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Growing up in Boston, I never knew that this 50's "once-a-week-at-home dinner" and "once-a-week-at-school lunch" was a regional dish! I still make this probably once every 2 weeks. Easy, cheap and comfort food all rolled into one huge pot! (It is always called American Chop Suey here, but while I was living in LA friends called it Goulash - so I've compromised!)

Recipe #388153

A Cajun classic, meal in one pot! Have the hot sauce ready to splash on. Serve with some crusty french bread, a nice crisp salad, and some of your favorite wine. :)

Recipe #28165

I've been making a kind of freestyle jambalaya for years; as the title says, I've finally written down a basic recipe for my creation. But don't let it end here; jambalaya is a dish that you can truly play around with. You could also add bell pepper at the point where you cook the onions and garlic (part of the holy Cajun trinity but I don't like cooked green pepper so I sacreligiously omit it); or use andouille sausage or add cubed pork or ham to the dish. My only real contingency is that you don't use beef, though... no place for that in jambalaya, IMHO. And as much as I love tomatoes, I do not care for them in my jambalaya, either.

Recipe #114406

This recipe is delicious and very easy to make. Great to make for a large group. We made this recipe for the dinner party that we had for a group of my daughter and her friends for Homecoming 2008. It is so good. We looked for recipes all over Zaar and the Internet. This recipe came from Simple Recipes.

Recipe #338278

Hoisin (or Hoi Sin) sauce also known is Chinese barbeque sauce, can be found pre-made in a jar at the supermarket. I prefer to use the "Fountain" brand, but there are many options these days. I've served this recipe hot as a main meal with an Asian Vegetable Stir-fry as a side dish. I've also brought them to a social function and thread them on small skewers, they were eaten cold as finger food. Ten minute marinating time is included in preparation. You can marinate this overnight or just ten minutes.

Recipe #342697

great with pork, hot or cold. Inspired by one of Bergy's recipes.

Recipe #351300

Totally Tropical! I served this for our church at a Girls Night - Tropical Breeze event, which we held at a friend's house. We had the hot tub going and served this plus many other great dishes. Not your typical church lady luncheon! If you want, you can easily make this into a great appetizer. Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces before breading and serve with a bowl of salsa on the side. This works well with chicken thighs too, and those pieces are cheaper.

Recipe #329362

From Pol Martin's cookbook, Easy Cooking for Today. He is one of Canada's premier cooks.

Recipe #308115

4 Reviews |  By PaulaG

DH saw an advertisement and thought this sounded good. I did some digging and found a recipe that I could modify. Serve with rice to absorb the wonderful sauce.

Recipe #244736

I made this for the first time on Easter and it was wonderful. THe ham was moist and juicy. I don't think I will make ham any other way. I left out the pecans because my family is not crazy about nuts. The recipe comes from Under the Magnolias -- A Tasteful Tour of Athens -- a junior league cookbook in my collection.

Recipe #115884

Recipe #9849

This is a very quick, easy, and delicious recipe for bourbon chicken and the one I make most often -- and it really contains bourbon!

Recipe #153128

From Southern Living.

Recipe #155231

From Southern Living. Prep time does not include overnight (12 hours) marinating.

Recipe #130475

Another bourbon sauce but a very good one. From Weber's "Real Grilling".

Recipe #175762

This is very tasty and have received rave reviews. A simple recipe that results in a tender, flavorful pork roast.

Recipe #221794

It's impossible to describe the flavor of this ham. I use dark brown sugar when I do this and real maple syrup. This is my Easter ham, Christmas ham and, if I do a ham for Thanksgiving, it's my Thanksgiving ham. The marinating time is included in the preparation time. The ham itself is really simple and easy to prepare.

Recipe #59714

3 Reviews |  By yooper

A true Southern delicacy from the landmark Savannah restaurant, "The Lady and Sons". To really be authentic, drizzle warm honey over the chicken. From "The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook" by Paula H. Deen.

Recipe #40667

Speaking of grilling, If I prepare it, my hubby Keith will fire up the charcoal -- even in ice and snow. The guy is a grilling maniac -- and he's good! This recipe can be grilled outdoors or on a grill pan in the oven if you prefer. It's maddeningly delicious and guess what -- waaaaaaaaaaaaay easy! The only thing you have to remember to do is to start it the day before you want to grill it. This is easily a triple Emeril "BAM!" Once you've tasted it, you'll want it again..and again! But sorry -- gotta get your own grillin' guy! Keith's mine! haha!! Now -- the notes: First off, please use real apple juice -- it's like sinful or something to mix kiddie apple koolaid with good brandy -- know what I mean? Second, I can not do "hots" so no way did Emeril's Essence get on my pork. Cayenne did not make it into my marinade either. I used a McCormick grill seasoning for steak and that worked beautifully. It's pretty much the same as Emeril's -- just no hots. But for all you folks who like a kick to your food -- the Essence recipe is included. Just remember that you can also buy it in the spice aisle of your grocery store. Third -- if you're like me and want to stretch a buck -- carve your pork thinly. It will last longer and an added plus is that it will make fantastic sandwiches the next day! Finally -- Emeril suggests using a true pork loin rather than the tenderloin because he says it stands up better to the grill. I used a large tenderloin because we just like it better and it cooks a bit faster. We don't have a fancy grill -- it's just your old trusty charcoal deal with a little lid. However, you cook it, just make sure the interior temperature is right before you chow down, ok?

Recipe #236164

If you're reading this on a Friday and you're like me, you'll be in the grocery store tomorrow, so today I'll give you ingredients for a recipe for Sunday dinner. How about Aretha Franklin's Queen of Soul Ham? I got this recipe a few years ago when Aretha was on Martha Stewart, B.I. -- Before Incarceration :-P Aretha said on the show that soul can be a lot of things to a lot of folks -- it's a feeling. When you cook, you should put your soul into it -- people will taste the difference (trust me on this one). Now my notes on this one -- I'm giving you Aretha's original recipe for the whole bone-in ham; however, you can achieve the same effect with a couple of ham steaks on a Tuesday night in a shallow baking pan. Just eyeball all the ingredients, switch the whole cloves for clove powder and reduce the amounts of the remaining ingredients so you don't end up with a brown sugar fruit platter! Also -- I just could not put coconut on my ham. Eww... but if you like the idea, go for it! Oh -- and I used dark brown sugar. Light is for!

Recipe #236160

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