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Raw foods. Or almost raw. Hi all just remember anything that has eyes to start is not a raw food. like cottage cheese or any cheese for they came from a cow that includes milk yogurt sour cream.
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2 Reviews |  By Rita~

I'm posted this sauce full of heat, good for you food enzymes, beneficial bacteria, vitamin C and carotene from I used kefir whey to inoculate the chilies with beneficial bacteria. You don't need a starter. But if you want these two sights are great. or Just salt and chili's. The cooking time is fermentation time.

Recipe #464448

Don't drink soda! Try this! A fizzy drink that is rich in micro-nutrients, enzymes and beneficial bacteria, water kefir numbers among the top ten dairy-free probiotics. Kefir grains are small, translucent, gelatinous structures and are comprised of assorted bacteria including lactobacillus hilgardii which gives them their characteristic crystal-like appearance. When properly cared for and regularly cultured, they produce a wonderful delicious probiotic-rich beverage and will continue to grow and reproduce indefinitely. Water kefir can be found

Recipe #464463

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

A sour and pungent, milk kefir is a cultured dairy food originally from the Caucuses – the region where Europe meets Asia. I find it's texture to a drinkable plain yogurt Rich in beneficial bacteria, phosphorus, vitamin K, biotin and folic acid – nutrients that are essential to health and well-being. Good reading about kefir Kefir Grains can be found or

Recipe #464472

Kefir kraut with a little salt. "Kefirkraut may be regarded as a vegetable pro-biotic source, low in carbohydrates, rich in Lactobacilli, Yeasts, Vitamin U [only found in cabbage] and Vitamin C including some of the B group vitamins bio-synthesised by the friendly organisms native to kefir grains, and to fresh cabbage or other fresh vegetables used in any given recipe." Thanks to Dom, I came up with this healthy kraut.

Recipe #464991

Get hydrated with this earthy drink. Beet Kvass is a effervescent lactic acid fermented beverage the ginger making it even more effervescent. It can be consumed as a tonic drink, or used to make a vinaigrette dressing or use over cooked greens. Beet ginger kvass, like other lactic acid fermented drinks, is best consumed in relatively small amounts. It is considered a tonic drink, due to the many health benefits from nutrients, enzymes and beneficial organisms in it. Folk medicine values beets and beet kvass for their liver cleansing properties and beet kvass is widely used in cancer therapy in Europe. Anecdotal reports indicate that beet kvass is an excellent therapy for chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, allergies and digestive problems.

Recipe #465590

Healthy Raw Cultured Veggies Fermented making this rich in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. This is just too easy to prepare why not make them? This is a great side to any meal helping digestion.

Recipe #466627

This Salsa is living food, full of enzymes and probiotics due to lacto-fermented vegetables. If you prefer peeled tomatoes: score the bottoms, drop into boiling water for about 15 seconds, remove and place in ice water. The peels should come off easily.

Recipe #466626

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

With heat from fresh ginger and a chili. Summer freshness at its best! Organic is the way to go. Be sure to wash and drain well.

Recipe #316819

7 Reviews |  By Rita~

used the overabundance zucchinis to make this healthy slaw. I used a mandolin to create long julienned strips of zucchini, carrots and red bell peppers.. This is a healthy raw foods!

Recipe #324216

9 Reviews |  By Rita~

With dried cranberries topped with pine nuts in a citrus vinaigrette!

Recipe #142882

10 Reviews |  By Rita~

A recipe from Chile using sweet onions and tomatoes along with wonderful seasonings of cilantro, lime for a cooling effect for those hot days!

Recipe #204196

2 Reviews |  By Rita~

Sweet onions and lemon make this version of cabbage salad just yummy refreshing salad.

Recipe #204197

12 Reviews |  By Rita~

This is a festive salad with crunch and vibrant flavor. (hee-cah-mah) a member of the morning glory family that comes from Mexico and South America. A cousin of the sweet potato

Recipe #309502

44 Reviews |  By Rita~

Forget the coffee. This is a great way to start the day! Cleanse from the inside out. Cleanse the body of impurity by rinsing the system and stimulating digestion. Drinking this first thing in the morning will also help to "tone" your body because lemon stimulates cleansing of both the gallbladder and liver. Relieves symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, bloating and belching. Controls constipation and diarrhea by eliminating waste efficiently. Cleanses the Liver.

Recipe #59070

7 Reviews |  By Rita~

From Juicing for Life

Recipe #72059

6 Reviews |  By Rita~

I was looking for Raw (no cook) recipes and found this by Allan Smith. Healthy and low in Calories.

Recipe #83374

3 Reviews |  By Rita~

A refreshing spicy Drink! Great for your body! Can be doubled.

Recipe #61364

8 Reviews |  By Rita~

Found this in Juicing for Life

Recipe #72058

10 Reviews |  By Rita~

Lychee is a crisp juicy fruit which is white or pinkish, translucent and glossy some what like the a grape, but the taste is sweeter and very refreshing. Making this salsa great for hot summer days! Serving with your favorite chips or top grilled fish, chicken, or pork.

Recipe #112765

4 Reviews |  By Rita~

Papaya, Ginger, Pineapple, and Kiwi High in Vitamin C ,potasium, magnesium, protein-digesting enzymes. Helps ease alergies.

Recipe #119021

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