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Recipes to try soon!

I have so many recipes I want to try! These are ones I want to try very soon. This cookbook will change or/and be added to regularly.
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Don't forget the hamburger buns! I didn't include them in the ingredient list because I didn't want them included in the nutrition analysis since buns vary so much.

Recipe #500847

One serving is a tablespoon. This is delicious even if you aren't a parsley fan. You can hardly even detect any parsley flavor. I found it here:

Recipe #508694

This is my version of Houston's Restaurant delicious Veggie Burger. I use to go to the one off Westheimer and order one every week. Different waiters would tell me one ingredient at a time and this is what I came up with.

Recipe #514517

Pulled from Guy Fieri's recipe Recipe #510969. I made the recipe noted but wanted to share the couscous recipe with everyone. It is TDF! I used Israeli Couscous and it was divine and so pretty! It's company worthy and very easy to make.

Recipe #513933

Entered for safe-keeping, from Better Homes & Gardens' "Cook's Secrets: 62 Recipes You'll Want to Make Forever". If you have a piece of parmesan rind on hand, toss that in.

Recipe #513155

8 Reviews |  By Mel T

My mom made this risotto for us fairly frequently as we loved it so much. I got this recipe from "Italian Cooking" by Capalbo et al. I was forced to find an actual recipe since my mom doesn't have her recipes on paper (you know how it is :)) and this one comes very close. Yes, it's a bit time consuming and requires a lot of stirring, but you will be well-rewarded in the end for your effort! :D In Italy, this risotto is classically served with osso bucco, but it's wonderful even on its own!

Recipe #137972

193 Reviews |  By Bev

This is the salad dressing I grew up with that my mom created. As a child, I didn't realize there were any alternatives. To this day, my mom's salad dressing is still a favorite. Very simple to prepare. If you make it a little ahead of time, it will allow the flavors to blend. I hope you enjoy it!

Recipe #43522

This is a recipe that my sisters and I often made for breakfast/brunch on the weekends, but we didn't measure the amounts. To make things easier, we used Ore Ida's Potatoes O'Brien Hash Browns, so no cleaning or dicing of the potatoes, onions and peppers, and we loved that it was a one dish meal. This recipe was found in my Taste Of Home Magazine, and uses fresh ingredients and lists the amounts. I would cut down the amount of green peppers for our taste, so adjust to your tastes.

Recipe #467154

Honestly, this tastes better to me than the real thing. And, it is much better for you with less saturated fat and no cholesterol. The flavor will greatly depend on which broth or bouillon you use, so experiment a bit until you find one you like. It is great with mashed or roasted potatoes and goes well with a Tofurkey. This also works really well as a stew base--just add the cornstarch at the end when the veggies are cooked. It is very easy to prepare, and freezes perfectly, so we make huge batches so some is always ready. When you reheat from frozen, either run it through the blender or use a hand blender after thawing to regain a creamy consistency.

Recipe #281357

High in fiber and protein, low in fat, easy and really yummy! I've always thought meatloaf looks and smells so delicious and savory so, as a vegetarian, I decided to make a no-meat version! This is basically our favorite meatloaf recipe but with cooked mashed lentils instead of ground meat. The result is a very tasty dinner!

Recipe #33921

An excellent all-purpose seasoning for sauces, gravies, and even instant soup broth. Nutritional yeast is high in B12, a nutrient often lacking in vegetarian and/or North American diets. (This soup mix is the nearest thing to chicken soup base I've ever tasted!)

Recipe #513643

From: A grain-free alternative to traditional pizza crust, that you can pick up with your hands! Had to save for my cookbook!

Recipe #500226

These are traditionally served with grilled meats. Adapted from the Barbecue Bible.

Recipe #465606

A delicious and nutritious alternative to ricotta cheese.

Recipe #512945

1 Reviews |  By marisk

This recipe was found on It was posted by Sarah Britton who got the recipe from a friend. I'm posting it here for safekeeping. This dense bread is high in protein and fiber; it's also gluten-free and vegan. SOME NOTES: Do not substitute the psyllium. If you have a nut allergy, replace nuts with seeds. If you use ground flax seeds you will need more water. You will also need more water if you use quinoa instead of oats. Use certified gluten-free oats if you have a gluten sensitivity. I just made this loaf; it was easy to put together. I'm not sure if it's the ingredients or I'm just not used to 'healthy' food. I didn't like it at room temperature (it is a little better refrigerated.) I tried to get all unsalted ingredients but was unsuccessful. I will probably omit the salt the next time I try it. the loaf had the saltiness of salt water. Thank you, Snowpea, for suggesting I add the parchment paper to the instructions.

Recipe #512881

This is from a menu for a Super Bowl party.

Recipe #512639

""I live about 1 hour from my favorite pizza joint so I decided to make my own sauce recipe for the days that I can't have the real thing. (Cause let's face it, NOTHING beats the real thing). After many attempts (10 full batches to be exact) at adjusting my recipe, this is what my taste buds came up with. I hope you will give it a try and enjoy it as much as my family and I do.""

Recipe #512230

These are a Fieldhouse Kitchen favorite that make an appearance almost weekly alongside any main dish from beef to fish. These sprouts pack a flavorful punch with fresh lemony brightness and a spicy Sriracha kick. With just a few ingredients, you'll have a side dish that's perfect for a casual weeknight meal yet elegant enough to impress your dinner party guests.

Recipe #512135

This is a recipe I found on pinterest and made. It's so yummy.

Recipe #500090

Pleases even the pickiest eater! Full of flavor, you won't miss the meat! VERY inexpensive and delicious. We're not always the healthiest eaters, but we love this healthy meal!

Recipe #304604

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