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Meatloaf, Roasts, Lamb, etc
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A very easy recipe that tastes great. Serve with steamed rice - the sauce is wonderful!

Recipe #60979

This is a wonderfully-delicious roast that is such a breeze to make. Gorgeous too!

Recipe #72924

1 Reviews |  By *Z*

Adopted recipe. This smells great when it is cooking. It also lends itself well to adding whatever seasonings you prefer. You could very easily make this is a crockpot/slow cooker too.

Recipe #3187

4 Reviews |  By *Z*

This is an adodpted recipe. I will post any revisions after I make it. Embutido is a traditional Filipino-style meatloaf. A terrific ready-to-eat idea that's perfect to take along for lunch or sandwich filling Prep time includes chilling.

Recipe #45251

A delicious special-occasion lamb dinner for two; easily doubled for four, though.

Recipe #35055

3 Reviews |  By Evans

In my recipe book, The Complete Spanish Cookbook, by Jacki Passmore, there is a recipe for LOMO DE CERDA, Loin of Pork. It is a substantial tapa, or snack which is served in a small pottery dish with a sliced roll to mop up the juices. Here is the recipe she gives:

Recipe #2700

A fabulous flavorful marinade for Carnitas, Fajitas, flank steak and chicken. Marinate from 1 hour to overnight. Recipe from Rio Bravo.

Recipe #111229

5 Reviews |  By Rita~

Thanks to Peacefulnightdove for renaming this recipe. The real name Monkey Gland Steak - a Sweet Marinade Sauce But trust me No monkey here! African recipe posted for tour 2005. I used a mango chutney with Raisins and Red Chilies. Bought a rump roast that I sliced across the grain into steaks.

Recipe #140757

I have no idea whether this recipe is authentic, but my family loves it, and it's so easy to put together. Don't let the ingredients throw you! The sauce melts into a creamy, slightly spicy, earthy-flavored amalgamation that complements the beef. (Don't knock it 'til you try it!) Very good with mashed potatoes, fried okra, and carrots.

Recipe #142808

Pizza sauce makes this basic Swiss Steak a tad different.

Recipe #24260

This version of hobo dinner is one my mom and dad made when we were growing up. It uses smoked dinner sausage slices (Hillshire Farms, etc.) instead of ground beef or other meats. Everyone loves it. It only takes one dish to make this in, and it's an entire meal by itelf in my house. Amounts can be easily increased if more servings are needed. Keeps well in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, and is delicious reheated. Not sure if it can be frozen for later....

Recipe #108588

13 Reviews |  By Derf

Pop it in the oven, and take a break, Easy, Delicious and no mess!! Add a few mushrooms or other veggies as you like.

Recipe #46110

A stuffing that I made for a big turkey dinner last night. 3 Qts cooked, and gone before the night was out. I used a loaf of Wheat French bread for the bread cubes, so I could claim this was a healthy recipe! Amounts are approximate, since I just tossed it together.

Recipe #110228

After we got married, I started to develop my cooking skills not only to impress my husband, but also so we wouldn't die of Hamburger Helper poisoning. I was very newly married, in a new town, new state, trying to make new friends, dealing with my parents and my new in-laws, who were upset that we had eloped. We had thought we were saving everyone the hassle of traveling to an out-of-state wedding. Besides, I had never liked being the center of attention, so the idea of a wedding with EVERYONE that our families knew didn't hold any appeal for me. Little did I know that the wedding is more for the family than for the bride and groom. They were ticked. But, 16 years later, they've gotten over it -- mostly. Anyway, we were living in a one-bedroom apartment which my husband had rented several months prior, when he had moved from Pennsylvania to Indiana for his first job after college. We had just purchased a car for me to drive: a 1976 Camaro for $800, so you can imagine the condition. It was metallic powder blue -- and rust. Still it was fun to drive, and it was the closest I ever came to being mistaken for someone who was cool. Anyways, I knew how to cook, but having been a student at a college where cooking in your dormitory room was punishible by death, I hadn't done a lot of cooking for several years, except for weekends at home. Our kitchen was still a "bachelor's kitchen" though admittedly it was better stocked than I've seen in the homes of some people who have been married for years. This was made with staple ingredients and cooking equipment that my husband already had on hand. According to my memory banks, which are spotty at best, this was my first completely original recipe. With this "Early Marriage" recipe, you can take the cheapest, toughest cut of beef you can find, and make it tender, rich, and scrumptious. I can remember making this with chuck roast that I bought for 88 cents per pound, but that was 1986. Ah, memories.

Recipe #27191

This has been in our family for years... It is the most requested thing for birthdays

Recipe #86383

3 Reviews |  By chia

yet another quick easy recipe for mussels, this serves 4 as a main dish, or 8 as an appetizer. this one is from food and wine.

Recipe #114597

These are wonderful bratwursts! They are always a big hit with our guests. I always make these with Recipe #113133. Great for a summer party.

Recipe #112907

this is slow braised in the oven for 12 hours....or longer tightly sealed...serve with cheese polenta, or grits.....

Recipe #88336

I don't remember where this recipe came from, but we love it. Especially in the summer when we have the grill going.

Recipe #23240

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