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Mediterranean cooking night class

These are the recipes that I used for a night class in Mediterranean cooking. Week 1 Excite Me Tonight! Chicken! but panfried rather than kebabs Patatas Bravas – plenty of recipes on here that are not too different from the one I used. Michelle's French Mayonnaise in a Flash! – this was what I demoed Served with Summer Sangria & Classic Sangria Week 2 Moussaka With Halloumi and Ricotta Cheese Topping Lemon Ricotta Cake Week 3 Copycat Olive Garden Minestrone Soup by Todd Wilbur made with stock from my recipe, Easy Prep Vegetable Stock Caramelized Onion Foccacia (bread Machine) I made the dough in my breadmaker and then we shaped, proved and baked the loaf in class. Week 4 Spanakopita – again plenty of recipes on here similar to my one. An interesting thing that we did in this lesson was trial different ways of making it. Some made one big pie, others did triangles or rolls (like spring rolls) or a really cool way was to line a muffin tin with squares of filo pastry and then fill with the mixture. Then we took another sheet and cut into 1cm strips and crumpled them on top of the “muffins” Baklava – lots of recipes for Baklava too. My point of difference was to add rose water to the honey and sugar syrup. I love the flavour of rose water. We also collectively made up a meze platter, each providing an ingredient either from the deli section or something really simple (like fried Halloumi). I did Falafel out of a box. The objective was to show that you can put on a really good spread with minimal work. The only really “homemade” item was the spanakopita. Week 5 Gazpacho, again using stock from Easy Prep Vegetable Stock Spanish Potato Tortilla (Tortilla Española) Week 6 Roast Ratatouille Salad – but not done as a salad. See my review. French Style Roasted Perch With Fennel, Tomatoes and Wine

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7 Reviews |  By Moody

Light, fresh summer soup. Make sure everything you use is fresh, fresh, fresh, or it won't taste as refreshing as it should. The cool thing is that you can freeze this, so that when you need a little sunshine in the dead of winter, you'll have it waiting for you...

Recipe #56438

Dress up that ordinary grilled chicken to create an exotic Mediterranean meal that will excite your family and friends. These 4 marinades will transform your menu into an international culinary delight. Whether you use whole butterflied poussins, game hens, broiler halves, chicken parts or boneless chicken cubes on skewers, you will find the following marinades intensely flavorful. Marinate the meat overnight in the refrigerator and bring to room temperature before cooking. If you like, thread blanched vegetables such as sweet pepper and onion chunks, onto skewers and cook alongside the chicken (or thread them on the same skewers). Serve the chicken with fresh lemon wedges and a traditional side dish or salad with bread or pitas and watch it disappear. Cooking times vary.I have been told the Egyptian marinade is especially good on whole butterflied squab (pigeon). I adjusted the amount of lemon juice in the Lebanese marinade if you love lemon, go for the 1/2 a cup.... if lemon is just "okay" stick with the 1/4 cup.

Recipe #127262

I just love summer and all the wonderful drinks we use to try and cool down. I hope you enjoy these two very different sangrias. I usually add extra fruit to the sangrias, peach wedges to the Classic Sangria and pear slices to the Summer Sangria.

Recipe #92125

My French friend came over for lunch recently & as we stood in the kitchen chatting & sampling the fine wine, I thought I'd impress her and whip up a homemade mayonnaise for the eggs! As I started my drop by drop method, she laughed and showed me this AMAZING way of making mayonnaise in a flash! The only criteria seemed to be the bowl, or lack of a bowl - she uses an old fashioned TALL glass measuring jug, which I also happen to have. Once you have made it this way, you will never go back to the drop by drop way ever again! Here's Michelle's Mayonnaise!

Recipe #207690

4 Reviews |  By RonaNZ

I used to make a cheese soufflé topping starting with a white sauce. This is easier and delicious. The Halloumi and Ricotta cheeses gives it a buttery taste that complements the creamyness of the eggplant and the acidity of the tomatoes without being too heavy.

Recipe #253318

This is so moist, and delicious, it is simple, and refreshing.Very different from traditional cheesecake.Traditionally from Sardinia.

Recipe #177563

From It's finally here! What everyone's been waiting for! Just in time for winter, this soup is sure to warm your soul with it's savory flavor and wonderful aroma. I've asked many an Olive Garden waiter for this recipe, but none gave it to me in detail. One waiter told me the secret ingredient was to add a little red wine to the stock, but I'll leave that up to you to try.

Recipe #77585

9 Reviews |  By RonaNZ

Preparing the vegetables for this stock is so easy that I do it as I'm putting the groceries away. In NZ celery is sold the right way, with all the leaves, so it's too long to go in my veg chiller drawer in the fridge. This stock uses all the top part of the celery, thereby solving a problem and not wasting any good food! It also has the added bonus of making you look like a domestic goddess. It makes about 2.5 litres of stock, which I freeze it small tubs so I always have stock on hand. Prep time is about 3 minutes and the rest is put-your-feet-up cooking time. Couldn't be easier.

Recipe #247153

This recipe is very easy and very tasty! I don't remember where it came from originally, but I have been making it for several years. Preparation time does not include the time it takes for the dough in the bread machine.

Recipe #101474

A Sarah Jay recipe. This would be a great time to use a kitchen toy - the mandoline!

Recipe #187525

I normally think of ratatouille as a winter food, but this new twist makes it great for a colourful summer meal.

Recipe #70073

A delectable roasted fish and vegetable dish that is very popular in the South of France, especially Provence. I have listed Perch as the fish to use in this recipe, but Bream, John Dory, Halibut or Tilapia would also work very well. An elegant dinner dish, which needs very little attention, making it the perfect recipe for when you have company! Serve alongside poached or steamed seasonal vegetables, with wild rice or a simple salad.

Recipe #217140

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