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107 Reviews |  By yogi

Light and crunchy "chips" that are practically guilt free. Found this recipe on I reduced the amount of salt called for in the original recipe thanks to some of the reviews.

Recipe #110071

This is one of my favorite recipes, full of Mediterranean flavor and high in calcium. It uses pecorino romano, a salty parmesan-like hard cheese made of sheep's milk. I used a goat's milk feta but you can use any type of feta you can find. It calls for lacinato kale (a/k/a dinosaur kale) which is preferable if you can find it - If not, use regular curly-leaf kale. This recipe calls for a tube of pre-made, ready-to-slice polenta which you can find online or at most health food or gourmet food stores and some mainstream groceries. I use the traditional polenta (unflavored) from Food Merchants. If you have the time, you can make polenta from scratch, spread it on a baking sheet in a 1/4" layer while it's still hot, refrigerate it until firm, and use a juice glass to cut small disks out of the polenta. Enjoy!

Recipe #204257

18 Reviews |  By Bergy

Nice combination of kale, raisins & pine nuts. I sometimes add a hint of cinnamon. Loaded with iron.

Recipe #20746

A mashed-potato type of soup. Very comforting.

Recipe #38367

Ginger and soy sauce give this dish an Asian flair. You may substitute spinach or bok choy for the kale.

Recipe #58853

6 Reviews |  By Roosie

From "The Genesis Farm Cookbook" Kale is better than you think!

Recipe #91506

Please Note: The words "Kale Moti" refer to the small grains of black urad dal. 'Kale' here is a Hindi(Indian) word for black colour which happens to be the colour the lentils used in this recipe. 'Moti' means pearls...what this means here is that this rice dish is a treat of black lentils and is as delicious as pearls are beautiful. 'Kale' here does not refer to any kind of cabbage. Have a spoon of this and you'll want to come and hug me, kiss me, probably even marry me for sharing this:) I got this recipe from the 'Thursday' magazine (contributed by Manisha Nanda, and she got 50 US dollars as prize money for this!), but, slightly tweaked it, to make it on the spicy side. It's not too spicy, its just great! The original recipe is on a sweeter side(more yogurt and some milk as well). I am absolutely head over heels crazy about this biryani. It's vegetarian, a complete meal in itself, finger food(Oh yes - you must eat it with your fingers to relish every grain of this dish that is absolutely priceless, its so tasty that I'd personally keep giving it stars till I dropped dead:) Not a bad idea to take a plate of this to your Girlfriend if she loves rice and is cross with you, she'll jump up and marry you, oh yeah, I bet she will :) TRY IT! :) This is one dish I really really love, inspite of the butter and rice(both which make a man fat), this one's just perfect to have once in a while, when your just sitting on that bubble of "I reached my goal" or even if you need something to inspire you to do something, try this dish. Not only will you see sweet dreams the night you make it, oh, you will be filled with a magical charisma! If I could, I would love to donate plates filled with this to every poor man, woman and child alive on the planet. I really really love this dish with my mind, body and soul :) Have it for your Diwali lunch/dinner party(With just 4 days to go before the festival day, you know what's going to be cooking at my end!), your birthday party(Attn: Troy- I'm thinking Nov 1st and of you- Happy Birthday a day in advance!), your New year party(Just 60 days left for 2002 to end!), your wedding anniversary, any time when you want to have a treat, and enjoy the food of a king, go for this! I'm dedicating this recipe to Troy Hakala as I know from his 'About Me' page that he loves Indian food, and, secondly, its his birthday on Nov 1st !

Recipe #45120

Fast, easy and so good for you. The red wine brought the taste of the kale to a whole new level! Our family is new to kale and really loving it. Enough to grow lots of it in our garden this spring. This recipe came from Rachel Ray.

Recipe #205509

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