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Pasta From the Oven 2—Lasagnas That Won't Last Long

[Cover photo by Sheri-BDB.] For other pasta dishes see my cookbooks Pasta From the Pot , Pasta From the Oven , Call It Macaroni , Pasta for Dieters—No, Really! , Passionate Pasta Sauces , Salads: Pass da Pasta Salad Please and Asian Noodles .
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This creamy, gooey, gorgeous white lasagna will impress your special guests and loved ones. Mild, but with many subtle flavors, it makes for elegant comfort food. Though the recipe appears long, it breaks down into easy steps and can be prepared for baking the day before. Prep time includes roasting times (when you can be doing something else). Those who dislike ricotta may not mind it here, as it dissolves into the sauce.

Recipe #65007

And it really is! It is rich and so delicate in texture and flavors that it becomes an elegant dish for a first course or entree.

Recipe #101076

This was the first meal I cooked and served to company about 25 years ago. I got the recipe originally from Better Homes & Gardens in 1978 from an article about men who cook. This lasagna intrigued me since it was the first time I had thought about lasagna without a tomato based sauce. This freezes well. I have used both white and orange colored cheddar for this. I don't remember who Al Brown was but thanks Al Brown, where ever you are!

Recipe #126833

This is a truly wonderful dessert--YES dessert! I would rather have this than any apple pie I have ever had. It's very easy to make.

Recipe #25589

I developed this recipe for a customer's luncheon at home, who needed something vegetarian for the guests. It is easy to assemble, as no-boil lasagna is used, but will resemble lasagna made with fresh pasta.

Recipe #115083

This was one of my favorite Weight Watchers recipes and a nice variation on the standard red sauce lasagna. It is creamy and a bit sweet from the squash and raisins and oh so satifying. As presented here, it is a bit higher in points than the original (7 versus 6 points) but I think is a more appealing, creamier dish. Whether you are doing WW or not, you'll enjoy this one. I've also added 1/2 cup of part-skim ricotta (4 points total) to the middle layer at times with good success.

Recipe #147409

This is pretty much how lasagna gets made in Australia, usually no cottage cheese or ricotta. I have been making it this way for over 30 years, but can't find a similar recipe on here yet. I find it easier to make the beef sauce the day before, and reheat it a little, but I like to use the cheese sauce hot and freshly made. This mix fills a tray 12x8x3 for me, and I find it easier to cut through the top layer with kitchen scissors before taking to it with a knife to cut into serving portions.

Recipe #109368

This recipe makes two big pans. Freeze one or both to enjoy later.

Recipe #159977

This Lasagna is a good Vegetarian dish. It can be made ahead up to 1 day and baked as directed or , freeze up to 1 month; thaw frozen casserole in fefrigerator overnight, and bake for 40 to 45 minutes or until heated through. The recipe comes from Better Homes &

Recipe #100332

I got this recipe from Master Cook. We like Buffalo chicken, I do make it a little spicier by adding Cayenne to the sauce.

Recipe #132149

This is soooo good. A friend got this from Giada De Laurentis' show but had to alter abit to accomodate our inability to get items like amaretti cookies (it's the beach!)or fresh basil (it's December!). Her version turned out smooth, rich & utterly decadent. LOL - she wouldn't post this to share but I am! When I make this, I plan to make squash puree the day before & make sauce while boiling noodles. I think I will not go for totally smooth but have it moderately chunky or stir in a cup or so of diced squzsh after pureeing most. Original recipe called for 3/4 cup fresh basil to be blended into white sauce instead of the italian herb mixture - for those "down under" who can get basil this time of year it would probably be nice. Additionally I am considering blending in a bit of curly parsley (more readily available & more neutral than italian parsley) for the color. Sorry Marianne!

Recipe #199141

Cheese steak lasagna style! A tossed salad and a loaf of Italian bread.If you want spicy use spicy veelveta cheese. Top with a couple sliced jalapenos.

Recipe #189228

You can use Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) or Beef for this lasagna. My Italian neighbour has given me this recipe except she used beef. I changed it using TVP (textured vegetable protein) Vege Mince as I don't eat red meat. I often cook this and even die-hard meat eaters enjoy it.

Recipe #184998

This recipe is a recreation of my friend's favorite Lean Cuisine (they have discontinued it). I don't create my own recipes very often so any input that could improve the final product would be appreciated.

Recipe #173174

5 Reviews |  By Calee

Hollandaise sauce and asparagus tips makes this a deeeeeeeeelish way to use up left over chicken or turkey. I have taken this dish to the school pot luck dinners with rave reviews.

Recipe #165926

This is so good. I got this from a woman's world magazine and I made it for superbowl last year and it got a standing ovation!!!

Recipe #85366

Clipped from the Star-Telegram newspaper in the 90's, but the recipe originally comes from a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook from 1958. It is so sinfully loaded with everything bad, but I say sometimes you just need to say "What the Heck" and eat this way. It is delicious.

Recipe #217916

My dh can only eat chicken and turkey. All beef makes him ill, he isn't overly fond of fish. Other meats... well suffice it to say he won't touch. So in viewing my recipes you'll see a plethera of chicken recipes. I'm always striving to find something new. He has 3 response levels to new recipe's 1. I didn't like that (insert reason) 2. He doesn't say anything, when asked ... oh oh it was fine (or good) 3. OMG that was so great, and he eats it like there is no tomorrow. This got a thumbs up from one of the pickiest eaters i've ever met. This is adapted for my OAMC needs. It's a little time consuming but definitely worth the work.

Recipe #119244

This is a very rich, very tasty lasagna for when you're feeling like indulging. An "oh my goodness" with much rolling of eyes and moaning with pleasure kind of lasagna. :) You might want to serve it in smallish pieces so that people can eat it, love it, and still have room for seconds. I wanted a rich lasagna when I created the recipe, and that's how it came out - I'm very pleased with it!

Recipe #50213

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