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Pet Treats & More

I LOVE animals! This cookbook includes treats for dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. Some I've tired and others I plan on trying someday!
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these treats are good for your family "member" or as gifts to give

Recipe #136161

Not just for Italian cats! One of my cats, Sweet Pea, is always after my spaghetti. These treats have a great tomato and Parmesan aroma and taste that allows me to eat my food in peace while she indulges elsewhere.

Recipe #204806

I intend to spoil my cats for as long as they’ll let me. (Enlightened self-interest, in this case. I love to watch them get “teatarded”) You can substitute chicken broth or chicken soup for the bouillon and water if you choose. Just to clarify... THIS IS FOR CATS.

Recipe #204611

This is a recipe for cats using Prowl dehydrated cat food from It is a grain-free diet, made with 100% Human Grade hormone-free chicken, plus eggs, potatoes, yams, flaxseed, zucchini, spinach, honey, cranberries (for urinary tract health) and rosemary. This treat is easy to make, very nutritious and free of cereal grains.

Recipe #211374

For our feathered friends who need our help in the winter! If possible use flexible molds or muffin pans lined with paper cups. If you don't have flexible molds, immerse the molds in hot water for several seconds before removing the cakes. They also make a nice gift for our human friends who like to look after the birds. It is nice to make this in one large mold and display the cake in your garden (in a safe place away from other animals!) Don't take notice of the yield because that will depend on the size of molds you use. You can also be somewhat flexible with the amounts given in the recipe, they will still turn out well and much better than any store bought cakes for the birds. They love them and my 'garden restauant' is always full of satisfied customers! If you have some netting to put them in you can hang them from a tree branch.

Recipe #147310

I'll admit it, Valentina has us completely wrapped around her paw. She simply adores these tiny treats and the DH loves to give them to her for that reason. I'm happy too because I know that they aren't full of chemicals and preservatives and I don't mind slipping her one or two myself although we all know thats it's Dads job! I'm guessing at the yield because I've never really counted them. You can make bigger bites of you have a bigger "kid".

Recipe #193519

Recipe #136167

You may add grated carrots to these for extra nutrition and flavor. These are a great way to control the fat and salt in your dogs diet.

Recipe #57541

My little doggie who doesn't care for many store-bought doggie treats, just loves these. Note: the actual recipe did not call for brown sugar, but I added it in for a bit of sweetness, you have the option of adding it or not)

Recipe #80452

My dog has allergies and needs her ears cleaned on a regular basis. We were spending a small fortune in cleaning solution, until a friend of mine who has a Therapy dog shared this recipe with me.

Recipe #52051

1 Reviews |  By Mercy

This solution works to keep puppies away from furniture and rugs. The scent isn't distasteful to people, only to ultra-"scent"-sitive puppies. From "Cheaper & Better" by Nancy Birnes.

Recipe #119947

A nice treat for kitty. Clearly mine are spoiled!

Recipe #143858

71 Reviews |  By Twyla

My dog loved these and I'm sure yours will too!

Recipe #18774

6 Reviews |  By *Pixie*

A treat for your cat. If you'd rather you can add the catnip to the recipe instead of rolling the balls in it. They like it either way. You can also adjust the amount of catnip based on how much your cat likes cat nip (mine are pigs).

Recipe #37737

My little sweetie just loves these. Best of all they are so easy.

Recipe #137861

1 out of 1 dogs (mine!) like these better than Frosty Paws.

Recipe #24965

Who can resist those pleading eyes, that heart-wrenching cry, that drooling mouth? (Well, two out of three is pretty motivational to me.) Return the love to that dog who loves you unconditionally and tell him/her BONE APPETITE from me! Preparation time is approximate. Makes roughly 1-1/4 pound dry dog biscuits.

Recipe #95982

As editor of a local animal shelter's newsletter, I have added one recipe per issue of various animal recipes. With this one, my cockatiel, Girly, feels like a Starbuck's patron with her very own biscotti! I draw the line at a frappuccino, though. Caffeine and chocolate are among many birdie NO-NOs! NOTE: Time does not include waiting for egg shells to dry or cooling after baking. Cooking time is PER BATCH. *Wheat grass for birds can be purchased online at

Recipe #96327

12 Reviews |  By PanNan

This recipe is guaranteed to satisfy the pickiest dog. We were advised to feed our puppy dry puppy chow. He would just nibble on it throughout the day. Consequently his outside needs were hard to predict. This recipe was the answer. Our mature dog suddenly developed an appetite for his food, too. Now, both dogs practically inhale this (I feed twice a day), we know when to let them outside, resulting in happier pets and parents! It also provides some extra calcium and protein. If your dog doesn't exercise much, you can use the lighter canned dog food, and the fat free yogurt.

Recipe #59643

Three Dog Bakery recipe

Recipe #114894

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