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There are so many uses for all the parts of lemon. Here are a few. If you have others, send them to me and I will add them.

Recipe #455561

This recipe found in the Toronto Star. It comes from Green Clean by Linda and Mason Hunter and Mikki Halpin. Quote: "For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death." Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, 1962 Note: After the reviewers' comments, I've changed the number of drop of essential oils)

Recipe #233245

51 Reviews |  By Tish

Thanks to Bev's recipe for cleaning my clothes washer I thought maybe someone would also enjoy a shiny clean dish washer!

Recipe #66665

I couldn't believe how dirty my watch and silver jewelry were when I tried this. Yuck! This saves money and is safe for you and the environment. The solution can be very drying to your hands so consider using rubber gloves or even tweezers to handle the jewelry. This recipe is from

Recipe #180133

This will help take care of those fruit flies that gather around the stuff you have to take out to the compost pile or those bananas you haven't gotten around to baking with yet. The photo I posted (the one with the cherry & grape tomatoes) shows several fruit flies on the paper already (and a couple are in the vinegar, though you can't see them)--not even three minutes after making the trap! Some kinds of cider vinegar work better than others--typically, I find the darker the vinegar, the better it works. I know some people have said they prefer to use plastic wrap over the top, but I find that the paper cone (though it takes some fiddling to get it to fit just right) works best.

Recipe #187531

48 Reviews |  By Tish

The name brand is expensive but this is an inexpensive alternative and less harmful to your clothes than bleach!

Recipe #32716

This is a miracle recipe for getting rid of those pesty ants that come every spring and summer. Mix up the solution, pack cotton balls in a jar cover, and put the solution on and they will be gone.

Recipe #203233

Our lab puppy knocked over a glass of red wine onto my favorite white pants. (She has a powerful tail!) I did a Google search and found this recipe. It worked great, removed all the stain.

Recipe #100182

8 Reviews |  By ~jb4~

An inexpensive way to make window cleaner.

Recipe #52153

I use this on my finished cross stitch pieces to prevent mildew (those little brown patches) from appearing and also on my bath towels.

Recipe #86584

7 Reviews |  By Katha

Makes the house smell wonderful. Use a old pot--one you won't be using for food again.

Recipe #189910

1 Reviews |  By Sully7

This is so somple!! Use Waterless Hand Sanitizer: Purell, etc. It isn't the most economical so I don't reccomend it for everyday use but in a pinch it is fantastic! I used it on my bathroom mirror and now it doesn't fog! I used it on my MIL's eyeglasses and she was astounded!

Recipe #194291

Environmentally friendly, no harsh chemicals! We tried the expensive cleaners and found our floors still looked streaky and dull. This homemade cleaner makes them look bright, streak free and beautiful!

Recipe #138101

This spray works equally well on monsters and bad dreams. We spray it as part of the nightly bedtime ritual, while DD chants, "Monsters, Monsters, stay away." The lavender scent is calming and everyone knows that monsters and bad dreams hate that smell. This spray saved us from lots of tears and terror at bedtime and in the middle of the night.

Recipe #98746

Car deodorizer using old, expired, spices; found on Kraft site. The amt of spices is totally up to you. Had to put in amts for program to accept. It also uses 1 Old nylon stocking and 1 Rubber band, which the program won't accept as ingredients. Submitted by: gaoade

Recipe #166887

Make your own dishwasher detergent.I found this on a DIY site.

Recipe #83592

I got this recipe from a newsletter I get by e-mail. Sorry, don't remember the name but this works really well and I thought it should be shared.

Recipe #84452

A few household items that amazling cleans silver. I had a badly tarnished dish that these few items cleaned right up.

Recipe #155590

An environmentally friendly recipe for repelling pesky insects. Most effective against cabbage lopers, aphids and thrips. Recipe from The Charlotte Observer.

Recipe #125881

This is from The Queen of Clean, out of her book called Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean. It works really well, especially on wood that is dry or needs some reconditioning!

Recipe #87394

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