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Red, White & Blue

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I didn't base the merit of this recipe solely on the use of a boxed mix and canned frosting. Naturally, we all know that scratch is superior, but getting that out of the way it's hard to deny this to be adorable. Creative, easy and festive. Kids love it...even the kid within ourselves. Note: Use 8 inch cake pans are suggested, but may use 13x9 inch baking pan for a sheet-type cake or cup cakes (check box for baking time).

Recipe #432210

Patriotic cupcakes that can be used for any occasion. You can always substitute your own recipe for white cake and white frosting. In regards to the comment below, I went back to the original recipe to check and it does call for 2 tablespoons of batter per color -- I have never had any problems and I actually get 12 cupcakes out of this recipe. I use scant tablespoons. If anyone is worried, try it with teaspoons instead of tablespoons or even 1 tablespoon of the batters per cupcake.

Recipe #126930

1 Reviews |  By Nicoleg

My friend would absolutely kill me if she knew I was putting this online. It took me 3 years to get this from her. They are so moist and almost cake like, I think this has to do with the amount of sugar. I dont even like sugar cookies but these are my second favorite cookie (my first is always the pumpkin chip cookies that my grandmother made).

Recipe #379771

This was found in Family Fun magazine July 2007 issue. I just used regular popsicle molds, but their suggestion for the cones would make them look like more authentic Bomb Pops.

Recipe #235908

Received this recipe this summer from a friend at a picnic. Great cool and refreshing summer dessert or salad.

Recipe #145732

2 Reviews |  By PaulaG

This recipe is from It is very easy to make and delicious. A great summertime treat for fresh berries and the presentation is so elegant. This would be a great tart for the 4th of July. The recipe calls for a premade crust. I used Flaky Pie Crust Recipe #20984 by Teresa M.

Recipe #179835

1 Reviews |  By Amy R.

You won't be able to kiss anyone after indulging in this spread. It is soooo good that all thoughts of love will vanish and you may even become anti-social as you fight off all competition for the last bite. Specifically for those who love strong flavors. From Jan Roberts-Dominguez's The Onion Book (an Oregon author). I make mine with a bit less oil.

Recipe #226390

Look no further! This is a salad! This is a contrast in taste with the red cabbage, bacon, and the blue cheese. A wonderful vinaigrette recipe follows. A great addition to your recipes.

Recipe #255866

This is a recipe I got from the local Giant Eagle grocery store. The ingredients called for pine nuts and the directions mentioned walnuts instead. I'm sure it would be good with either anyways. I've not tried it yet, but it sounds scrumptious.

Recipe #232703

Simple rice with onion and red peppers. Allows you to leave it be while you take care of other dishes. Doubles nicely.

Recipe #54087

Yet another oatmeal smoothie. This is a great healthy breakfast full of antioxidents.

Recipe #220846

1 Reviews |  By Mirj

Even though I don't live in the States anymore all the Americans in my community get together for the 4th of July, and this is what I always bring. It should be made in advance, you need lots of freezing time. Prep time includes freeze time.

Recipe #30313

5 Reviews |  By KCShell

We had a block party for Memorial Day and I brought this jello dessert. You can buy the actual mold from for $3.50. I got the jello mold free for buying jello at my local grocery store, which included several recipes. If you don't have the mold, use a pan that has a 10 cup capacity. Follow directions as closely as you can as the consistency of the jello is very important. Please note that you can use (2) 4 serving size packages or (1) 8 serving size packages of jello for the red and blue layers. This will be a hit at your next holiday gathering!

Recipe #230720

14 Reviews |  By poo235

My mom has been making this simple and delicious dessert for years. You can easily make this for other holidays by using different colored gelatins (e.g. try black cherry and orange for Halloween). IMPORTANT: Make sure that the bottom two layers are chilled long enough to become firm and that the top layer is cool before pouring in step 4 or the top layer will go under the cream cheese layer and not make the pretty layered dessert that you want.

Recipe #223263

Another great 4th Of July recipe.

Recipe #157988

This was from our local paper around the 4th of July, for a holiday snack. It was easy and delicious! You could probably sub. homemade granola for the pecan sandies and it would still be great. The prep time is a guess as I don't remember how long it took.

Recipe #211779

This is so pretty! It's such a conversation piece! Be the first on your block to bring this to any kind of gathering. It's full of fresh fruits!

Recipe #220152

Delicious spinach and fruit salad from Settings on the Dock of the Bay, a cookbook from the Assistance League of the Bay Area Texas. A wonderful cookbook, I picked this up at SurlaTable (better known as my happy place) while they were preparing recipes from the book.

Recipe #122714

What do you get when you combine two Zaar recipes...and give it a twist? It would look distinctively something like this. It didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it, as I wanted only three distinctive layers and wound up with four, and the red and blue are lighter than I wanted, but it was really, really I was willing to look past its faults. I'll still keep experimenting with it, but I thought it would be a good one to post for the 4th of July. Cooking time is chilling time (between layers and after assembly). Other flavors would work well with this, a layer of orange and a layer of white. A few things worth noting: 1) For presentation purposes, try to find a plain vanilla ice-cream (without vanilla bean flecks) in it. 2) Allow 15-30 minutes for the first and second layers to set before you pour on the next layer or the layers will mix together and won't be separate. 3) Make the blue layer first if you want the layers to be red, white and blue from the top down. 4) The white layer has a very delicate, almost custard-like, flavor which goes well with the fruit flavors. If you want a more more pronounced flavor, add a little bit of vanilla (preferably white vanilla, so it doesn't change the color) or use Recipe #25883. 5) I found it far easier and quicker to open the side of the box of ice cream and slice it with a long knife than to dig it out with a scoop. 6) For darker colors in the red and blue, you could add a little paste food coloring to reach desired color. 7) I created this recipe due to some inspiration from two 'Zaar recipes: Recipe #25883 and Recipe #108778. Thank you to dojemi and faith58 for your inspiration.

Recipe #311492

This is a favorite in my family. If you like the cookies, you just die for the coffee cake. Best when served warm.

Recipe #159252

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