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Mangiamo!!! Italian-American Favorites

This is a collection of authentic Italian-American recipes that I've either tried or would like to try very soon. I grew up in an Italian-American family and I recall going to my Aunt Francis' house every Sunday for dinner. As I walked through her door, she would greet me by pinching my cheeks, kissing my cheeks, and then calling me "baby" (no matter how old I got). I recall the aroma coming from the kitchen. She was a wonderful cook and every Sunday her table was full of antipasti, spaghetti and meatballs, fried chicken, red wine, and several desserts. Not only was there an abundance of food, but there was also an abundance of family and lots of love. Occasionally, us kids would go through the kitchen to see what was on the stove, but it was very small and she would always chase us out of her way. We ended up playing outside most of the time while she finished cooking the much anticipated dinner. My Aunt didn’t read or write because she came from Sicily as a young child and had to help her mother take care of the younger children, therefore almost all of her recipes were lost when she passed away several years ago. The photo on the cookbook is my step-son at about 8 years old eating my spaghetti and meatballs. I try to carry on the family tradition of making our traditional Italian meal every Sunday.
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1 Reviews |  By Dee514

Antipasto is a traditional appetizer, which can also be served as a light meal. In our family its always served on holidays, but I frequently make it for a light weekend supper or when the guys are looking for a snack when watching a game. Please adjust the amounts and ingredients to your preferences and the number of people you are serving.

Recipe #64777

Cher in Texas, Riffraff, and Bratty 1 have inspired me to post this recipe. It is a very humble dish and is usually my Sunday dinner. It is the Sunday dinner of many Italian-Americans. I know there are probably a million ways to make this dish--please give my version a try.

Recipe #43806

22 Reviews |  By Dee514

Italian Rum Cake is a delicious 3 or 4 layer cake, which is a tradition for birthdays/special occasions in many Italian families. There are 3 basic parts to the cake; sponge cake layers, pasticciera cream (filling) and (stabilized) whipped cream. Below are the recipes for all three parts. If you make it with 3 layers, omit the whipped cream layer. The sponge cake and pasticciera creams may be made a day ahead. The whipped cream should be whipped just before assembling the cake. Prep/Cook times do not include the 3-4 hour chilling time for the pasticciera cream. PLEASE NOTE: This is an egg leavened cake! The egg yolks and whites MUST be beaten to the correct volume and consistency or the recipe will not work. Also, the other ingredients must be folded in (beaten WHITES folded INTO the YOLK/sugar mixture NOT the other way around) in the order given in the directions or the cake will not turn out. The finished layers will be thin depending on the size of your pan. The smaller the pan, the thicker the layers and the longer the baking time needed. If you are expecting this cake to turn out like a "Génoise or American sponge cake," you will be disappointed as this is not a Génoise sponge recipe.

Recipe #65363

This is Grandma Rose recipe. It has been in the family before my time, so I put down 1927 since thats my moms age. Simple and we have tried other recipes, but this is still the best. The recipe can be doubled. The photo is the amount of a doubled batch using 12 eggs, and yes I do get 12 dozen cookies very easily.

Recipe #124297

These delicate cake-like cookies are glazed with icing and topped with colorful candy sprinkles. They have a mild anise flavoring, which is very typical of Italian baked goods. My family always served these cookies at holidays, weddings or special celebrations, but now that I know the recipe, I can enjoy them all year long!

Recipe #214498

22 Reviews |  By Rodger

This is a great lemony flavored vodka that is great for sipping after dinner, or anytime. I always try to keep some in the freezer.

Recipe #13264

I found this recipe on the net, in response to a "Request a recipe" post. It's very similar to a cake my grandmother used to make. The recipe makes 10-12 servings, so I will have to wait for an occasion to try it.

Recipe #32413

Tatù are Sicilian cookies pronounced 'THAY TWO'.

Recipe #135620

17 Reviews |  By Kim D.

I had never written my recipe down before, so I estimated the measurements. These meatballs taste very similar to my Aunt Frances! Unfortunately we never got her "exact" recipe, as she didn't follow written recipes. She was an awesome cook and I always thought her spaghetti and meatballs were the best!

Recipe #28248

10 Reviews |  By Kim D.

This is my favorite Cucidati recipe!!! These cookies are a little time consuming, but well worth the effort! It wouldn't be Christmas in our house without them. I make them every year, often doubling the recipe! I can't remember how many cookies this recipe makes, and often they disappear before I can start counting! (Prep time includes chilling time)

Recipe #82939

1 Reviews |  By Kim D.

This isn't your normal Italian Fig Cookie recipe, but it's very good! The difference in this recipe, it that it calls for maraschino cherries and Amaretto! Yum! They do take a little time to make, put they are very good and the flavor improves after a day or two. It wouldn't be Christmas without them!

Recipe #24220

14 Reviews |  By Kim D.

I found this recipe in the "Authentic Italian Recipes Cookbook", compiled by The Christopher Columbus Ladies Auxiliary of San Antonio, Texas. My husband loves this steak! It's a nice change from the normal way we grill our steaks. I serve it with either Fettuccini Alfredo or baked potatoes.

Recipe #24297

4 Reviews |  By Kim D.

I came up with this recipe because I had so many ripe cucuzza squash in my garden. Cucuzza is a long green Italian squash. They are sometimes hard to find, but if you can find one, this dish is worth trying! I serve it with wheat pasta and grilled chicken or Italian sausage.

Recipe #97823

2 Reviews |  By Kim D.

My Aunt Mae used to grow cucuzza's in her back yard when I was a little girl. Cucuzza is a long, green squash. She normally fried them up and served them with spaghetti every Sunday. I recently found this recipe for cucuzza cake. I made it last weekend and my family loved it... even the picky kids! My husband ate almost a whole cake for breakfast and asked me to bake some more! I guess I will be making this cake often! The original recipe said to bake for one hour, but my cakes were done at 45 minutes.

Recipe #34977

27 Reviews |  By Kim D.

This is one of my favorite Italian desserts and the perfect ending to any Italian dinner. The shells are pretty simple to make, and taste so much better than the ready-made shells you buy in the Italian markets. Note that cooking time also includes chilling time.

Recipe #95546

2 Reviews |  By Kim D.

I found this recipe in a magazine last year and decided to try it out. We serve them with homemade spaghetti.

Recipe #24545

1 Reviews |  By Kim D.

These bread crumbs are to be served sprinkled on top of St. Joseph's Day Sicilian Pasta con Sarde instead of grated cheese.

Recipe #70133

This recipe comes from the Cucina Deliziosa Cookbook, which is one of my favorites! The original recipe was submitted by Mary Patronella. I guessed at the amount it serves!

Recipe #70130

2 Reviews |  By Dee514

This is a traditional Italian pastry made on March 19 in celebration of the feast of St. Joseph. The traditional filling for these cream puffs is sweetened ricotta, however a vanilla or almond flavored pasticciera (pastry) cream may be used instead. This recipe should make at least 16-20 sfingi.....depending on how small or large you make the circles, you may end up with more or less shells. Note: If you can't find Impastata ricotta (aka pastry or cannoli ricotta), regular ricotta will work well if you drain it well (preferably overnight), and then beat it (or use food processor or blender) until very creamy.

Recipe #89740

46 Reviews |  By Kim D.

Like most Italian cookies, these lemon drop cookies aren't too sweet. The perfect summer-time treat or a great addition to your holiday cookie tray!

Recipe #104852

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