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I buy whatever looks good and then figure out what to do with it. These are ideas for how to use the latest bounty.
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From Two Peas and their Pod

Recipe #416166

2 Reviews |  By Lee_tah

From his book "Old-Fashioned Baking Book", a fantastic source for homebaked treats. These muffins are very moist and freeze well. If you have nut alergies, you just leave the pecans out. The sugar in the batter can be reduced to 1/4 cup. I use whatever fruit I have on hand instead of apples. My kids are always eatting one bite out of a piece of fruit and then leaving it. So I cut out the yucky bits and make 'recycled muffins'. I am going to get it into them one way or another! haha

Recipe #178959

3 Reviews |  By ~Bliss~

Slightly different but really good.

Recipe #94376

These cupcakes taste like a cookie, looks like a little cake, and has the texture of a brownie. These are awesome! You can drizzle melted chocolate over the cupcakes when cooled if desired.

Recipe #122808

2 Reviews |  By Sascha

Kaya (or Serikaya) is an Asian coconut egg custard that is eaten spread on thin toast with lots of butter. Is it a traditional breakfast in Singapore and Malaysia. The directions in this recipe come from "Cook Malaysian" by Lee Sook Ching, with a slightly modified ingredient list to make things simpler for people outside of Asia. I find pandan leaves in my local Asian market, but I have also used pandan extract with good results. It can be omited, but the flavor won't be the same. I press the mixture through a sieve before bottling.

Recipe #201031

This quick and easy bean dish is originally a Tanzanian recipe, served over rice as a main course. It also makes a lovely side dish for meat dishes. You can use chickpeas instead of white beans if you prefer.

Recipe #89176

Simple recipe. You only need a microwave. Very versatile with dough and fillings. Not too sweet either. Here's a small batch which can be multiplied, but if you make more, experiment with the microwave times.

Recipe #146183

A little bit of comfort food with a fresh twist. Great finish for a spicy Thai meal or serve with a mango and almost get away with calling it a healthy snack :-)

Recipe #157915

I noticed persimmons on sale recently and it occurred to me that they might make good smoothies. I did a search and found only one recipe; I'm sure it's delicious but was loaded with sugar and dairy. Mind you, I consume my share of both but I have smoothies for breakfast and want them to be healthful. I got creative and after playing with proportions, came up with this. I've used both Hachiya (which I prefer and which I allow to ripen to the point of being near-mush) and Fuyu persimmons. Coconut milk is very high in fat but I don't use very much. However, a "lite" option with much less fat is available and I imagine it would work fine. Either type stores well under refrigeration in a covered container and can be found in Asian food sections of supermarkets, as well as in health food stores and ethnic markets. I found a canned variety of coconut water called Amy & Brian Coconut Juice in a health food store; I like it because it's available with pulp (unlike the mature fruit, young coconuts have little-to-no fat) and is also a better buy than the little aseptic packages. Fresh, sweet juice is best. You can toss some ice into the mix but I start with cold ingredients because I don't like to dilute my smoothies. The spices are Penzey's (always superb quality) and the extracts are from Vanilla Saffron Imports; in addition to their "unusual" extracts, their Mexican and Tahitian vanilla extracts are fabulous and their prices unbelievable. You can also add some natural sweetener but sample first--it should be unnecessary if your juice and persimmon are sweet enough. I've discovered that the season for hachiya persimmons is all too short. Next year, I'm going to buy many more and freeze them after they ripen. The fuyu variety are meant to be eaten firm and are therefore less of a hassle, but they're not as delicious.

Recipe #201922

These biscuits rise lovely and taste wonderful --- 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese may be added into the flour mixture before adding the beer, yield is only esimated.

Recipe #74856

This is a Moroccan flaky flat almost crepe like bread. Best eaten warm it is well loved here for breakfast with butter, sugar, honey, cinnamon, ground almonds or a combination of these. As street food it is nearly always delicious and made at home is even better! We also stuff these with sweet mixtures such as roughly ground almonds and sugar or honey and love them stuffed savory with onions, parsley, tomato and if I have any, leftover crumbled Hajar's Zweena Beef Kefta or a combination. The beef is certainly not obiligatory!! Be careful to oil, oil, oil, your hands and surfaces well! I have worn M'semmen many times due to lack of oil. I can still remember the smile on Mohamed's face when I told him that I made m'semmen long before coming to Morocco. For more info, visit the African Forum where I have a column and others make wonderful contributions! c.2005

Recipe #137003

This is from south of india. I tried at my friend's place and loved it. It is very simple to make and have lots of good flovors.

Recipe #103300

This Indian-inspired dish is another of my dad's amazing creations. It looks (and is) crazy-easy, but don't be fooled - this savory dish is full of flavor.

Recipe #200339

Hearty beef stew for the Irish-minded

Recipe #809

2 Reviews |  By Bergy

Like most Indonesian dishes this is flavorful and spicy dish- You may make it as "hot" or mild as you like by adding more or less chili.. Attractive to serve. Lovely for a luncheon or part of your dinner meal. The original recipe is from "The complete Asian Cookbook" By Charmaine Solomon- There are some minor changes by me. The Fried onions, Green Onions & cucumber slices are for garnish and optional

Recipe #186730

As a young teenager in the 50's, my mother used to send me & my younger brother to the Indonesian Quarters in Amsterdam to buy 2 buckets of steaming hot Bahmi Goreng. (A Saturday event). Through many experiments & using numerous suggestions from others, I have been making this one now for about 30 years. It takes a bit of preparing but it is worth the effort. Preparation and cooking times are approximates only.

Recipe #72186

Very nice flavor and quick to make! Original recipe comes from a magazine. I leave off the cilantro.

Recipe #130991

From a book by Joanna Farrow, I like hoisin sauce and its great in these easy to make wraps. You can substitute roast pork or lamb in place of the chicken.

Recipe #105274

I just love Japanese dishes. This is a simple to make and very fresh dip for veggies, rice cakes, etc. (from Experience Life magazine)

Recipe #139519

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