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9 Reviews |  By Hanka

Light moist and so easy to make.This recipe was given to me by Irish chef. These are truly best scones I ever had. Great with butter, jam or creme-fresh. They also freeze well.

Recipe #246724

These are easy to make and taste just wonderful! Prep time does not include 2 hours that you will need to set the dough aside. I cook these one at a time which will add up to about 60-80 mins total for cooking time!

Recipe #60449

Easy & quick, these rolls are a nice addition to any meal. Mix up the batter on the weekend, then you can have fresh rolls any night of the week!

Recipe #21317

So delicious! I was skeptical of the beets, but they are very yummy in this dish, and the shallots and Gorgonzola help mellow them out. A neighbor gave us his CSA for the week when he went out of town, and this recipe was included with the farm newsletter.

Recipe #189712

This is a recipe I came up with when trying to get more whole wheat into my family's diet. We love pita pockets and I couldn't find a WW Pita recipe anywhere even here. So I made one myself. They are light and very tasty and ready in one hour to eat. One key is do not over cook them or let them brown at all.

Recipe #144509

The Shakers were a hard-working simple group of people who were notorious for their "Hands to work Hearts to God" school of thought. Their recipes were like themselves - easy, simple, and plain. Their recipes were easy and all their dishes were produced from the products of their farm and were always fresh or preserved naturally. These pumpkin muffins are easy and deeelish.

Recipe #144642

If you bake and cook everyday then this is a must to have in your cupboard, it's so much cheaper than using cooking spray and works even better than Pam cooking spray, no chemical fumes and will not leave burnt on black residue on the edges of your pans like cooking spray will and will keep forever in your cupboard --- for baking recipes using chocolate you may use 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder in place of white flour or 1/4 cup each cocoa powder and flour --- this may be increased or decreased sucessfully just make certain that *all* three ingredients are the same amounts or the mixture will not work as well ;-)

Recipe #78579

Submitted for Zaar World Tour '06. My recipe card says I got this from Family Circle Magazine in December 1986! I must have made it back then sometime, because there's a red star on the card, (good for gift-giving), and a note that the flavor of this traditional German Christmas bread improves with a few days aging...

Recipe #170744

I love this bread! It's easy and quick, and my family loves it! This bread is somewhat sweet and is very tender. It tastes the best fresh from the oven. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Recipe #186292

This is so simple, but looks so pro. I looked at other recipes for puffs, but they seemed very involved. Suzi was the mother of 4 children under 4 (years of age) when I met her, and she always managed to have something special to share from her kitchen. I use these for appetizers and fill with chicken salad or egg salad.

Recipe #186307

These are so yummy! Even if a bit messy to make. You can also shape the pretzels into letters or numbers. Kids love to do that. You can also brush with butter after you take the out of the oven and sprinkle cinnamon sugar over them. My Kids love them that way.

Recipe #37027

I have never found an Irish Soda Bread recipe (or commericially available loaf) that can hold a candle to this recipe. It is simple to make and you can also mix the dry ingredients, add a hang-tag listing the wet ingredients and baking instructions and you have an outrageously good gift. This is an absolutely authentic Irish recipe, and if you have never had a Soda Bread with fruit or caraway, it is probably due to the baker's preference to omit it, cost cutting measures or the way in which this recipe is prepared in a few regions of the country. Note: If you don't like caraway seeds, currants or raisins, don't add them. And don't overmix this dough. I blend wet and dry ingredients with a large spooon only until incorporated. Also, if like Pretty111, you provide a low-star review because you THINK the recipe isn't traditional, don't bother. This recipe is not listed as "traditional", just delicious. I think that if you do not try a recipe, you have some nerve giving it a low-star review. It is just unfair.

Recipe #103643

A traditional Irish bread.

Recipe #112002

Anyone who has ever visited Ireland and had any of their bread items, especially this little beauty, will confirm that Irish baked goods are unbelievably delicious. You can now find flour from Ireland in some of the larger supermarkets in the USA. Just look in the Irish foods section. It's quite expensive, but worth it to get that much closer to the taste experience of the Emerald Isle.

Recipe #111606

An Irish Traditional Cooking recipe courtesy of our local newspaper.

Recipe #114189

From my friends at one of the local bed and breakfasts. They sell it by the loaf!

Recipe #185351

This recipe has been in my family for 20+ years. I got it from my Aunt Pearl who made them up until the time she finally quit cooking at age 98. She lived to be 101 years old and would call me and ask me to make a batch of these for her about once a month. Every time I make a batch of them, it reminds me so much of her that it brings tears to my eyes.

Recipe #185348

5 Reviews |  By LAURIE

This is from the Hutchinson House B&B in Faribault, MN. The owner received the recipes from a British friend in the 1960's. This quick bread is awesome, and best just toasted without any jam or jelly. I like to also sprinkle some chopped pecans and some additional coconut and sugar on top before baking. Note there is no oil or butter in this recipe, it comes from the coconut, and it is a moist loaf.

Recipe #170842

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