting for ZWT6 Scandinavia Region. This is from

Recipe #425545

Posting for ZWT6 Scandinavia Region. From The ingredients can be decoratively and artfully arranged on the bread because these sandwiches are eaten with a knife and fork, not picked up to be eaten out of hand. Traditionally, the smorrebrod are served at lunch.

Recipe #427593

8 Reviews |  By IngridH

This recipe is one of my earliest food memories. Every Christmas Eve, my family enjoys an authentic Swedish Smorgasbord, of which this is an essential part. My mother still tells tales (and I'm 40) of me as a toddler, standing by the dish of meatballs and eating as many as I could hold. These are not spicy, like most Scandinavian food, but have a great flavor and texture. In fact, they are so soft, that I usually chill the meat mixture before rolling and frying to avoid meatballs with flat sides. I've included the directions for the gravy, which I usually don't make, as it's traditional, but the balls are wonderful without it on any buffet table, or as an addition to a potluck. They are also good cold, straight from the fridge. If you like to do OAMC cooking, these freeze beautifully, in fact, I never make less than 100 meatballs at a time, lightly brown them, then flash freeze to finish later. The traditional recipe calls for a mix of beef, pork, and veal- if you object to veal, they work equally well with an even mix of beef and pork. Don't try to use these as an option for spaghetti, the seasonings just don't match. Prep time does not include chilling the meat mixture or the prepared meatballs.

Recipe #367918

8 Reviews |  By IngridH

Limpa has always been one of my favorite breads, and now I can make it in the bread machine! I use the dough cycle for this, then rise and bake in the oven. Mom always includes the orange rind, but it's not my favorite, so I leave it out. My house tends to be a little cool in the winter, so I use the oven light to proof my dough. If your house is warmer, then rise in whatever manner works for you. Cooking time includes the bread machine cycle time, plus baking time. Prep time includes rising time.

Recipe #369475

1 Reviews |  By IngridH

Here is another childhood memory from growing up in a Swedish-American household. This should be served with boiled red potatoes, pickled beets, and lingonberries.

Recipe #425646

From 'Swedish Food", the little red cookbook that my mother always cooked the traditional dishes out of. I must confess that it's never been one of my favorites, but my parents adore it and always serve it with recipe #367918, which is one of my favorites. My mother says the proper name, in Swedish, for this dish is Janssons Frestelse. Posted for ZWT6.

Recipe #424370

2 Reviews |  By IngridH

This is a dish I remember from my childhood, and it comes to mind every time I see fresh smelts available at the grocery. Serve with mashed potatoes for a traditional Swedish meal, or french fries for a more modern meal. This dish can also be made with small herring or sardines. Posted for ZWT6.

Recipe #424374

3 Reviews |  By IngridH

Another childhood favorite. Mom would serve these for dinner along with lingonberry preserves. Prep time includes 2 hours to rest the batter.

Recipe #424380

5 Reviews |  By IngridH

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without these cookies on the Smorgasboard table. We cut them in all kinds of shapes, stars, hearts, goats, reindeer, you name it. Don't just save them for the holidays, however, these are great any time of the year. It's key to roll these very thin before cutting out, as that is what gives the cookie it's traditional "snap". These cookies are a bit of work, but the dough freezes beautifully, so make a batch of dough, cut and bake a few, then freeze the rest for another day.

Recipe #369247

This is another recipe from my childhood. In my home, you always got to request whatever you wanted for dinner on your birthday. Most years, I chose this (and Mom still makes it for me when I ask!). This is a great baked pork chop dish, the sauce keeps the chops from getting dry, and is wonderful to top a side of rice. Feel free to increase the amount of sauce, it's the best part. Don't feel that you need to use the high end center cut chops for this dish, it's a great way to use the less expensive "pork steak" cuts. If you prefer to use fresh mushrooms, add a pint of sliced mushrooms with the bacon and onions.

Recipe #347339

3 Reviews |  By IngridH

This sauce is commonly served in Swedish households with boiled beef and potatoes, but would also be wonderful with roast beef or steak. NOTE: do not cook the sauce any farther once you add the horseradish- it will become bitter!

Recipe #425645

2 Reviews |  By IngridH

It sometimes seems that everything in Swedish cooking is flavored with dill. While that's not quite true, here is another wonderful example that uses it. Serve this sauce with boiled veal or lamb, over small boiled potatoes, or with fish.

Recipe #425641

Sounds interesting! Posting here for ZWT. . .recipe from Feel free to sub pre-made whipped cream in this recipe to make it come together more quickly. They suggest serving it as a side dish to fowl or pork, but I think it sounds more like a dessert LOL. I think with the colors, it would be pretty on the table at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Recipe #425410

Recipe from and posted for ZWT.

Recipe #425408

I have fond memories of Sweden and it was there that I learned to love fresh dill. They seemed to find a way to put in just about every dish!!! This one sounds delish. From and posted for ZWT.

Recipe #425414

Recipe from and posted here for ZWT. Sounds AMAZING! Prep time does not include rise time for the bread.

Recipe #425413

Essentially a griddle bread. Recipe from and posted her for ZWT. Sounds super easy and super yummy!

Recipe #425409

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