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I came up with this recipe after trying all the recipes I could get my hands on. It works well for veal parmesan too!

Recipe #192418

Perfect for serving spinach dip on

Recipe #254538

Posted for ZWT, looks delicious but I haven't tried it yet. I guessed as to the servings and time.

Recipe #309983

Creamy pina coladas with a dash of Grenadine, delicious!

Recipe #254774

I had Japanese potato salad for the first time a few weeks back at a Zaar luncheon held at a Japanese Tea Garden. I liked it so much that I had to come home and look it up online. I learned that although potatoes weren't a part of traditional Japanese cuisine, potato salad has since become a daily fixture in Japanese lunch boxes. Japanese potato salad is creamy and non-acidic, no vinegar and no pickles here. This recipe is from, tweaked a bit by me to resemble what I had at the Tea Garden. Posted for Zaar World Tour. Time doesn't include cooling time. By the way, we enjoyed lunch so much we forgot to check out the garden :lol:

Recipe #305000

Another old family recipe. My great grandparents had a pecan ranch down in Texas until the Depression hit, so pecans have been popular in our family for a long time. This recipe is the culmination of a century of pecan pie baking and tasting!

Recipe #182387

I got this way back before I was married in a Good Housekeeping magazine. Been making them ever since! By the way, as Sharlene-W pointed out, I was actually married in a church, not in a magazine...

Recipe #236849

This is better than mom's!

Recipe #181285

This is our family recipe for whipped cream. I'm surprised it's not already on Zaar. You'll want to use chilled whipping cream, and as a couple of the reviewers pointed out, chill the bowl and beaters too if possible. If you have a kitchenaide mixer, use your wire beater, not the paddle.

Recipe #314567

Embarrassing because it's so easy and because it's definitely not diet food! The first time I made it, my husband, son and I ate it all up and didn't leave any for our daughter who was late, another reason to be embarrassed...

Recipe #181623

These brownies are so good! I had a guest recently overcome his embarrassment to ask if he could take the leftovers home. (Edited after Megnbryce's mom review to correct posting error.)

Recipe #253717

The holy grail of chocolate frosting! The secret is the cream cheese. I actually don't like cream cheese, but you can't taste the cream cheese in the frosting. The cream cheese somehow adds just the right touch to the chocolate flavor.

Recipe #185493

I found this on a Canadian restaurant recipe site and had to post it. It's been my favorite sandwich since I was a kid, so I couldn't believe it wasn't already posted on Zaar. Perfect way to use up leftover baked beans too. Interestingly, the article said that canned baked beans were illegal to import into Canada until after the Second World War because of the ratio of beans to tomato sauce Who knew!

Recipe #310012

Posted for ZWT, but I haven't made it yet. The recipe didn't specify amounts on the spices, but I would guess between 1/8 - 1/2 teaspoon of each, then more to taste later if needed. Also, I guessed on the servings and the time, and I didn't include the marinating time in the time requirements.

Recipe #309984

I love cooked carrots and I love creamed veggies, so this is one of my favorites. Originally from Esther Shank's Mennonite cookbook, tweaked a bit by me.

Recipe #276072

This is my favorite cake, and it is an old family recipe. The citrus glaze makes this cake moist and delicious.

Recipe #205399

I love country style pancakes so I came up with this adaptable recipe. For the hot cereal, use any combination of Malt-o-Meal, Cream of Wheat and/or Grits. (I like 3 T each)

Recipe #200275

I made this last night for guests and everyone loved it. I didn't include the marinating time, but it's best to let the chicken marinate all day in the buttermilk. I buy the walnuts already finely diced, but if you are going to chop them yourself, they need to be very fine but not ground. Inspired by PaulaG's recipe #137096.

Recipe #385211

Posted for safe-keeping

Recipe #236729

I came up with this recipe for camping. It's an easy recipe with endless variations. You can play with the spices, the type of jam, and the cooking method.

Recipe #332982

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