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My Comfort Foods

Here are recipes that are, for me, my Comfort Foods. Some are also good for taking along to folks who are in need of meals.
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From the Seattle Times, Wednesday, May 22, 2002. Recipe adapted from "The Cook's Illustrated Complete Book of Poultry."

Recipe #112684

I enjoyed my recent visit to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, and had a wonderful dinner at Christiana Campbell's Tavern. Our meals were accompanied by this spoon bread, scooped right out of the griddle and onto our plates. Absolutely delicious!

Recipe #113636

An unusual and tasty take on hot chocolate! From the Oregonian FoodDay section, Tuesday, December 21, 2004.

Recipe #114925

Wandering through the market, trying to decide what to make for dinner, I found some inexpensive frozen turkey breast. In the past I've used flattened chicken breast with salsa as a mainstay and I thought I needed to try something a little different this time. I knew I had leeks at home so I got some mushrooms, too, and the below is what I came up with. It's very tasty, and flattening the meat makes it quite tender!

Recipe #114915

This is my husband's favorite lasagna recipe, from a cookbook he had before we were married. Today when asking him what he wanted for dinner we went on a kitchen foray to figure out what we'd make, and he came up with lasagna. "But my favorite recipe is pretty complicated, so I don't know if we really want to do that one." We got out the old book, looked at it, and... it's amusing, because the recipe is prior to our marriage he thought of it as difficult (he was a good bachelor cook, mind you), but in these days after several more years of cooking added to his experience, it's not too difficult at all. :) Anyhow, here it is, tweaked to our liking. Although long, it's not really that difficult and the rich and delicious end results are well worth the time. Steingrim says he likes to make the meat and cheese sauces the day before, then assemble the lasagna with less trouble the next day.

Recipe #114671

In searching what to make for dinner tonight, I took out a package of ground meat (buffalo, specifically) from the freezer, and found a box of elbow macaroni. Looked like Chili Mac makings to me! :) I had never made Chili Mac before (I just remember having it in the cafeteria when in grade school), so I took a look at what was here on Zaar… and was surprised not find many recipes for it. I put together a recipe out of what I found here and elsewhere online, but the below meat chili mac was somewhat adapted from Miss Annie's vegetarian Marvelous Macaroni Chili. Very tasty, very flexible! :) This is a Pantry Challenge recipe.

Recipe #114926

From Chef Scott Simpson comes Blue Onion Bistro's signature dish! A rich, velvety macaroni made with blue cheese. From Bon Appetit magazine, March 2003.

Recipe #115139

I just *knew* Paula Deen would provide a way of making calorie-laden biscuits even more fattening. ;) Recipe from the FoodTV website.

Recipe #114932

From "Simply Classic," the Seattle Junior League. The fishing and sailing communities in the Pacific Northwest are quite active, and recipes from the boat kitchens are much in demand. Simple, and delicious!

Recipe #114929

When I travelled to Italy in 1998, I enjoyed the company of a fellow who was also on the tour with his partner. I got this recipe from him, John Karustis.

Recipe #115863

Unbelievably easy, wonderfully delicious! It’s good cold as well as hot. Prep time includes marination.

Recipe #116889

This recipe for a delicious and easy rice side dish came from Michael at Gail’s Recipe Swap, and I’ve fiddled with it a little. Although I don’t get to eat rice often, this one looks so tasty I have to put it here for safe keeping when I get to splurge! :)

Recipe #115503

Here’s Paula Deen’s method of making mix biscuits in her own special Southern way. Although titled as "biscuits," these are baked in muffin tins.

Recipe #117583

Use this for sandwiches or what have you. :) This is so simple I hesitate to post it, but then again, there are folks for every recipe and I know there are those who’ll appreciate the simplicity of this one. I prefer my egg salad not be sweet, so the recipe uses mayo and dill pickle.

Recipe #240848

One by me, adapted from a Scandinavian cookbook. (Actually, I think this method was described to me by a friend and I used that description in combination with glancing at a recipe.) From Friday, December 28th, 2001, LJ entry describing dinner. It was really easy to make, and absolutely delicious! A tribute to the folks in Puget Sound's Ballard and my own German/English/Scandinavian heritage. :)

Recipe #245379

It amuses me that this outstanding recipe has such an unassuming name. It should be called something like "The Most Excellent Combination of Potato and Other Vegetables You Can Have the Pleasure of Knowing." We made the recipe at our Culinary Communion class recently, and it was so popular at the dinner table that the serving bowl and spoon were licked clean. The serving bowl full was dipped into even before we sat down at the table - you can see how much was missing, already, in my photo. We couldn't remember what the name of it was as it was passed around the table, so we fondly called it "Green Glop." So, here it is. From Chef Gabriel Claycamp comes this keeper recipe for Green Gl... um, I mean Puree Verte. Posted with permission.

Recipe #122434

I often make delicious recipe #31207 and recipe #100417 individually, but it just makes sense to combine it all together in one great side dish! Also good as a steak, poultry, or fish topper. I just love it when the leeks are in season here in the Pacific Northwest... :)

Recipe #246891

Jayne likes his noodles easy and fast. This is about as fancy as he gets when making them. Just a bit sweet and spicy… if he’s being uncharacteristically generous and sharing them with someone else, he might leave out the cayenne. (Inspired by Joss Whedon’s television show “Firefly” and movie “Serenity.”)

Recipe #241432

If you're not into spicy foods, you might be surprised by these. The cheese tones down spiciness of the jalepeno. I'm a spicyhot wimp, and I love me some cheesy grits! From LJ entry on Thursday, April 4th, 2002. Easy and delicious!

Recipe #247012

This is one of those weird but wonderful comfort foods from my childhood. You wouldn't believe how delicious it is!! Although sometimes I make it without the bacon, I really do prefer it with...

Recipe #105236

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