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The Chambord adds a berry flavor to the sorbet; for a citrus taste, try substituting Cointreau, an orange-flavored liqueur, or for kids you can use grape juice. What a special holiday treat! from High Cotton Food Styling and Photography Plan Ahead! Needs to cool and freeze.

Recipe #319715

My dear friend --Rita-- recently sent me some wonderful lavender so I wanted to find some really great recipes to showcase this treat! This one hits the spot! Plan ahead though because this needs time to cool!

Recipe #320331

The chromium and vanadium rich prickly pears help to keep your appetite suppressed while the potassium and minerals keep electrolytes balanced. Perfect way to enjoy drinking water and diet in a healthy way!

Recipe #334311

Fresh and flavorful! Fantastic salsa that is a cool and refreshing treat in summer or anytime! Fast, fresh and flavorful! Try this on top of grilled chicken breast, grilled fish or as an appetizer with chips. From The National Mango Board.

Recipe #319712

This can be used to sweeten all kinds of things. I use it most for tea and mixed drinks. Cheaper than buying the bottled stuff at the store AND can be flavored simply by adding some extract in the flavor you want for the finished product. I have added mint, orange and vanilla extracts just to name a few. Start with about 1/2 tsp and taste. Then add more if you desire.

Recipe #320505

Homemade soda is so much better for you then store bought and this is really fun! What a great way to entertain kids and keep them busy on a rainy day! This can be lots of fun for kids and a fun way for them to learn science and math. Let them experiment by adding different herbs and spices to achieve all different kinds of results. I can see this being a very popular science fair project or even a cool home school project! Resting time is not listed in cooking time. Must 'cook' for two days.

Recipe #320827

I found Flor de Jamaica or Hibiscus Flower (dried) at Walmart! This drink is awesome. These are served at Sunday brunch at a favorite restaurant of mine. I was thrilled when I found the recipe at! They can be served virgin or with a spike of high quality vodka. Look for Jamaica flowers (also known as hibiscus or flor de jamaica) in most Latin grocery stores; they’re often found in the bulk bins or in the dried herbs section. You can also find them online at If you’re making this for a crowd you’ll want to make a double or triple recipe and make it in a big stockpot. Sometimes there’s a little gritty sediment that settles at the bottom of the brewing pot. To prevent any grit from getting into your agua fresca, don’t pour the very last bit of the brew through the sieve while straining. Do not confuse this with the hibiscus flowers you might grow in your flower beds. Read on for more info. Also known as: roselle, rosella or rosella fruit in Australia, meśta/meshta on the Indian subcontinent, chin baung in Myanmar, krajeab in Thailand, bissap in Senegal, Mali, and Niger, the Congo and France, dah or dah bleni in other parts of Mali, wonjo in the Gambia, zobo in Nigeria (the Yorubas in Nigeria call the white variety Isapa (pronounced Ishapa)), karkade (كركديه; IPA: ['karkade]) in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan, omutete in Namibia, sorrel in the Caribbean and Jamaica in Latin America, Saril in Panama, rosela in Indonesia, asam paya or asam susur in Malaysia. In Chinese it is (Luo Shen Hua) . The plant is considered to have anti-hypertensive properties and has been used in folk medicine as a diuretic, mild laxative, and treatment for cardiac and nerve diseases and cancer. It can also be found in markets (as flowers or syrup) in some places such as France, where there are Senegalese immigrant communities. In East Africa, the calyx infusion, called "Sudan tea", is taken to relieve coughs. In Africa, especially the Sahel, roselle is commonly used to make a sugary herbal tea that is commonly sold on the street. The dried flowers can be found in every market. In the Caribbean the drink is made from the fresh fruit, and it is considered an integral part of Christmas celebrations. The Carib Brewery Trinidad Limited, a Trinidad and Tobago brewery, produces a Shandy Sorrel in which the tea is combined with beer. In Thailand, Roselle is drunk as a tea, believed to also reduce cholesterol. In Malaysia, they consider this a pro-health drink due to high contents of vitamin C and anthocyanins. In Mexico, 'agua de Jamaica' is most often homemade as it is in this recipe and is often served chilled. However, one of the most popular brands of Mexican soft drinks,"Jarritos", is made from the flowers.

