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This is why I can never go out to eat and feel "happy" to spend exorbitant amounts of money. I can make the SAME stuff at home, for much less. The only part of going out that I miss is someone else cleaning up the mess, but hey...the trade-off is that I don't have to get all dressed up and leave my lovely home!
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Tastes like butter, costs like margarine. Easy to make and refrigerate.

Recipe #174536

Terrific easy, more economical version of almond paste. Can be used in any recipe that calls for almond paste. Cook time is processing time.

Recipe #115450

My DH loves those frozen Tony's Pizza Rolls....I'll eat them too, but....what exactly is in them?? We probably don't want to even know! These are MUCH better and at least we know what we're eating!! Buy extra sauce for dipping if you'd like, but they really don't need it. Also, add/omit any ingredients you like or don't like. Make them to your own taste of course. This is what we like in them.

Recipe #115026

5 Reviews |  By Debber

After dinner with Mom at Fazoli's, I altered a recipe from Taste of Home's "Country Chicken" cookbook, and this is the amazingly excellent result. Great for dinner parties and delicious for a week-night supper with the family all around the table!

Recipe #208921

For those of us that like to cook with real butter and olive oil and try to stretch it as far as it can go, you are going to love this. I got this idea from my mother and it is fantastic.

Recipe #109898

Sometimes you just want to indulge in fast food but don't feel like running out to get it.

Recipe #106882

I worked at red lobster, I made the biscuits, ladies and gents here is the recipe,

Recipe #210020

2 Reviews |  By Debber

Age is NOT a factor in who loves this cake--I've had adults and children go gah-gah over this little kitchen creation! Cutting the cake horizontally is the hardest part of the whole deal; don't be a perfectionist because no one is going to take measurements on how evenly you sliced it! :-) Leave out the cocoa...and this is a very close cousin to the Twinkie Cakes you found in your lunch box when you were a child!

Recipe #251155

I'm posting this in response to a recipe request. Let me know how it is. The quantity and prep/ cooking times are a guess.

Recipe #109715

Filling can vary--use what you have at hand. Great snack.

Recipe #21556

My friend found this for me(when I was having a McDonalds burger obsession) in one of her cookbooks and it's delicious.

Recipe #116181

I found this recipe on another site and just had to save it here. My brothers and Father just love Mcdonalds french fries, so if I can make them at home for much cheaper it would be a win-win situation. I have not tried the recipe yet but will very soon

Recipe #151111

I found this on The extra vanilla makes the house smell heavenly when these are baking. The key to these cookies is to not bake them past the recommended 10 minutes. This way after they cool they will be nice and chewy. Mmmmmm!

Recipe #95216

Save a lot of money making salsa at home rather than buying it by the bottle in the stores! This salsa freezes well.

Recipe #81059

5 Reviews |  By Lennie

Found on the Web in response to a request.

Recipe #34198

3 Reviews |  By Lennie

Posted in response to a request.

Recipe #21110

Plan ahead about a week ... you won't be sorry. This from-scratch corned beef is better than any commercial corned beef you could ever eat, and you'll wonder why you never tried doing it yourself before. I do not add salt and peter to my corned beef, so this is not going to have that familiar pink color, but you won't care -- and it's healthier this way.

Recipe #115220

21 Reviews |  By Debber

The kids told me this was definitely a "keeper" of a recipe. The hard-boiled egg really adds some depth to the flavor. Add your own flavorites to accommodate your family's tastebuds.

Recipe #208914

If you don’t have any cream soup on hand, (or maybe you just want to save money) try this—it’s great.

Recipe #57287

I prefer real buttermilk in recipes to the vinegar-lemon milk substitute. It was frustrating always running out of buttermilk just when I needed it most. I usually quadruple and make a gallon at a time. Once you've made your own, you can save some back to replenish your supply by making more. My husband loves an occasional cold glass of buttermilk on a hot summer day, with a little salt. Update: A couple of reviewers have reported this did not work for them. Because it is a 'culture based' recipe, it relies on the fresh buttermilk that provides the 'culture' to be fresh enough that the 'culture' is still alive. Once the culture has died, it can no longer feed to create more of itself.

Recipe #35945

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