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Dark rum is created by a longer aging process and different casks from that of light-coloured, drier white rums. Look for words like "aged" or "anejo"" on the bottle. The spirit inside will have rich and layered flavours of vanilla and caramel, perhaps fresh fruit or spice, usually with an undertone of the sugar cane that creates it. This recipe was found on the Toronto Star website.

Recipe #503431

A tasty no oil-no sugar salad dressing from Joel Fuhrman's The End of Diabetes. Delicious served over a green salad.

Recipe #498356

Serve this cooling dish from the Vegetarian Passport with spicy food or even on its own on hot days.

Recipe #483611

We're in the midst of a heat wave right now which inspired me to post this recipe. It's from The Colour Book of Cooking for Two. The sweetness of the sultanas complement this refreshing, garlic flavoured soup. I have successfully increased the servings for this soup so that I could include it as part of a buffet lunch. I kept it cold by placing the soup tureen (actually a large casserole dish) into a larger container filled with ice.

Recipe #427065

This wonderful no-cook salsa has been created by the Jammin' Java Jivers for ZWT5 Mexico/Tex-Mex/ SW USA Salsa Challenge. I'm posting it on behalf of the team. Each team member is represented by the ingredient which has qualities she feels represents her in some way. We hope you give our recipe a try. You won't regret it. Mama Cee Jay -mango - Mangos can be a comfort food, but being very rich in fiber, they can really make you go! So, be prepared!! ; lindseylcw - lime juice - Bitter and twisted ; Babzy - cumin - Because it has a smokey warm earthy flavor ; ellie_ - cilantro - It actually grows in my garden! ; Karen Elizabeth - onion - I identify with all the layers, being all dressed up against the cold! ; KissKiss - jalapeno - Just a little spicy ; Thymestudio - tomato - Sweet, tart redhead ; susie cooks - avocado - Not the shape of my body ; pixieglenn - garlic - Eats in in everything ; Dreamer in Ontario - hot sauce, to taste - Because I like things hot even though my family doesn't ; Katie337 - virgin olive oil - Unseen but important for flavour

Recipe #373796

This makes a great Christmas gift! Wrap this up in a basket with a bag of croutons, a tube of anchovy paste and the recipe for Quick Caesar Salad. The recipe comes from The Canadian Living Christmas Book. This recipe makes enough for 3 salads. See recipe#403221 for the salad recipe that goes with this mix.

Recipe #403222

This is a very simple and refreshing salad from the Middle East. It comes from The Gentle Art of Cookery by Mrs C F Leyel and Miss Olga Hartley and was published in The Good Cook Salads.

Recipe #422764

I grew up eating this salad and love it. It's a bit different than most North American cucumber salads I've seen as there is no sour cream in it, only a simple oil and vinegar dressing. Usually it's been made using only cucumbers but sometime cooked green and/or yellow beans and/or tomatoes are added. The quantity of oil and vinegar dressing may need to be adjusted if additional veggies are used.

Recipe #423689

From The Pennywise Cookbook published by the Milk Marketing Board of England and Wales in 1973. This is a very refreshing, airy dessert and so simple to make.

Recipe #423926

AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) executive chef Anne Yarymowich created this salad to showcase some key flavours of the Middle East. She'll serve a composed version of it in Frank restaurant (with oranges cut into 1/4-inch rounds and each ingredient added separately). The presentation below is easier to serve at home. Pomegranate cutting instructions: Use a paring knife to cut off the top about 1/2-inch below the crown. Inside you'll see four to six sections. Score the red skin at each section. Separate the pomegranate at each score. Over a bowl of water, loosen the arils (flesh-covered seeds) by hand and drop them into the bowl. They will sink. Use a spoon to scoop out pieces of white membrane that float to the top. Strain. (You will have to pick out remaining white bits by hand.)

Recipe #424159

The Seasoned Sailor and his Sassy's made port on Santorini. What a beautiful sight! We headed out to the countryside to find loads of fresh herbs. For that reason, we have created a sensational seafood rub using fresh herbs found seaside just at Sunset on Santorini. Try it on grilled veggies too!

Recipe #427443

This recipe comes from Chatelaine Food Express Quickies 2. It takes almost no time to make and is delicious on green salads, pasta and potato salad. Having a choice of lemon juice or 1 of 2 differents vinegars adds versatility. I prefer using sel de mer which is also called sea salt but table salt is just fine to use.

Recipe #307616

From The Australian Women's Weekly Christmas Cooking. Watermelon is thought to have originated in southern Africa, where it is found growing wild, because it reaches maximum genetic diversity there, resulting in sweet, bland and bitter forms. The prep time does not include the standing and freezing times.

Recipe #369721

This recipe was found in the Vegetarian Passport Cookbook. Use the freshest ingredients possible for the best results.

Recipe #369844

Here's a quick and healthy dessert or snack with tropical flavours. I'm adding this recipe for ZWT5. This recipe comes from the Vegetarian Passport Cookbook by Linda Woolven.

Recipe #372774

This is another recipe from The Vegetarian Passport Cookbook by Linda Woolven.

Recipe #372967

A recipe from Chatelaine Food Express Quickies. You'll get the best results with freshly picked tomatoes.

Recipe #373005

I found this recipe in Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2008. It's being posted for ZWT. You can use this rub on white-fleshed fish fillets such as catfish or snapper, chicken breasts, shrimp, sprinkled on burgers or lightly oiled corn on the cob.

Recipe #373591

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