Recipe #320830

With only three ingredients salt, potatoes and extra virgin olive oil, and you are rewarded with a divinely creamy and buttery dish of mashed potatoes. Yukon Gold potatoes have a naturally unique buttery flavor with no butter added! Ordinary salt is one of the ingredients here. Use any salt you like, but (imo) great salt will give even more great flavor! I can't wait to try this with different varieties of salt to discover the differences. I think this recipe leaves lots of room for experimenting with flavored or infused extra virgin olive oil and various salts. Experimenting is half the fun! Let me know what you use please. I am so interested! I do not know much about Kosher or Jewish food and cooking but I think these might even work well there as well. Discovered in Gourmet Magazine, Paris! 9/2008.

Recipe #321401

These are addictive little snacks. Crunchy and flavorful BUT actually good for you too! The spicier you get these the better imho! Plus, spicy foods are supposed to increase your metabolism! A reviewer said these made their mouth dry- Guess they might also increase my water intake! :) Make sure to get them good and dry before baking and they will cook more quickly.

Recipe #331939

This will really be a hit with the kids!

Recipe #309434

Grilled Pears! Oh these are yummy! Try them as is or with some whipped cream, a drizzle of honey, a la mode the possibilities are endless! Add whatever special touch you like! I have tried these as they are with a garnish of fresh chopped mint and that was excellent too! Grill them on on the top rack while you are making the main dish in the bottom or add them to the grill after removing the main dish and cook while you are eating.

Recipe #253572

Yummy bean side dish that tastes great and cooks up fast! I got this from the Texas Beef Council, cuz ya know we raise cattle! :) BUT of course I had to play with it and change it up a little. I used turkey bacon in here but you can use any bacon you like, even fake bacon to make this vegetarian. Enjoy!

Recipe #253026

What a different and fun way to enjoy that fresh fruit. I have posted this with cherries but please do try other fruits! , Suffused with the heady smoke of beer or juice soaked wood chips will leave the fruit unbelievably rich, mellow, sweet-smoked flavor. You can use less fruit and a smaller pan but keep the 12 oz of beer or juice the same to soak the wood chips in. Enjoy as they are or try adding them as a garnish to your drinks, especially cherries, citrus etc... You can toss all kinds of fruit right in the same pan or use small, recyclable foil pans and keep them separate. I think a jar of smoked cherries would make a great gift too! Enjoy!

Recipe #247868

Wow! So different! From recipes

Recipe #247855

Another interesting drink recipe from Aol Grilling. See my recipe for smoked cherries.

Recipe #247828

Perk up that same old boring dinner with these sweet and jazzy "baked" beans! Everything is done on the stove top using pantry staples and a few fresh ingredients for a FAST and simple prep yet a HOMEMADE look and taste! The leftovers freeze very nicely too, turning this into an OAMC dish too! Created for RSC 10. Good luck to all participants!

Recipe #243343

Easy and economical. Ideal for rinsing produce when you cannot get or afford to buy Organic. Removes a lot of residue like chemicals, pesticides and other matter quickly and easily. I saw this on Oprah and had to share! NOTE: Make sure to mix this in a DEEP pitcher. The baking soda and vinegar will react and foam everywhere if you do not. (just ask any elementary school kid who has ever made a volcano for science class)

Recipe #300169

Great dipping sauce or grilling sauce! Sweet and spicy and smoky all at the same time! Enjoy!

Recipe #228712

A great alternative to apple pie! The same yummy flavor with less calories and a great presentation! Try it as is or with whipped cream or ice cream!

Recipe #253574

WOW! What a terrific dessert! So easy and fun! PLUS the fruit topping is prepared and waiting in the fridge which makes this ideal for dinner parties, guests, etc.. Imagine Angel Food cake lightly grilled and topped with these or any combo of your favorite fresh fruits and a dollop of sherbet or sorbet! All I can say is WOW! I hope you like this too!

Recipe #253580

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