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Lots of you who know me very well on Recipezaar will know of my love and research into Historical recipes, traditions, culture and food; this Toasted Cheese recipe is the first in a series of Regency recipes that I will be posting! I always like to make any recipe that I post at least twice, and this one is a real cracker in my humble opinion! Jane Austen is known to have said.... "We were greatly surprised by Edward Bridge's company...It is impossible to do justice to the hospitatlity of his attentions towards me; he made a point of ordering toasted cheese for supper, entirely on my account." --Jane Austen-- 27 August, 1805. This is a classic regency dish - often served AFTER a heavy meal and before the dessert! It was more often than not called Toasted Cheese, but is also known as Scotch or Welsh Rarebit. The original recipe was written like this: "Toasted Cheese - Grate the cheese and add it to one egg, a teaspoonful of mustard, and a little butter. Send it up on toast, or in paper trays". I have amended the orginal recipe for today's quantities, ingredients and cooking methods!! NB: In 1747, a cookery book gave a recipe for "Scots Rabbit" or Rare Bit as bread toasted on both sides and a slice of cheese, the same size as the bread, also toasted on both sides and laid on the buttered bread. The same book had "Welsh Rabbit" made in the same way but with mustard rubbed on the cheese. "English Rabbit" on the other hand had a glass of red wine poured over the toast before the cheese was added. Take your pick!

Recipe #284924

This delicious vegetarian meal is packed with nutrients. If you've never tried kale, this is a good recipe to try! Kale tastes similar to spinach but retains its leafy texture. From Jeanne Lemlin's "Main Course Vegetarian Pleasures."

Recipe #148242

You will love this new version of refried beans! From Rachael Ray's "30 Minute Meals"

Recipe #61715

2 Reviews |  By Lennie

Haven't tried this myself; posted in response to a quinoa discussion.

Recipe #16497

A yummy alternative to pizza that follows the Weight Watchers Core program.

Recipe #293167

This is a vegetarian version of the traditional Indian dish Chicken tikka masala. Seitan, cubed tofu, or paneer can be substituted for quorn.

Recipe #212991

Lay on a bed of organic spinach mixed with cucumber and the left over sauce. I just though of this, and its so good! Trust me, USE SPINACH! It goes with this.

Recipe #182579

19 Reviews |  By Bev

Top with loads of sour cream and chopped tomatoes for an easy delicious supper! From Gourmet.

Recipe #49466

4 Reviews |  By Roosie

A yummy Japanese-style recipe from Easy to make vegetarian by using veggie stock.

Recipe #96808

This is a great way to use miso in grilling and to experiment with tofu. Feel free to use this on other protein sources, I've used it on fish, chicken, and pork. I wouldn't suggest it with beef. There are two variations to the white miso sauce that are quite nice. When we make this, we make four miso sauces: White, White with Citrus, White with Spinach, and Red. You should feel free to try all or just one of the sauces. I prefer to cook this under the broiler, simply because I'm not a proficient grill operator. Cooking times will depend upon the vegetables you choose and the method used to cook them.

Recipe #111146

A rich flavored curry-easy to make and not expensive. Can be thrown together at the last minute, a favorite also with vegetarians.

Recipe #153915

I always order this dish when we go to Chinese restaurants, so I was so excited to find this recipe in the Jan. 2005 issue of Cooking Light! This is the recipe, with a few of my variations. If you're craving tons of spice, this isn't for you; however, its subtle, healthy flavor is something I quite enjoy. Cook time includes marinating time. (NUTRITION PER SERVING CALORIES 378(28% from fat); FAT 11.6g (sat 1.6g,mono 4.7g,poly 4.7g); PROTEIN 15.8g; CHOLESTEROL 0.0mg; CALCIUM 129mg; SODIUM 698mg; FIBER 9.3g; IRON 4.4mg; CARBOHYDRATE 55.9g)

Recipe #144709

Teriyaki minced chicken, torisoboro, is one of the most popular lunch box, bento, recipe in Japan, I think. In this recipe, I used not minced chicken, but a defrosted tofu. When you freeze tofu, taste of tofu enhances and its texture turns more chewy. You can find a lot of different teriyaki sauce recipes. In this recipe, I prepared one of the basic Japanese teriyaki sauce using mirin and sake. I know it is not always easy to find esp. mirin outside Japan, so it’s ok if you use substitutes for the teriyaki sauce, such as soy sauce with honey, or soy sauce with coke.

Recipe #146633

I love this dish, Depending on how I'm feeling i either use egg or sweet chili sauce to coat the tofu prior to covering with the panko. My favourite sauces to serve with it are Recipe #179186 and Recipe #24158. Prep/cooking time does not include draining time!

Recipe #179585

Made this for my BF yesterday and he rated it 6 stars. The ingredients and instructions came from the chef at The Market at Newport, a popular cafeteria near where I work that serves excellent food. I supplied the amounts. Do not make this with silken tofu as it will just fall apart. Buy the type of tofu that's packed in water instead. Good as a meat substitute, or snack, or serve it on top of a bed of greens with a bit of rice vinegar or dressing of your choice. It's also really good with balsamic vinegar. *NOTE* - Use a non-stick frying pan, and don't peek at it otherwise it won't get crispy.

Recipe #213026

14 Reviews |  By Bergy

These patties may remind you of Tempura but are really quite different. Serve them with a nice spicy sauce or with soy sauce. Some like to put butter on them. It depends on your meal or if you are eating them as a snack. They are very tasty. The number of srvings will depend on how you are using them. They make excellent appetizers if you make tiny pancakes

Recipe #38400

This is very "Israeli", When we were young students, my friend (Israeli of Tunisian parent), used to make this for us in the evening. Since then I make it for my family as a change to fried eggs.Tip: you can prepare a lot of the sauce (before eggs are added) and keep bottled in the fridge or freeze in parts and then it is ready for use. Can also be used cold as a side salad (w/out eggs!) yummy to soak up the hot sauce with fresh baguette.

Recipe #148450

This is one of the tastiest meatless recipes I have tasted and full of protein. I got this receipe from my sister in B.C.. If you don't want to make the topping, Barbeque sauce works excellently.

Recipe #99336

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