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Puerto Rico Delights

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13 Reviews |  By Kim127

I haven't made this recipe yet. I posted it for the Zaar World Tour 2006. I found the recipe in "The Essential Mediterranean Cookbook".

Recipe #171536

"A great party salsa. For a different twist, serve with malanga, plantain, or yuca chips". That is the description as it appears on the email my friend sent with this recipe. Haven't tried it yet but you can't go wrong with Avocado!

Recipe #245995

In Puerto Rico, these wrapped goodies are made in large quantities during the holidays, often with several family members sharing in the tasks of preparation. A food processor or blender makes the job easier. There are different versions. This one has a lot of ingredients but it is still very good. You can also stuff them with chicken instead of pork. (Time to make depends on how much help you can get!)

Recipe #246023

There are several ways people make mojito. This is the way I personally like it. (The other recipe I have posted for mojito is also very good!)

Recipe #245993

Another signature dish. Very tasty, best wneh served cold. This recipe comes from There are different recipes. I haven't tried this one in specific so if you have a better one, let me know!

Recipe #247160

This desert is typically served during Christmas time. Personally, I never wait that long to have this yummy coco-nutty desert.

Recipe #247159

Make this recipe along with red beans and some sweet plantains on the side. Yuuuuummm! From

Recipe #247158

Weekend mornings are very busy at local bakeries, everyone is looking for either freshly made Pan de Agua or Pan de Manteca. This bread is good by itself, with some butter or to make a loaded ham,cheese and egg sandwish. This recipe is from

Recipe #247154

The Puerto Rican style jibarito (pronounced hee-bah-ree-to) sandwich was created at the Borinquen Restaurant in Chicago by owner Juan "Peter" Figueroa. Here's my take on making his famous jibarito at home. The plantain "bread slices" for this sandwich are most easily made if you have a large deep fryer, but it can also be done in a deep skillet with oil. I originally saw this made on FoodTV's "Roker on the Road" (episode "On a Roll"). According to the Borinquen website, these sandwiches are known as "emparedado de platano" in Puerto Rico.

Recipe #114779

Another signature dish, lots of calories but worth all of them! This was emailed to me by a friend, source is unknown.

Recipe #242295

One of Puerto Rico's signature dishes. It can be main, side dish or just an appetizer. The Cod is finely chopped, therefore, the flavor is not so strong. Very high in calories but worth having at least two once a year!

Recipe #242293

Piononos are the perfect finger food. These delicious plantain bites are battered, fried, and stuffed with cheese. They can also be stuffed with ground beef (picadillo). Recipe from

Recipe #238600

Another of Gma's recipes...Gpa's favorite salad. Goes well with boiled sweet potatoes and/or Yucca.

Recipe #230181

I ate so many of these when I was a kid! They are so so good. Courtesy of Héctor Rodriguéz @

Recipe #238598

Coquito is a traditional punch served at Christmas and New Years celebrations. The drink is similar to eggnog with rum. The blend of rum and coconut gives this drink a peculiar flavor and texture. Enjoy!

Recipe #238606

In Puerto Rico pinchos are grilled pork or chicken kabobs. They are just to die for! They are served with a slice of bread at the very tip. If you don't have a pilón (mortar and pestle) you can mix your marinade in a food processor or blender. From

Recipe #238756

Chayote is a vegetable that resembles a cactus on the outside. It has fine small torns and white on the outside. Grows extensively in the Caribbean and also in areas as Florida and Louisiana. The flesh is delicate and similar to summer squash.

Recipe #238762

This recipe has been in my family since I can remember. Rumor has it it was my grandma's (Dad's mom) recipe but Grandma (Mom's mom) says it is her recipe. The thing is it is absolutely delicious! I make it all year round but this is my signature thanksgiving side dish. Goes well with my puertorican apple BBQ turkey.

Recipe #217596

This yummy recipe can be made with shrimps, lobster, octupus etc. I prefer to make it with lobster and shrimp or just shrimp by itself. I love to serve this salad with puertorian tostones.

Recipe #218307

This is one of grandma's recipes. It has some calories but is worth the 2 hour workout after eating them! Dip them in mayo-ketchup sauce seasoned with s&p.

Recipe #218558

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